Friday, April 1, 2022

Aries New Moon April 1: New Initiatives & Life Choices

 "Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book, and dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem, and have the richest fluency, not only in words, but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes, and in every motion and joint of your body." - Walt Whitman, Preface to Leaves of Grass

Greetings Seekers and Lovers of the Night Sky...

Aries New Moon April 2022
Plate Development by Joseph Mina
Aries New Moon arrives today portending a two-week period of building intensity in anticipation of the Libra Full Moon on April 16th and its square to Pluto in Capricorn. Seems this Universe is clueless when it comes to taking a vacation break. 😉

Walt Whitman's quoted ode above reminds us this raw, edgy time in which we live is a transformative stepping stone into a new reality. He encourages you to exchange yourself for a new version of you. Free yourself of constraining labels or beliefs. There exists infinite possibilities in a multi-verse of infinite Universes. On this Aries New Moon, invite in a new version of yourself and take steps to actualize it. There's a process of shedding old skin that's part of this exchange inviting the transformative energies of Pluto to assist you. This requires Aries traits of courage and a willingness to explore new ground.

Archetypal Aries is raw, primal, highly creative, always in the present moment, passionate about the inner dance and ready to set the world on fire. Abraham Hicks might have been considering Aries types when this came through the channel medium: "people will love you...people will hate you...and none of it will have anything to do with you." And I'll add "your life won't be boring!"

Fool Child Voyager Tarot
Fool Child - Voyager Tarot
Pure Aries is fueled by impulsive energy. It is entirely self-focused on individuated growth and experiences. To others, such may seem hyper-energized, uncooperative or self-absorbed. Yet, someone has to take the lead...someone has to get the ball rolling in a particular direction or trend. Oh yes...strong Aries types are rarely around to see things completed, especially anyone with Ascendant (rising sign), Venus, or Mars in this individuated vibration. Fueled by novelty, "on to the next greatest thing" is their fuel and passion, and sometimes their greatest challenge. As such, following impulsive urges can prove to be a two-edged sword at this lunation. Learning the art/balance between discernment and impulsive action is very helpful for the Aries mojo that fills us all in varying degrees of intensity.

This particular Aries New Moon occurs at 11° and conjuncts both Mercury and Chiron. Conjunctions (same degree) add to the overall energy pattern. There is also a sextile (60° angular difference) adding to this theme. These combinations are further detailed below.

In the spirit of Aries desire to always "cut to the chase",
consider these introspections for this New Moon period

1 - What new steps am I ready to initiate on my life path?

2 - Am I feeling creative in my expressions and talents?

3 - Are these areas (1 & 2) congruent (in integrity) with what I want to manifest? If not, what needs to change in my life to align my actions with my heart's desire?

4 - Is my sense of self in alignment with my behaviors within my relationships? (intimate, work and/or friendship)

5 - Am I taking the time to stay energetically clear and strong? If not, what has to change to better nurture my body in a more progressive way (Uranus in Taurus theme).

6 - And in that vein, am I taking the time to strengthen my physical body? If no, what needs to change to better help my body align and attune with the ever increasing Earth vibration?

Here's the New Moon Chart with descriptive annotations:

Aries New Moon chart April 2022
Plate Development by Joseph Mina

What I find intriguing about this New Moon dynamics....

The Sun/Moon joins Chiron and Mercury in Aries. Chiron points to the inner wounding. In Aries, it underscores (especially childhood) challenges around being seen, appreciated, understood and encouraged within the family or any other cultural institution, such as school. Mercury is the messenger accessing memories from the Chiron experience. Sun/Moon in Aries desires something new or novel and immediate. With Chiron in tow, it seeks resolution or healing from the emotional and mental heaviness of the past. Sometimes this means closing doors in order that new doors may open. To further define this dynamic...

...a potent sextile (60°) angle commands attention in this chart.  A sextile is a 60° angle between 2 planetary positions. It's an easy flowing expression of energy. In this case the aforementioned New Moon group and asteroid Ceres at 13° Gemini create this sextile pattern. 

One of the four largest asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres in mythology is the daughter of Zeus or Jupiter in Roman lore. Ceres is described as the Earth Mother. She is associated with health, nutrition, agriculture and fertility. Her symbol represents transition, motherhood and nurturing. She is that inner/outer archetypal connection to what nourishes or supports you. It's helpful to know the placement of Ceres in your natal chart, as that points to what feeds and sustains you energetically. 

When Ceres transits very changeable Gemini, your mental or thought processes and connections to the higher mind become your focus. Perhaps you are now considering joining a meditation, spiritual group, book club, acting classes etc. to further add depth, fun and/or clarity to your life's spiritual journey. Anything that stimulates progressive discussion or uplifting actions is fertile ground here for new initiatives. 

As Ceres completes its current transit in Gemini over the next 6 weeks (enters Cancer on May 15), energies are favorable for engaging with other like-minded seekers, or even to create new alignments with others of similar values in support of your spiritual quest. And of course there's shadow potential here too. Around May 1, transiting Ceres will create a square (90°) challenge with Jupiter, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This will be an ideal point to reevaluate any changes you have initiated in April to determine whether other considerations ought to occur before proceeding forward. See the introspections above, especially number 3 for further exploration. And speaking of Jupiter and Neptune...

...this potent archetypal duo meet for the first time since 1856 in their home sign of Pisces around April 12th. While this combination unto itself appears quite uplifting and inspiring, it occurs now under Pluto's strong influence in Capricorn. Given Jupiter's optimistic/expansive vibration and Neptune's penchant for seeing into the unknown and attuning to a more soulful vibration, a stronger tendency exists for misunderstanding and delusional choices. As a remedy for such, grounding-type exercises are essential to discern what feels true to you vs what does not. Anything embraced at first blush without conscious understanding of your choices may create undesirable outcomes. And lastly...

Venus Meets Mars
Plate Development by Joseph Mina
...there's Saturn, Venus and Mars in Aquarius. As I wrote in my previous blog, since early February Venus and Mars have been close together by degree, first in Capricorn just as Venus was ending its retrograde and now in Aquarius. Both archetypes have been under very strong Pluto influences too. Externally, the war in the Ukraine has been fought under this potent combination's transit the past two months. Add restrictive/limiting Saturn to the mix and the resulting aggressive tendencies on all levels of culture have been nothing short of off the charts, something I described as a possibility in my last blog. 

This combination is a strong reevaluation/reorganizational point for what's meaningful in your life; what creates freedom; what is progressive and aligned with desires for social justice and equality; what creates greater harmony between the feminine and masculine internally and externally.

We have witnessed the shadow side of this energetic coin all too recently - from massive forced migrations in the Ukraine to a bizarre aggressiveness at the recent Oscar's. Contrast always defines. Other multiple conflicts around the world further underscore this contrast. Yet the very fuel of this intensity can be used for productive and creative expressions. And it all starts within you as you explore how the Venus and Mars components of your natal chart best work synergistically and energetically within yourself and when with others. Which brings my focus back to...

...Venus, now starting to pull away from Mars and Saturn and soon to enter softer, more soulful Pisces on April 5th. In the interim, Mars/Saturn will continue to intensify until Mars enters Pisces 10 days later. The weakening connection between these two personal planetary archetypes may be sufficient to effect a much needed truce between Russia and Ukraine as well as other ongoing conflicts. These initiatives will be on the front burner over the next two weeks as the energy builds to the Libra Full Moon on April 16 mentioned at the beginning of this blog. 

All and all, these New Moon dynamics continue 2022's strong societal patterning of the old falling away, new alliances being created, and a growing determination, especially through the younger generations, to create a more sustainable existence on planet Earth.

Golden Days End by Joseph Mina
Golden Days by Joseph Mina
Conclusion: A recent consultation with a client revealed strong family challenges involving her two year old. Children born over the last ten years or so have powerful sensitivities to everything around them. In utero, they recognize this current fast vibration intimately. And they are now here to shift this challenging juggernaut into a more sustainable reality. Hence, environmental and cultural intensity can easily be magnified in their actions and emotional behaviors, literally expressing what is being repressed around them. It is for this reason I consider it a matter of necessity more than than choice to introduce children to energetic bodywork whether they are new born or in their teenage years. Their advanced nervous systems and energetic fields are primed for such higher vibrational work.

Receiving such care can fine tune their energetic systems to be more entrained and aligned with the current acceleration of solar system and galactic frequencies. It's a powerful example of  the value of self-nurturing care and its importance in navigating life. It also strengthens their body's core foundations for the more massive societal changes in the offing over the next 10 years.

Aries energy is attuned to the inner child. In its highest expression, it is playful and engaging. No matter what your age, this Aries New Moon vibration over the next two weeks can be used to initiate a wellness protocol that enhances your quality of life and those of your family members. Such action inspires you to stretch into new ground, which is fundamental to the changes we now witness.

The coming planetary cycles over the remainder of 2022 are a continuation of life changing and transformative choices and decisions. For example, in May, a very potent total lunar eclipse will grace the sky in Scorpio visible from North and South America, Western Europe and Africa. Also, that month will feature a Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus. These celestial markers, as well as those that follow, are the very energetic building blocks leading you to a new reality, one whose structure is unfolding moment by moment. We are the answers to our prayers. 

As we have discovered over the past two years, the fragile energetic web of society is intertwined and interdependent on levels heretofore unrecognized or fully understood. At this New Moon window I encourage you to examine your current life course and choices, making adjustments in alignment with your deepest desires. The introspection questions above will be a helpful aid in that respect.

I welcome comments below. 

Perfect time to explore your natal chart or better understand current energetic influences in your life? Sign up today for a Life Path Astrology Consultation appointment. Expanded awareness creates power , intention and direction.

Blessings and Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina
April 1, 2022
Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Pisces New Moon; The End Before The Beginning

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein

"Make uncertainty your ally, not your enemy. All leaps forward depend on reaching into the unknown. Once you see the unknown as the source of creativity, you no longer fear it. Instead, you welcome the fact that life renews itself in unexpected ways." Deepak Chopra

"This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now - and instead of calling it work, realize it is play." Alan Watts

Greetings Lovers of the Earth and the Cosmos

We arrive at the last New Moon of the current Solstice season at a time when the drums of war beat loudly from the Ukraine, reverberating across the globe. As with the Capricorn and Aquarius New Moons of the current season, this Pisces New Moon brings with it intensity and an unyielding theme of profound societal changes and conflict. Yet woven within this theme comes a greater desire for global compassion, empathy, grace and soulful connection. Quite the energetic contrast. 

And while the heightened polarity of these times may seem rather unassailable and irreconcilable, historical context reminds us the overall thrust of progressive evolutionary change cannot be denied, vanquished or simply erased. As ever before, outlier waves of change will continue to stretch humanity further and further into this vast cosmic sea of uncharted waters we call the Universe.

Pisces New Moon
Burial Cave, Fish Hoek
This past Sunday, I participated in a small gathering led by local Archeo-Astronomer Dean Liprini to the ancient Burial and Ascension Caves, south of South Africa's fabled Table Mountain and overlooking nearby Fish Hoek on the eastern shores of False Bay. It was such a mystical journey into the area's ancient cliffs, and so aligned with the Pisces New Moon themes set out below. You can read and see more about this enchanted experience on my Facebook page here
Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon at 12° arrives today for most of the world, except for western China east to the international date line where it will be early on the 3rd. In this New Moon window, the intention to create and preserve something new going forward will be strong. Venus finally moves outside of its retrograde shadow for the first time in 15 weeks, escorted during this new month by achievement-oriented Mars and fueled by transformative Pluto. 

In my last blog just before last year's December Solstice, I stated that looking ahead, 2022 would prove more intense than 2020 or 2021. In that vein, as all astrological cycles link and feed off each other, I see the remainder of 2022 as a snowball gathering greater momentum, yet continuing to unpredictably move into the heretofore mentioned unknown. 

Pisces New Moon
Humanity is now being ushered by powerful cyclical archetypal forces whose roots are imbued in profound evolutionary growth, and whose dynamic energy signals a time for accelerated and immense changes in the world's evolutionary path. The current war perpetrated on the nation of Ukraine is but one example of many conflicts around the world where the desire for freedom and self empowerment now strongly clash with its shadow components of oppression, poverty, and control.

Further, the grand themes of humanity's now rapid evolution are once again being strongly stirred out of their late 20th century slumber first by the intense Saturn Gemini/Pluto Sagittarius cycle of 2000-2002 (meltdown of beliefs and religious constructs), Uranus Aries/Pluto Capricorn cycle of 2008-2020 (radical change vs meltdown of foundational structures), Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto's Capricorn grand conjunction of 2020-21 (intense control/limitations), and now furthered amplified by the once every 22 year cycle of  Saturn Aquarius/Uranus Taurus in 2021-22 (repression/lack of freedom vs progressive change). 

Saturn ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius, and Uranus, also co- ruler of Aquarius, are continuing to mirror the amplification of this theme of progressive change in profound ways. The epic confluence of these titanic archetypes has agitated and stirred people from all walks of life and perspectives into a caldron of societal change, revolutionary behavior and resistance, and an unshaking quest to find one's truth. Is it any wonder so much tension fills the ethers these days. And I must say from my astrological perch, I see the power of this unfolding cyclical polarity strongly testing humanity's inner mettle and resolve in the coming days, weeks and months for the remainder of 2022 into 2023. Such is the time in which we live, grow, stretch and transform.

New Moon Dynamics

Here's the New Moon annotated chart:

Pisces New Moon

This current New Moon in Pisces by itself would under other more favorable circumstances prove uplifting and celebratory, especially with optimistic Jupiter close to the New Moon degree and once again in its home sign of Pisces. It's the very type of fuel that heightens creativity in the performance arts, music and video realms.  However, 
this New Moon is strongly influenced by other chart dynamics of greater intensity. That includes the triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto in late degree of Capricorn (rules, politics, governance, and business), and Mercury and Saturn together in Aquarius, each further magnifying the previously mentioned Saturn/Uranus cycle through the end of this year (status quo/autocratic rule vs progressive advances). Such components radically change the complexion of this New Moon's narrative from uplifting and expansive to a more shadow oriented and very inward soul reevaluation.

As such, Pisces shadow side becomes stronger at this lunation, further fueled by Jupiter's unduly optimistic nature and Neptune's delusional shadow tendencies. In that vein, this darker expression can be imbued with trickery and driven strongly by misinformation or deception. It can also further give rise to addictive drugs for purposes of escape (as we've seen in the last decade in the opioid surge) rather than spiritual enlightenment and deeper connection to the natural world. And it can challenge the very essence of empathy and sensitivity to those who struggle in life.

The golden opportunity though is to look within; to examine where you have detached from reality through avoidance and/or addiction tendencies to avoid feeling pain and suffering. Yes, I know that's rather a heavy mandate, but that's the essence of the energetic soup at the moment. On the flip side of this inward expression, this journey within opens a door for creating a new reality, one much more in alignment with your soul mandate as you energetically strip away that which doesn't serve your highest purpose for being alive on this planet NOW. 

Pisces New Moon
Voyager Tarot
Lastly, Venus, who entered its retrograde shadow on November 19, then stationed retrograde conjunct to Pluto just before the December solstice, emerges from this almost 15 week shadow journey the day after the New Moon. In tandem now with Mars, the archetypal expressions of the feminine and masculine qualities within us, they track together through most of March, next crossing into freedom seeking Aquarius on March 6th where powerful alignments occur with Uranus in Taurus on March 19-22 (self esteem, values, money, possessions) and Saturn on March 28-April 5 (autocracy vs freedom). 

What Venus/Mars current encounter with Pluto at this New Moon or the coming interaction with Saturn/Uranus later in the month triggers remains to be seen. One possibility here, especially with Spring season beginning in the northern hemisphere, is a strong resurgence of mass protests, civil disobedience and political upheaval in various places around the world where people have felt oppressed, held back and freedoms have been restricted. Also, given the strong building Piscean influence at play there's more coming in the realm of climate change triggered by increased solar activity (we are now headed towards Solar Maximum in 2025) and environmental destruction, and strong viral concerns still influencing human activity.

Yet most importantly, Pisces' global influence reminds us all we are connected to a greater web of awareness that knows no bias, polarity or class divisions. When one suffers, we all suffer in some deep way within our psyches. 

With that said, I offer the following suggestions at this New Moon:

Immerse yourself in the natural world through outdoor activities 
Attune to the power of sacred sites
Raise the vibrational level of media content you watch, read or listen to
Surround yourself with people who are at your level of conscious awareness or higher
Pray and meditate (my mediation is a daily brisk walk amongst the elements where I live)
Participate in uplifting group activities such as a retreat or program
Connect with others in a meaningful, soulful way


Summer now wanes here in South Africa. I can sense the beginnings of the Autumn. I know that must sound quite strange to those of you who live in the now colder Northern Hemisphere where winter still holds on to its icy grip. Nonetheless, the seasonal shift as we near the Equinox on March 20th reminds us that life is about cycles, the yin and yang. Pisces the last sign of the zodiac prepares us for something new, regardless of where we live. Embrace this shift. Strengthen yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for the coming days.

On a personal level, I am developing a land, sea and sky Retreat here in South Africa called South Africa Tanzanite Retreat - an Inner & Outer Soul Journey. The precious stone Tanzanite, only found at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is a stimulator of higher vibrations throughout the body. It enhances spiritual growth on all energetic levels.

And primal Africa is the perfect location to shift one's energetic field into even higher frequencies.  

Over thirty years, I have worked with groups from a wide variety of cultures who I would consider soul seekers: those discovering the deeper meanings of life through soul searching internally and externally. Over the past 6 years I have been led to work with individuals who run large businesses, investors who manage large funds, and other financial types, each of whom function in the realm of wellness products and progressive initiatives. These are people who influence many other people simply by the choices and decisions they make on a day-to-day basis in their respective industries.

In my desire to humbly influence a broader audience to look within, while recognizing I work best with smaller groups of 8 to 10 people,  I decided to create a unique retreat format specifically designed to work with such influential people who function at a high income strata. It follows that meaningful changes experienced by participants in such a retreat can become a potent catalyst for their developing a more organic, sentient connection to this Earth and beyond. Rudolf Steiner spoke of this as the awakening of the super-sensibilities within the body. On that level there is no I. One is all and all is one. 

As such, my primary audience will be people who have a strong influence on larger groups of people such as entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities, sports types, business owners, and upper management types. An important criteria will be a person who hungers for something more in their lives than just the accumulation of possessions and status, and who also possess the desire to invest in themselves, and more consciously invest in efforts to create a more sustainable reality in alignment with this planet's consciousness. These are the very people who influence many other people. Effecting meaningful, progressive change at that energetic level can create a strong positive rippling effect for a much broader audience. In that sense, everyone in that rippling circle benefits. 

Pisces New Moon
This 11-day transformative journey for 8 to 10 participants will include 2 sunset and 1 sunrise safari excursions to attune to Africa's fabled big 5 animals; an ocean excursion to connect with the abundant ocean life here, including whales and dolphins; and sacred transmissions received under the grand world-class sky canopy of the Southern Milky Way, and within the cave structures of some of Earth's oldest mountains such as described in the beginning of this blog. 

For the internal piece, my Quantum Alignment Bodywork Group Sessions, refined over the past thirty years, will be experienced four times during the Retreat. Additionally, sunrise yoga, movement, and sound will form the integrative parts that help participants assimilate and ground these profound land, sea and sky experiences. The combination of the external and internal will literally alter and enhance the energetic flow of participants reality. All meals will be organic and professionally catered. Support will be staffed at the local level here. This is an energy-rich exchange from start to finish.

I'm so excited about the possibilities. I've prepared myself for many years for this moment. Significant global cultural changes over the past two years have set the stage for an accelerated shift. And of course, the perfect situations, experiences and people met over the past two years has set the stage for the ultimate Retreat experience.

But that's not all. As importantly, using proceeds from the retreats, I will create a foundation here in South Africa to fully fund a similar Retreat format for young adults who are ready to take a much bigger and accelerated step in their evolutionary growth, but have yet to acquire the financial wherewithal to invest in such an experience. This younger generation's energetic field is attuned to the current higher frequencies. Their talents and abilities are profound. Such an experience will literally be a catapult greatly enhancing their ability to effect meaningful change on the planet in the coming years.

The inspiration to work with young adults in this retreat format came out of bodywork sessions I gave to a 21-year old woman in mid 2021 into this year. She had struggled the past 6 years with suicidal tendencies (four attempts) and strong social withdrawal. When I first saw her, she was on 7 different medications for depression, extreme anxiety, and strong mood swings. Her sensitivity field was literally numb and highly protected.

Her first session she learned that her strong sensitivities were a gift rather than a bane (she's super empathic). Her body quickly started to let go of strong tension patterns depleting her energetic fields. I saw her twice before I left for the United States for almost 5 months. During my absence she decided on her own volition to stop taking the medications. She experienced zero side-effects even though any medical person will say it's dangerous to do so. Upon my return in late October, her body quickly connected into the new energetic strategies acquired in her first 2 sessions. 

Pisces New Moon
She now smiles a lot (noticeable especially to her Mom/Dad), is engaging socially, has started working with dogs (they love her) and looks forward to her now once every two week sessions with me. She is discovering the power of her sensitive field from a very different orientation. And this coming about from brief 25 minute table sessions. From my perspective, her body strategies have received quite an upgrade. Potent reminder to never underestimate the body's capacity to shift into a different frequency given the right type of conscious input.

If such dramatic shifts can occur on a 1:1 basis, receiving such energetic care with a group of young adults in a Retreat format will redefine what's possible for this highly energized younger generation. A total win/win for everyone concerned.

At the moment, I am exploring ways to financially seed the organizational development of a structure supporting such a retreat endeavor. If you have any specific suggestions, or know of anyone willing to invest in such an enterprise, please contact me.

As always, I'm available for private astrological consultations via Zoom or Skype. It's such a powerful time to explore new initiatives and realities for the days ahead.

I welcome your comments below.

Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina
March 2, 2022
Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Gemini Full Moon and Solstice December 2021 - A Look Ahead

“Certainty is a closing of the mind. To create something new you must have uncertainty.” 
Milton Glaser - prominent 20th Century Graphic Designer (1929-2020)

"One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen."
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - former President of South Africa (1918-2013)

Summer musings on a Saturday from Stellenbosch, South Africa

It's been nearly 8 months since I last posted here. As I had already set out in earlier blogs my perspective for 2021's unfolding, I did not feel inspired to essentially write about the same themes over and over. However, more recently, the Gemini Full Moon and Solstice charts caught my attention. 

When I looked at these charts a few weeks ago I realized here was a new and significant wrinkle in this ever shifting fabric we call life. In short, these two charts are potent mirrors for how energy will flow in 2022.  Ready to dive in?

From my cosmic perch, 2021 has been quite a tumultuous year to date. And events sure mirror the strength of the related planetary cycles. On the last December Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn met at the very beginning degrees of Aquarius, which portended a renewed emphasis on the future, progressive ideals, expanding social media influences and societal change. Well...we're not quite there. While Pluto remains in Capricorn, it seems the requisite tension pattern necessary for a Plutonian meltdown is causing the progressive shifts to slow down. Nonetheless, Pluto's entrance into Aquarius in 2023 for a few months, then mostly in 2024, and fully in 2025 through 2043, will facilitate significant changes in this evolving Aquarius vibe.

But back to 2021...this year has proven to be much more socially challenging than 2020, something I saw as a strong potential back in January. That potential was dependent on social and generational actions during the first 6 months of the year. While 2020 became the year of the "great reset", 2021 has built on that reset with increased polarity, division and clamour for meaningful progressive change, or even fueled a strong uptick of rebelliousness. Ironically, these shifts have been stimulated by something unseen, namely a persistent virus that continues to adapt/mutate. In short, critical tension has continued to become stronger in the ethers. Ultimately such increased tension patterns may activate an energetic shift throughout the world whose very nature is simply beyond our current ability to grasp at this present moment in time.

We are now in the throes of strong archetypal planetary placements covering the range from Sagittarius to Gemini. Such placements are symbolic of a rapidly shifting and intensifying energetic landscape. Now more than ever, the only certainty is uncertainty. And that applies not only to 2022, but the next 10 years.

Life Path Astrology Consultations:
 As 2022 rapidly nears, deepen your understanding of your natal birth chart along with a look ahead to 2022 and how to best navigate the planetary cycles of the coming year. I am available for private one-to-one consultation sessions via Skype or Zoom (audio recorded). Gift certificates for family and friends are available too! 
Great changes present life changing opportunities. My personal astrological counseling session helps you create meaningful strategies for adapting and shifting with the current powerful planetary cycles. Schedule TODAY your appointment!]

These are no ordinary times. I realize that's obvious to many, but it nonetheless warrants repeating. An ongoing and relentless global pandemic, intense weather phenomena and a disruption in the world's commerce and economic models mirror a volatile and highly changeable time. Where just three years ago change was not prominent on one's priority list, it now occupies most conversations and fuels many life-changing choices.

Behind this volatility lies major transformative astrological cycles. Such are akin to heralds portending huge shifts in consciousness and human interaction. 

These cycles include Saturn vs Uranus (old ways vs progressive ideals), which began in early 2021 and continues until the end of 2022; transformative Pluto in its last two years transiting what was once reliable Capricorn (now becoming a meltdown of structures and the reorganization of the functional, political and business worlds); and very nebulous Neptune continuing to transit its equally nebulous home sign of Pisces through 2026 (imagery, delusion, increasing uncertainty, compassion, sensitivity, deception (fake news), unseen forces such as viruses, and a desire for oneness). Any one of the above cycles would prove challenging. To have all three in play and in various levels of reception makes for an unprecedented transformative engine.

So what in the world is going on? 

In short...a lot! It's not until the end of 2022 that Saturn/Uranus move out of aspect; 2025 until Pluto moves fully into Aquarius; and 2025-26 until Neptune leaves Pisces for Aries.These three cycles are steering this transformative engine into unchartered waters. And in that vein I'll state right here: 2022 will prove more intense and transformative than 2020 and 2021. The 2022 cycles indicate such. 

These cycles point to immense changes affecting all aspects of life. Further, a shift in the lunar nodes from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio on January 18th of 2022 vividly underscores how this coming year will be driven by Taurus/Scorpio themes such as the Earth and her changes, our bodies, the very life force that sustains us and all the inherent challenges these themes can conjure. The big question: how do you re-organize your life in the coming days to attune and align with these on-going massive cycles at physical, emotional and mental levels?

Which brings me to the Gemini Full Moon and Solstice charts, and their interrelated themes.

First the Full Moon: 

Full Moon occurs on the 19th at 04:35 Universal Time (the window is 36 hours before and after exact). From central/eastern South America and far eastern Canada east to the International Date Line the Full Moon occurs on the 19th. From evening/late night on the 18th, the East Coast United States/Canada west to the International Date Line will herald the Full Moon. At that lunation, the Sun will be positioned in front of Galactic Center in late degree Sagittarius. By contrast, the Moon will be in opposite Gemini pointing in the opposite direction of galactic center. This placement is known in ancient lore as the "Gate of Man" or the "Silver Gate", a place marking the portal where new creative energies emerge; where souls enter the physical world. That's a potent vibration influencing your dreamtime as well as the Earth's ethers. 

Also, this Full Moon is just 2 days before the Solstice. It won't be until December 2040 such a close timing occurs again. 

Gemini is the shape shifter adapting readily to a changing landscape. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini also is the communicator, actor and transporter of information. Its mutable nature encourages us to be nimble and flow with change rather than getting stuck on what was. When Uranus ultimately transits Gemini in 2025, a new wave of communication will sweep through the consciousness. Perhaps such time will signal the emergence of telepathic abilities in children being born!

There are significant aspects in this Gemini Full Moon chart that warrant mentioning:

Venus Retrograde: on Full Moon day, Venus stations retrograde at 26°Capricorn and conjuncts transformative Pluto. That's quite an intense pairing. Here, this feminine archetype will begin a 40-day inward journey, ultimately appearing in the dawn sky on January 15th (heliacal rise), which signals a new Venus theme (Capricorn) for the ensuing 584 day Venus cycle. There will also be 2 conjunctions with Pluto: one during retrograde (Dec 25th) and during direct movement on March 3rd. The last one will also include Mars. That's quite the potent threesome.

Heretofore the Venus theme has been Gemini, due to its previous retrograde in that sign during 2020. Venus softens Capricorn and its hard-edge ways. One archetypal example would be the wisdom of the elder Grandmother/Grandfather present inside of each of us. This voice wants to be heard; wants to make a difference. Pluto helps by melting away resistance and obstacles.This exchange will pose quite the vivid contrast in styles. One example is the global attack on women's rights. Another, procedural steps being taken in the United States to make voting much more difficult, especially for less fortunate people. 

On January 29th, Venus stations direct motion at 11°Capricorn. On that date, the Moon will position at 27° Sagittarius - the exact degree of the Sun at this Full Moon. The Moon also positions at that same degree on January 1, 2022. Intentions seeded at this Full Moon may reveal their gifts and opportunities to you around those dates.

Venus themes include beauty, artistry, self-esteem and self-worth, our core values, money, possessions and 1:1 relationships. It is a feminine/yin/nurturing vibe, and so sorely needed in this tumultuous, patriarchal infused world. This western to eastern sky transit of Venus symbolizes the end and beginning; a death and rebirth. That it begins with Pluto in the conversation puts a strong, transformative exclamation mark on that theme. The world we once knew is disappearing/falling apart. What awaits us on the other side is yet to be revealed. The inner journey will lead the way. 

During this retrograde we have an opportunity to examine our core values about how we structure our world on a personal level. Are we congruent/authentic with those principles? With Pluto part of the mix, we are encouraged to go deep, perhaps down the rabbit hole, to examine what we truly value. This may prove to be quite a cathartic process, yet nonetheless essential as we move forward in a rapidly changing and somewhat compromised world society.

Also, on Full Moon day, Chiron whose focus is old wounding and its ultimate resolution, stations direct at 8° Aries. Chiron in Aries underscores the dilemma of individuation embraced/activated from a wounding experience(s). Such yields a false sense of self/survival yang tendencies. Venus, more a yin energy of varying degrees depending on its natal placement, wants to reclaim that ground, triggering an introspection about trust, intimacy, nurturing and safety: not only how these themes have challenged you in your life, but offering the opportunity to heal any wounding experiences, especially from your youth (Aries theme). This Chironic outer planetary energy points to generational and genetic themes inherent in all families and underscores patterns of abuse, control and survival. 

Venus retrograde will create a square with Chiron in Aries as it nears its station direct placement at the end of January. Given the Plutonian start to the retrograde, I would not be surprised to see protests on a large scale given the troubling abridgment of human rights occurring around the globe in 2020-21. When Mars catches up to add stronger emphasis to this square, a combustible combination will reveal itself for all to see.

On a broader scale, such social upheaval we now witness and experience across all walks of life represent the initial stages of reorganizing the energetic field into a much more trusting, inclusive vibration, while maintaining one's sense of self worth and related core values. Given the world's response to the ongoing viral surge, enacting such a shift will require a significant change in how individuals view their placement in the grander scheme of life. We are here to grow, risk and live passionately in authentic ways. While protecting self may seem like the best strategy at any given moment, such a choice runs counter to the Universal principles of entropy and growth. 

One specific suggestion related to the virus: start to see this virus as a creation of nature, whose primary role is to purge the energetic field of its human imposed disruptive energies (in the initial lockdown phases of March/April 2020, the Earth showed remarkable change in its waters and atmosphere as human activity came to a halt). Some say the virus was humanly created. While that may be ostensibly true, remember the Earth's elemental/natural forces work through our body and psyches whether we are conscious of it or not. And the Earth will have the last say about the human component on this planet regardless of our human interpretations and actions towards Nature itself.

Shifting to the Solstice chart

Sun moves to 0° Capricorn on December 21st at 15:59 UTC. Most of the world welcomes the Solstice on that date from 5:59 am in Hawaii to Central Asia just before midnight, or early on the 22nd from Eastern Asia to the International Date Line. On this day, Mercury positions at 12°Capricorn (just a degree from the eventual Venus station direct degree) while the Moon in Cancer creates an opposition to Venus/Pluto. Hence the overall emphasis for the ensuing season is Cancer: creating a healthy community, family and most especially new ways to nurture yourself and create a more nurturing reality. The contrast with Venus/Pluto may prove startling. Contrast always defines!

And again, given the current uptick in viral spread (this will continue throughout 2022), now more than ever it is paramount to take steps to strengthen your physical body's core energies through bodywork, pilates, yoga, physical exercise etc. Otherwise, attuning on a physical level to the emerging higher frequencies will prove more and more problematic and conflicted especially in 2023-2025.

Jupiter: on January 1, expansive Jupiter returns to its ancient home sign of Pisces (made a brief incursion during May/July) and will remain in Pisces until May 11, 2022. Jupiter expands all it touches. While usually very optimistic in its vibration, its overall effect has to be considered in the context of other interacting planetary energies. In this case, Jupiter meets Neptune on April 12th at 24°Pisces. Both archetypes rule Pisces. The last time Jupiter/Neptune met in Pisces was in 1856. Then, Florence Nightingale was emerging as a compassionate force amidst the horrors of on-going wars in eastern Europe. She was quite the Piscean archetype of compassion, mercy and forgiveness. 

Pisces in part mirrors such compassion and the plight imposed by suffering. Renewed focus from a Piscean lens will occur in the realm of forced immigrations and the related hardships imposed on those vulnerable souls living under tyranny and oppressive conditions, or who have been traumatized by war. It will also further amplify the conversation about the viral spread (Neptune rules the unseen, including viruses) now sweeping the globe. Back in March 2020, I wrote about the emerging COVID virus. I encourage you to have a read.

Mercury Retrograde:  On January 14th, Mercury will station retrograde at 10° Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn and square to Uranus in Taurus. And just 4 days later, Mercury's higher octave Uranus will station direct at 11° Taurus. Such shifts will raise the emotional temperature created by those clamoring for freedom, progressives wanting to move forward, and traditionalists who want to return to the "good old days". It will be quite the wild energetic ride during this period. Be very clear in your communications with others! Also, since Venus will also be in retrograde, signing of contracts, purchasing expensive items etc. are best delayed until March.

Mercury's retrograde over the ensuing 3 weeks will return to Capricorn (Jan 26th) to station direct on February 4th conjunct Pluto. This is where Venus began its retrograde journey and where the Sun was positioned at the beginning of Mercury's retrograde in Aquarius. That's a profound synchronicity

This cosmic meeting occurs just 6 days after Venus stations direct near Mars. When Mercury stations direct on February 4th, Sun in Aquarius will be at the exact degree of Saturn and square to Uranus. And again, that's quite a bit of intensity and will strongly mirror in the ensuing days political upheaval vs progressive initiatives around the world. There's no putting the genie back into the bottle. We can only work with a vibration if it's active. And that requires being pro-active in our quality of life choices. Growth or safety? Always a choice. They can't exist together.

Reflections for the Full Moon/Solstice:

- Do I value myself and the inner gifts I have brought into the world? 
- What needs to change in my life to deepen my appreciation of all that I am?
- What am I ready to change in my practical world to embrace a greater sense of self?
- What possessions am I ready to purge in order to ready myself for something new and uplifting?
- How do I want to be of compassionate greater service to others in the coming days?
- How can I create a more sustainable existence through my internal and external actions?

It's always in the darkest hour that we are able to discover and embrace the light both within our psyches and externally. We are all connected in ways that transcend conscious thought. And therein lies the conundrum. As a global society, how do we create meaningful stability out of instability? How do we embrace the future with conviction and strength? How do we align with the tumultuous natural forces of this planet? How do we create a more sustainable world? 

The answer to these questions is paradoxical. The answers lie within but are revealed through the synergistic actions of the collective. This emerging Venus retrograde will underscore the power of meaningful relationships in our lives; how strength in numbers focusing on an enriched reality can move mountains and overcome seemingly impossible odds/obstacles. 

2022 will prove intense, yet offer expanded possibilities heretofore unseen. Trusting in yourself and others will be paramount during this time. It cannot be any other way.

I'll have more to share about the cycles of 2022 in a late January blog including Mars retrograde in October/November and a series of eclipses in May and November. Nonetheless, it's enough for the moment to focus on the current cycles at this Full Moon and Solstice time and work with their opportunistic offerings.

I welcome your comments below.

Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina
December 18, 2021
Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa