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2021 Astrology: Significant Change Through Body Integration

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
President John F Kennedy (1917-1963)

"One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen."
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013) President of South Africa

Happy New Year

This blog has been done and redone several times over the past few days while firmly encased in internet-utero. Recent political mayhem in the US has made me pause to better understand these quick changing events in relationship to the powerful astrological transits now taking place. In my last blog entry I mentioned this particular period as being quite intense, which has been borne out by recent national and world events. As far as the unfolding transits of 2021, I'll get to those in my next blog coinciding with the coming potent Capricorn New Moon lunation on the 12th/13th. 

In this blog, I'm going to share a personal viewpoint born out of my 29 years as a bodywork practitioner and teacher, going beyond political events; beyond the heightened polarity of these times to the bigger issue at hand: our rapidly evolving relationship with Planet Earth, and in turn our physical bodies. For purposes of context, I'll first share some of my personal journey of my on-going transformation.

The practice of bodywork, much like Astrology, comes easy to me these days. It's very familiar ground, something I was clueless about in my earlier pre-leap-of-faith years as an accountant and CPA. I laugh when I think back to what seems like a former life. Never then would I have believed there existed within my core essence these transformative gifts, simply waiting for a leap-of-faith moment to emerge.

Starman, Joseph Mina
Over the past 29 years I have worked with over 20,000 people, both individually and in groups. My core focus has been to help others improve the quality of their life; to develop a more energized and receptive body-based energetic field. My soul-style speaks to this: "I am a playful wizardly agent of change, courageously interweaving my creative expressions into the fabric and soul of humanity for our transformation and awakening."

Over time, the development of such focus began to readily unfold when I began receiving various types of bodywork, both individually and with groups of people on an on-going basis. It has been quite the rewarding investment on all levels. This includes chiropractic (Network Spinal), biodynamic craniosacral, acupuncture, nurturing gentle massage, feldenkrais, sound and color healing, yoga, transformational retreats and workshops along with physical exercise, quiet time, and introspection. 

Meanwhile on the external, I immersed myself into the world of dolphins, whales and orcas in their natural habitats, experienced the galaxy and beyond under extraordinary night skies and during solar and lunar eclipses, witnessed up-close volcanic displays of power, attuned to Africa's magnificent animals, and journeyed on pilgrimages around the globe to natural power spots and spiritual centers. 

Artwork of Alex Grey
Art Work of Alex Grey
Placing myself in such fields of concentrated energy profoundly altered my perception of what was truly possible and expanded my psyche and soul connection to higher sources. 
With this shift also came great responsibility. I understood my ability to help others transform and expand was in direct proportion to my own dedication to growth: going way beyond what was considered normal. Ghandi's words "become the change you want to see in others" rings true here.

I have experienced many ups and downs on this life journey. Recognizing and shedding of old habits, letting go of what I thought I needed, passionate and rewarding relationships, and a willingness to surrender to a higher calling have been benchmarks on this life journey. I have loved fiercely and cried in the throes of deep, seemingly unending sorrow. Yet I realize each of these catalytic moments have strengthened me, expanded my awareness and intuition, been humbling, and have brought amazing people into my life. And for all that, I'm eternally grateful. Yes, opening up the body's energetic field can be quite perilous and unsettling to that part of me that craves stability and normalcy, but it sure is rewarding for that part of my awareness that desires more love, more passion, more grace and more life.

Through my life work I have witnessed through individual and group bodywork sessions energetic shifts, emotional releases, and profound transformations, convincing me anything is possible in this Universe of endless possibilities when it comes to the power of our physical body's innate wisdom. And this is especially true for today's newly born children through young adults, whose nervous systems mirror the external sophistication of today's computer systems, i.e. fast, multi-tasking and requiring attentive care.

Age is never a factor when it comes to receiving body care. From the moment a child is born, nurturing touch is essential to their well being. As biological age unfolds, this need becomes stronger. Equally, no limit exists to progressive growth, opportunity and our capacity to love, create and nurture this dynamic we call life.

Hence, it follows the more open and receptive you become to healing touch, the clearer, more fluid, and stronger your body evolves. This leads to a more dynamic, fruitful and integral exchange between our emotional responses and our mental capacities to create, and a stronger gateway to our creative potential, intuition and higher channels of conscious awareness. It follows: healthy people will make healthy choices for the benefit of themselves and humanity...always.

Today, we literally stand at the nexus between traditional human structures falling apart and the onset of a progressive wave of unbound, creative energy. The year 2020 has vividly shown us that chasm. Between these two realities lies a profound sea of confusion and change. And therein exists our dilemma. Do we remain at this nexus to promote and ensure stability, or do we cross a bridge of trust over this expanding chasm to create something new and uplifting for all. Traditional mental thinking will readily choose the former, as it appears safe and secure; progressive, soul-driven desires will always choose the latter and all it offers.

Historically, clamor for meaningful change and sometimes growth originates from the depths of our cultural and familial wounds. It is usually and most vividly expressed by those who have been abusively oppressed; denied their inalienable right to a meaningful and uplifting quality of life. Here, in periods of growth, the gift literally emerges from the wound. As we become a more connected world through the advances of technology, our awareness and empathy of such plight  around the globe becomes even more vivid and disturbing to our human sensibilities, whether or not we are consciously aware of such.

Hence, regardless of position in life, beliefs, country of origin etc, it's time we collectively (Aquarius) realize our physical body (Taurus) is the key interface for accessing, integrating and expressing the sea of creative galactic energy that surrounds us! It stands to reason, the clearer and more integrated our body becomes with planet Earth, the stronger the energetic connection to each other and to the natural world at large
[astrology interlude: the previous sentence pretty much encapsulates our human focus in the evolving and life changing 2021 transit of Saturn in Aquarius in square to Uranus in Taurus. More on that transit in my next blog]

Such a notion underscores our need as a world society to consciously work towards ending repression, poverty, starvation, national isolation and intra and inter-nation conflict, deficient education, war and its deadly tools, and social and financial inequality. Equally, there is an urgent need to attune to this planet's organic, vital environment in a way that rewards our stewardship of Earth's elemental systems and resources. Otherwise we will continue to subject ourselves to nature's not so forgiving responses to our gross environmental abuses (such as a pandemic), and the dirty footprint we continue to make on this sacred, ancient ground. While a vaccine may stem the current viral spread we now witness, such is at best a short-term response to on-going and increasingly more intense Earth response to our human destruction to the natural processes of the Earth and its many denizens.

Helderberg Mountain South Africa
Helderberg Mountain Western Cape SA
by Joseph Mina
The building cry for freedom in the coming days of 2021 and the rest of this decade will significantly determine the destiny and legacy of the human race. To me, the lesson of 2020 can be summarized in the following: when we abuse the planet to fuel personal, social and/or national gain, we deplete every living element on the Earth including ourselves and especially our physical bodies. Disease, pestilence and virus spread result. 

And there exists a brighter side here. Imagine for a moment a world society aligned with the natural Earth cycles and in tune with its ever changing evolution. Such a vision points to a the existence of a healthy, dynamic environment with vital soils, organically raised crops, humane animal husbandry, fully shielded electronics, fossil-free power generation, vibrant communities around the globe, clean water and air, and a health model based on growth, quality of life and strength rather than the current disease prevention model of drug-driven, crisis based medicine.

In turn, such significant cultural and environmental shifts point to a future world devoid of such things as vaccines, debilitating drugs, pesticides, genetically modified foods, abusive animal farm factories, polluted air and water, plastics and other non-degradable products, and depleting electro magnetic fields. While our more primal thinking processes might believe such wholesale change to be impossible, I assert our higher sensibilities, especially in the younger generations, readily recognize the value of being a more connected human family in harmony with the very environment that allows us to grow and thrive. It's a circular, evolving mythos whose time has come. And this type of progressive change is already well underway!

A New Dawn
A New Dawn
by Joseph Mina
A rapidly growing number of health practitioners are now engaged in many different wellness modalities in an ever-expanding field of conscious activism. By contrast, just 50 years ago health/wellness practitioners were few and far between. Even the practice of yoga was out on the fringe. Yet progressive life always attracts more life. The desire to live and experience a more healthy, compassionate, enriched existence is inherently woven into the very essence of humanity.

Equally profound are rapid changes in related product realms. More and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle through their purchasing choices. For example, the appearance of organic and vital foods are now found in mainstream supermarkets, healthier cosmetic and clothing products are in vogue, electric transportation is becoming the norm (Tesla now has the highest market capitalization in the auto industry), renewable energy generation is being embraced more and more by a heretofore fossil fuel industry, a strong uptick in personal growth activities now is underway. And there are many more examples too. 

Progressive change is demonstrably gathering momentum: much like a snowball increasing in size and speed as it rolls down a hill. We have come a long way from the early1960's when the first appearance of health-related symptoms and diseases due to environmental stresses, such as population growth, unchecked pesticide/herbicide use etc. became vividly apparent. 

Remember we are visitors on the Earth, yet stewards too. With archetypal Mars energy now moving into earthly Taurus until March 3rd, the dynamic energetic field is ripe for anything related to strengthening the human body, your core values, and your self-esteem (they're all connected).  As such we now have a major opportunity to further harmonize our bodies with Gaia's planetary magic and co-create as a human race. To do otherwise leads us down a perilous path: one akin to fighting over table scraps while continuing to poison the very energetic field that allows us to exist and grow. 

As shared earlier, this journey begins with the health of our physical body and the quality of life that results. Equally, and particularly on a global scale, each time you receive such nurturing care, you contribute your energetic experience to an evolving and vital global consciousness. Such energetic contribution further feeds the dynamics of everyone's growth and vitality.The result becomes exponential and unifying across the globe.

I will post in a few days my overview of the 2021 planetary cycles. Also, I am organizing a time later in the month for a free Zoom presentation about these very cycles and their implications for the year and decade ahead. As I live part of the year in a rural area of South Africa's Western Cape, internet speed here is slow. This makes video conferencing impossible. So one of two paths: either I find a location for the program with much better internet access for a video conference (my preference) or make it audio only. I'll know better within a week about what's possible.

Life Path Astrology Consultation
As always, I am available for professional astrological consultation sessions. Scheduling is quite easy. Sessions are recorded (audio) via Skype or Zoom.

The script above Greece's Temple at Delphi reads "Know Thyself". Astrology is a compelling tool to explore the inner psyche and outer experiences. In a period of enormous change, this is the gift to yourself or others that keeps on giving.

May the coming year open you to greater, more enriched possibilities, enhance the inner gifts and talents you offer in service to the world, and add meaningful depth to your worldly experiences. May you find the inner strength to reorganize your life into a more integral flow in harmony with the ever increasing vibration of Gaia. May you create and strengthen the meaningful relationships in your life. May you prosper.

I welcome your comments below.

Sat Nam

Joseph Mina
January 8, 2021
Stellenbosch, South Africa


  1. This was a good read.
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  2. Thank you my dear friend. I resonate wholeheartedly with your story. I have been experiencing much of the same information in my personal story in the recent years.
    I will be contacting you soon for a personal update appointment and definitely want to join you on Zoom. Much aloha to you. May we all join to bring healing for our dear planet and to thrive together.

    1. Yay! Long time. Glad you resonate here. Look forward to future connection ❤️

  3. I well remember how in a 2012 conversation you mentioned that with all the hoopla of 2012, you felt that 2020 was going to be far more important,looking at the planetary positions. I have thought about that often in these times.Looking forward to later this month.💕

    1. ...if I only knew then what I know now, I think I would have been more emphatic 😉

  4. My fav blog of yours thus far. Thx for your wisdom and for your life of courage.

    1. You're so welcome. Kudos to you too for the vital work you share!

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