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2021 Astrology: Capricorn New Moon: Awakening Through Transformation

"I have read somewhere of an old Chinese curse: 'May you be born in an interesting time!' This is a VERY interesting time: there are no models for ANYTHING that is going on. It is a period of free fall into the future, and each has to make his or her own way. 

The old models are not working; the new have not yet appeared. In fact, it is we who are even now shaping the new in the shaping of our interesting lives. And that is the whole sense (in mythological terms) of the present challenge: we are the 'ancestors' of an age to come; the unwitting generators of its supporting myths; the mythic models that will inspire its lives." 
Joseph Campbell (1904-87) American Professor of Literature; Comparative Mythology and Religion. from his book: Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, p.xiv

Greetings Cosmic Seekers

A Different Perspective
A Different Perspective
by Joseph Mina
Such prescient words from a great soul. Indeed, we are the myth generators in this time of extraordinary change. Perhaps someday, future generations will think of us as the elders of humanities new dawn.

And as with any New Moon lunation, it augurs a new dawn of its own; a new cycle to explore its invitation and work with its expressions. The first New Moon of 2021 arrived on the 13th at midnight on the East Coast US and east to the International Date line (GMT 5:00), while it occurred late on the 12th from Central US to Hawaii (7pm HST).

We are in a reverse lunar cycle at the moment (began last August) where the Full Moon's Sun sign placement occurs in a sign prior to the New Moon's Sun placement in that same sign. For example on Dec 30th Sun at Full Moon was at 9°Capricorn, while the prior New Moon was at 23°Sagittarius. This current New Moon Sun placement is at 23°Capricorn. This oddity will reverse itself back to the New Moon being the leader into a zodiac sign come August. In the interim, the Full Moon reveals the possibilities; the New Moon theme provides the journey to attains those possibilities. And so it is in these topsy-turvy times.

On the 13th, this New Moon positioned very near exact to Pluto in Capricorn, while Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury in nearby progressive Aquarius created a challenging square with Mars/Uranus in earthly Taurus, along with an energizing sextile with Chiron in Aries. That's quite the dynamic energy mix for further transformation, renewed activism and deeper integration over the coming two weeks.

Over the next few days, look for the beautiful crescent Moon in the western sky after sunset.

At this lunation, it's the perfect time to pause, revisit and refine your intentions made back at the December Solstice as well as the end of December Full Moon. No ship or airplane stays a steady course over great distances. Changes in direction are inevitable as external and even internal forces pose unforeseen influences upon the energetic field. Same is true for human behavior.

I intend to post later next week a brief overview of the 2021 planetary cycles. I thought I would do so today, however, this New Moon lunation requires a closer look, especially given the turmoil now sweeping the planet, and in particular the political turmoil in the United States. 

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Here's the New Moon annotated chart:

Capricorn New Moon chart

That large box on the chart illustrates an unusual configuration of planetary positions within the boundaries of Capricorn to Taurus. Although the planetary positions shift in the coming months, that boundary remains intact through March's New Moon lunation. Such a limited range of zodiac signs points to specific areas of life where the cosmic spotlight will shine most intensely for the coming 2 months. They are: 

- Capricorn - our rules, structure/organizing form, politics, law and business and the corporate world

- Aquarius - freedom, the future, social justice and equality, technology

- Pisces - global awareness and empathy/sensitivity/compassion; attunement to the primal world prior to human intervention; imagery and music, and yes, anything of an unseen nature

- Aries - new beginnings, assertive, no hesitation, courage

- Taurus - beauty, artistry, values, self worth, sensual connection to life on the planet and to your physical body.

Capricorn to Taurus is an archetypal journey from the rules and structure society creates to the beauty and value or worth we impart to such organizational forms. As Venus is the defining energy for Taurus, this geometric path implies the energy field is conducive for imparting compassion, softness and grace into life's physical aspects despite an otherwise very intense societal, chaotic vibration now sweeping through our global society. Equally, there exists at the same time a strong progressive focus for equality and justice (Aquarius), plus a good dose of courage to blaze new trails (Aries). 

Both Taurus and its ruling energy Venus relate in part to the sensual body and in turn to the Earth itself. My previous blog entry a few days ago underscored the importance of creating a greater integral connection to our physical body and the Earth, as 2021 and beyond transformative events unfold.

This  New Moon chart is rather unique for the following reasons:

Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto/Capricorn

The dark Moon crossing near this intensifying Pluto placement fuels a look deep within your psyche about what exactly needs to end and begin in your life during the days ahead. It also crosses a potent Pluto degree threshold at 23°13', which was directly crossed by Mars in square 3x while in Aries during its recent retrograde (Aug 13, Oct 7 and at the Solstice), as well as crossed by Saturn in late January 2020, Jupiter 3x during 2020, and Pluto itself as recently as the end of November. 

Hence, this New Moon trigger point reactivates this very energy on a personal, social and generational level (is it any wonder life feels so stirred at the moment?). Equally, it is no surprise that Capricorn's focus on governance and the rule of law now brings much greater scrutiny. In the US, holding people responsible for the recent US Capitol siege is quintessential law-driven Capricorn territory. Likewise it becomes a strong mirror for the current planetary themes unfolding.

Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury in sextile to Chiron in Aries,
and square to Mars/Uranus in Taurus

Venus in Capricorn square to Chiron Aries;
Trine to Mars/Uranus in Taurus

That's quite a maze of conflicting energy.

Earthly Taurus points to life's tangible objects, the natural world, your sense of self worth, and possessions, including money. The square challenge created by Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury to the Mars/Uranus combination indicates a time to reevaluate priorities relative to social rather than personal issues, and communicate such to others (see Voyager card selection below). The Mars/Uranus part implies surprises or shocking events ahead in how such change manifests. Last week's US Capitol events are a good example. Meanwhile...

Chiron's slow nine-year transit through individuated Aries highlights instances where you have surrendered your deeper knowing to keep the peace with others, i.e. given up your inner power, or lost connection to your integrity. This Chiron/Aries 9-year transit is particularly a potent one for those born between 1968 and 1977, who will experience their Chiron return at age 50 (usually a period of health reevaluation and regeneration), 1951-55 and 2001-2005 (Chiron square), or 1944-46 and 1994-97 (Chiron opposition). 

Note: Chiron's extremely eccentric orbit has it moving through certain zodiac signs either very quickly or quite slowly. Chiron moves slowest through the zodiac when closest to Uranus and fastest when inside Saturn's orbit (see illustration to left). As it represents the archetypal bridge between Saturn and Uranus, its focus and longer passage through certain zodiac signs, as now, underscores more pervasive societal changes necessary to move from a more controlled reality (Saturn) to a more progressive one (Uranus). Further, Aries focus always comes with a strong dash of courage, determination and empowerment.

Finally: this particular Saturn/Uranus cycle is most active for anyone with significant natal placements in early/mid degree fixed signs (Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius), and specific to Venus/Chiron, early degree natal placements in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). And it is further amplified by the coming...

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury enters its retrograde shadow today leading to the actual station retrograde on the January 30th. Visually, whenever Mercury appears in the western sky low to the horizon after sunset, know a retrograde will soon follow. All Mercury retrograde periods are times of "re" as in redo, regenerate, replenish, restore, relinquish, reclaim, reorganize, refurbish etc.

This retrograde period into the middle of February in particular will further focus on the aforementioned re-evaluation process from an Aquarian/progressive perspective, and set the energy in motion for Saturn's 3 direct squares with Uranus in 2021, starting on Feb 17th. More on this in my next blog entry about the 2021 planetary cycles.

Thoughts and Reflections For This Lunation:

- How do I want to reorganize my life in the coming year?

- If you feel trapped or restrained from moving forward: What am I ready to free myself from to create greater opportunity and forward momentum in my life?

- If you are embarking on a new path: What resources do I require to support me in the days ahead? What will it take to access and consciously utilize those resources?

- If you are in the process of closure: What lessons have I learned about my related choices in the past? What am I ready to do differently to further strengthen my ability to choose with clarity, courage and determination in integrity with my deeper knowing?

Voyager Intuition Card for this lunation:

Voyager Intuition Cards
by James Wanless, PhD
Five Worlds - Setback. The Worlds series represents our tangible/physical association with life. The Five series represents the lessons we learn in life that fuels our growth and enlightenment. My preferred name for this card is "step back". This is the pause where you take a step back to reevaluate options, plans etc. so you can then move forward with clarity.

In the sequencing of this remarkable deck, the previous card, the 4 of Worlds' theme is Commencement. That's the card of movement and initiating a new direction. On the other side is the 6 of Worlds and its theme Synergy where you find resources and new alliances through your "reevaluation period" to further support and co-create your goals/vision. 

Inherent to these cards is the potential they offer. While oracle decks are used predictively, the power of this deck is best expressed through its visioning intent, i.e. observing the potential opportunities any situation presents, then making conscious choices in alignment with suggested options to further your growth and the development of your life gifts in this lifetime. It's quite the remarkable archetypal journey.

Conclusion: Yes, "setback" or "step back" sure defines this lunar period. Here in South Africa it's the heat of the summer, when vacation time is usually at its peak (much like July in the Northern Hemisphere). However, a pandemic entering its second year has triggered huge changes in human behavior (setback) and triggered the imposition once again of significant national restrictions in various countries. How this unfolds in the coming days is part of life's mystery and inherent challenges. While the 2nd half of the year portends more ease, it's our collective, conscious choices now that will determine to some degree the energetic flow of that period. 

I am organizing a time later in the month or perhaps early February for a free Zoom presentation about the 2021 cycles and their implications for the year and decade ahead. It will be Mercury Retrograde time, which is the perfect time to step back and evaluate options. 

As I live part of the year in a rural area of South Africa's Western Cape, internet speed here is slow. This makes video conferencing impossible. So one of two paths: either I find a location for the program with much better internet access for a video conference (my preference) or make it audio only. Stay tuned.

Next: 2021 Astrological Cycles - an overview

Sat Nam
Starman, Joseph Mina
Stellenbosch, South Africa
January 15, 2021

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