Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Scorpio Full Supermoon: A bigger perspective

 "Just as the body needs air, food and water, the spirit needs energy. Life force is a tangible energy that runs through the central vertical current of your spirit body and it can be seen in a shamanic state as a bluish-white hue."
Deborah Bravandt,  Story Teller and Dream Interpreter

Greetings Cosmic Friends (and thank you for sharing this update with others)

Scorpio Full Moon arrives on the 26th/27th and coincides with the Moon reaching its closest point to Earth (perigee) about 12 hours after reaching full. This is the closest Full Moon of 2021 and will be followed in late May by 2021’s second closest Full Moon, which will also be fully eclipse. A lot of energy building here. Visually, Moon rise or set will appear larger than usual. 

In this blog, I’m sharing 8 aerial images I’ve taken during my extensive flying to and fro on this planet. With Jupiter in engaging and wide-vision Aquarius at this lunation along with the Sun and Uranus both in earth-bound Taurus, seems purposeful to present you with images covering a bigger perspective of this blue jewel we call Earth. But before I present these images, here’s a few thoughts about the this power-packed Scorpio Full Moon and what it offers.

Scorpio energy focuses on the pure essence of life force. As one of the three water signs, it's the hot water one of the bunch. It’s the juice that animates, inspires, incites, motivates, and captivates. This lunation reminds you the more pure energy you bring into your physical form, the more everything you perceive changes including your emotional and mental states. Strengthening your energetic fields is paramount in this time of enormous change, faster vibrations and chaotic pandemic mayhem. And if you are raising children, the same holds true for them too! Humans, whether young or older benefit and actually thrive from opening their body centers to life's energetic flow.

Full Moon timing:

In South Africa on the 27th at 5:31am at 7° Scorpio.

West Coast US on the 26th at 8:31pm

East Coast US on the 26th at 11:31 pm

Hawaii 5:31 pm on the 26th

GMT 03:31 on the 27th.

This Full Moon features the receptive Taurus Sun joining unpredictable Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. With their opposition to the Full Moon, these 3 planetary archetypes create a square (90° square angle/challenging energy) with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn looks to ground the energy and make it real. In Aquarius, its focus is on social justice, equality and a meaningful future that has meaning and purpose. Life force without such awareness is wasted energy which ultimately spawns mayhem and destructive environmental and social patterns. 

Image by Visionary Alex Grey
Everyone is fueled by this hidden force from the moment of conception. It's the fuel that allows us to engage, connect and create/effect meaningful, expansive changes on this planet, and now even beyond. Hence, it’s necessary your physical body (Taurus) is being energetically fueled sufficient to promote growth, change, and creative expression. That's quite the energy requirement, requiring healthy eating habits, exercise, receiving bodywork, and having energizing experiences. On the flip side, insufficient energy leads to fatigue, boredom, a weakened immune system, poor choices and a resistance to change.

This Scorpio Full Moon reinforces the importance of stimulating life force in positive ways through your physical body in order to utilize a higher vibration of energy for your present and future endeavors. Doing so also adds a strong dose of emotional energy to any conversation or interaction involving the Scorpio qualities of shared resources, intimacy in relationship and matters of trust and the Taurus qualities of beauty, artistry, self esteem, and values.

Given the current pandemic concerns and its related fears sweeping the planet, only a healthy and vibrant body will provide in the long-term effective defenses against any foreign substance. Such is true for any age.

That pretty much summarizes the essence of this Full Moon. Next month another powerful Super Full Moon awaits (total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius) followed by a Mercury Retrograde in its home sign of Gemini at month-end.  This is the Full Moon's chart (click or tap to enlarge):


The 2021 cycles are building energy again. Pluto will station retrograde about 18 hours after the Scorpio Full Moon. As Pluto rules Scorpio, moving retrograde on this Full Moon day puts a pretty big transformational exclamation point on this Moon’s powerful themes. Other coming outer planet retrogrades include Saturn in May, Jupiter and Neptune in June, and Uranus in August. So there is a decidedly an inward flow beginning now that will intensify the remainder of this season and the next. How that specifically looks remains a Scorpio-type mystery, however, given Saturn and Uranus’ square interactions during 2021 (next direct one in June), social, climate and body-centric related challenges will be on the front burner.

Curious about what's unfolding in your life? Times of immense change require new strategies, perspective and creativity. My astrological consultations are transformative, offering guidance for better understanding the current rapid changes and reorganizing your approach to life. 

Schedule today! Scheduling is quite easy. Sessions are recorded (audio) via Zoom or Skype for your later listening/integration.

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Thank you for your thoroughness with me during my session. Your expertise is truly amazing." MC, Brookline, Ma

"The session has given me momentum for my ideas, put ease to some of my doubts and reminded me that there are never too many colors in the crayon box." CA, Seattle, Wa

"Today was absolutely enlightening. So very, very, much to think about..ponder. I haven't felt this recognized in a long time. The noticeable significant shift in my field since the consultation is worth sharing a huge THANK YOU from my heart". YC, Ca

And now on to my images (click or tap on the images to see a larger version)

Portal To Another World

I love sitting by the plane window. I think ahead about the flight path, time of day, also weather patterns. I sit ahead of the wing for an even better view, and on the shadow side of the plane to avoid sunlight glare on the windows. Yes, there is a method to my 1st house Saturn/Virgo madness! 

As I have Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius, the big picture from above inspires and excites me. Our planet Earth reveals itself in a myriad of surprising ways through a visual alchemy with the elements of air, fire, earth and water. No scenes is ever the same; constantly changing as the ground slowly passes by from my high perch. And in some cases the human element reveals itself. Yet, other than very large cities, signs of human design are dwarfed by the enormity of this beautiful planet.

Human Creations

Futuristic Array

Flying over the Nevada/California border en route to San Francisco from Denver, there’s the now defunct Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project started in 2011, but decommissioned in 2019 due to inconsistent power generation. This solar brain-child was to provide electricity to the State of Nevada via this huge array of solar panels. However, like any industry in its infancy, a steep learning curve can prove fatal to early efforts. 
Personally, I like looking for natural or artificial patterns from aloft. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was either a UFO hiding out from the masses,  a mega crop circle, or a movie set for some sci-fi flick.

Desert Sunrise

Golden Morning Comes

My second image is more south near the southern California/Arizona border at sunrise. Light in the early morning or late afternoon takes on a golden-like mystical form. In the United States, if the schedule allows, I fly either a flight taking off at sunrise from the west coast traveling east, or a late afternoon flight going west, anticipating great stretching morning or late afternoon shadows over the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and if on the LA track, the Grand Canyon area. 

Here, about 25 minutes into the flight, the clouds of the night were starting to dissipate as the climbing Sun warmed the ground. Suddenly these golden-lit mountains appeared as if by magic. I remember taking the picture, then putting the camera down so I could fully witness this emergence. Meanwhile everyone else in the cabin was sleeping while my window shade remained the only up. Yeah, I’m that person.

Greenland (and it ain't green!)

Southwestern Greenland

Icy Shadow Play

I have always wanted to see Greenland from high above. Flying from Frankfurt to Chicago, the flight path sometimes will skirt the lower part of this huge ice island. I make a point of checking the flight path and even asking a member of the flight crew about the track before we take off. Fortune favors the prepared! Yet, I’ve learned the North Atlantic can be capricious, hiding land forms under a seemingly perpetual cover of clouds, especially in the winter. 

On this particular flight, southern Greenland was waiting for us. These two images reveal the magnitude of this ice kingdom. Its steep cliffs and rugged shoreline reveal a hostile world, yet captivating in its stark beauty. Such a treat for the eyes!

The Ever Changing Rockies

Mountain Statement

Back to the Rocky Mountains. This scene is over southwestern Colorado. The snowscapes in these mountains are quite amazing. Yet composition is nonetheless challenging because of the lack of comparative scale. I like this picture in black and white, as it reveals the starkness of the white snow and the darkness of the mountain shadows in the late afternoon light. The small town at the foothills of these mountains was difficult to see at first. I can only imagine what the view must be like from ground level.

Namibia's Canyon Jewel

Fish River Canyon, Namibia

This next image takes you to the southern part of Namibia in southwestern Africa. Here is the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world! Namibian landscapes are surreal. From stark canyons to monumental sand dunes to mountainous areas and large animals, such as the desert Elephants, Namibia is captivating and expansive. Here, I was a member of a photography group flying in a small prop airplane out of Fish River towards the Atlantic Coast and the deserted German mining town named Kolmanskop. The land here is sculpted by the strong winds that sweep off the chilly Atlantic coast. “Like a painting” I thought as we flew over this ancient terrain. In a future blog, I'll feature specifically some of my favorite images from this land of enchantment and mystical forms.

Thunder in the Morning

Madagascar Thunderous Morning

And my last image is of clouds. Whether I’m flying over the ocean or land, I find cloud patterns mesmerizing and sometimes daunting. These massive thunderclouds, some tinged in morning gold, were over the supersized island of Madagascar. I was en route to Johannesburg from Hong Kong on a 13-hour flight. Knowing in advance the plane time for sunrise and where the plane would approximately be, I was prepared to witness this anticipated morning treat. Again mind you, I’m the only one in the cabin with their window shade up. I guess this is one of those “early bird catches the thunderstorm” analogies.

I have many aerial images, and quite a number I have never gotten around to processing. That’s a future project. I selected these to provide you a sample of how I view the Earth from high above. The Taurus Sun shines its light on beauty and artistry. May the surge of Taurus and Scorpio energy over this lunation period stimulate and fuel your creative curiosity in new and energizing ways. May we all work towards a sustainable future for ourselves and those that follow.

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Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina

Stellenbosch, South Africa

April 27, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

Aries New Moon: Surfing The Creativity Wave

 “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” 
Dalai Lama

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Greeting Cosmic Seekers and Lovers of the Sky Story

 Aries Plate by Joseph Mina
Another New Moon, another dose of 2021 intensity. This is the 4th consecutive New Moon that places a laser-like multi-planetary focus upon the astrological sign for the Sun/Moon connection. And while this lunation marks the peak of this on going intensity, nonetheless this concentration of planetary archetypes in one sign continues to strongly ripple throughout the remainder of this season. That includes the combination June's annular solar eclipse (visible over eastern Canada, Greenland and northern Russia) and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

And for further coming attraction purposes, the next two Full Moons are supermoons (the second being a total lunar eclipse in late May (visible over the Pacific basin and in various stages over North America). Given the world's continuing chaotic and uncertain state, these lunation’s are akin to strong exclamation marks in this year of rapid transition and change. And that transitional emphasis is strongly underscored at this Aries New Moon.

Such portends a surge of life force filling the energetic field surrounding you. Also, eclipse periods are always potent and timely for deeper understanding and substantive change.

And for the record, this Aries New Moon arrives on the 11th (today) at 4:31p in Hawaii, 7:31p West Coast, 10:31p on the East Coast, and on the 12th at 2:31a GMT, 4:31a in South Africa and early afternoon in New Zealand.

Last week, while waiting in line at a Farmer's Market (common reality in South Africa), I overheard someone say to a friend “I just want things to return to normal”. And that’s a very strong sentiment it seems. Yet, there really is no return to that reality. The celestial tides are all pointed in a very different direction: a significantly faster planetary vibration evolving over the the next 10 years. 

Curious about what's unfolding in your life? Times of immense change require new strategies, perspective and creativity. My astrological consultations are transformative, offering guidance for better understanding the current rapid changes and reorganizing your approach to life. 

Schedule today! Scheduling is quite easy. Sessions are recorded (audio) via Zoom or Skype for your later listening/integration.

Recent client feedback:
Thank you for your thoroughness with me during my session. Your expertise is truly amazing." MC, Brookline, Ma

"The session has given me momentum for my ideas, put ease to some of my doubts and reminded me that there are never too many colors in the crayon box." CA, Seattle, Wa

"Today was absolutely enlightening. So very, very, much to think about..ponder. I haven't felt this recognized in a long time. The noticeable significant shift in my field since the consultation is worth sharing a huge THANK YOU from my heart". YC, Ca

Here’s the New Moon chart (tap or click on the chart to see a larger version)


Essentially, a substantial concentration of fiery Aries energy comes together for this lunation. With no planetary archetypes in retrograde until Pluto moves retrograde at the end of April, all signs point now forward. Yet, this momentum comes with some caveats.

Aries is akin to the impetuous, impatient child who loves to start projects, but easily becomes disinterested. Their fuel is pure novelty, impulse and short bursts of speed. Highly creative and very individuated too! Their challenges are hesitation, uniformity, reluctant cooperation and boredom. 

As the first sign of the zodiac, this individuated fire sign says “just do it”. And in that spirit, now is the prime time to start something new that fuels creativity, novelty and action. It's akin to a surfer ready to surf the next wave. Yet, here's one of those aforementioned caveats: at this lunation Sun/Moon/Venus in Aries creates a 90° square angle with Pluto in Capricorn. That challenging contrast reminds us there is a Plutonian life-changing processes melting away old Capricorn-type energies (politics, rules, laws, judicial matters, corporations) to make way for a potentially more progressive expression in the coming years. Hence, any Aries-like initiatory energy on a personal, social or generational level must align with that flow. Best focus and intention would be progressive and forward thinking type initiatives. Otherwise, any new creative effort aligned with old conventional ways may prove to be short-lived. It's the contrast that defines safety vs risk. 

And important to note, starting with Venus's movement into Taurus on the 14th, Mercury and the Sun will follow on the 19th. That's a lot of Earth-related energy adding fuel to Saturn/Uranus combination mentioned at #5 below. This period is akin to a charged up mini-Mercury Retrograde in Taurus as Mercury will be on the other side of the Sun from Earth's perspective (superior conjunction). "Staying grounded and focused" are good strategies for the next 10 days. Also, receiving nurturing body care ought to be high on your list!

Energetic Grid by Joseph Mina
(numbered annotations found on above chart)

1 - The Aries tribe includes (circled area in the above chart):

Chiron - embracing your uniqueness. Resolving hesitation, doubt, uncertainty through action.

Mercury - speaking with integrity; forward thinking

Ceres - being comfortable in your own skin

Sun/Moon - emotionally fueled action with determination and passion

Venus - acting up-front, determined and courageous (most masculine leaning of the feminine archetypes)

That’s quite a lineup of fire-fueled energy for you to access. Expectant parents take note and beware: any child born around this New Moon period is going to be unstoppable in their quest for creating change!

Supporting cast to help you navigate the next two weeks of this lunation include:

2 - Jupiter in Aquarius - optimistic, progressive, expansive, big picture in trine (120°) to Mars in Gemini and sextile (60°) to Sun/Moon/Venus in Aries. The beneficial trine requires action on your part to effect meaningful change in your life. The sextile further fuels this Aries surge with a determined, expansive desire to rebalance the scales of social inequality and justice. By contrast...

3 - Mars in Gemini is pure spontaneity and unpredictable. Mars rules Aries. In its Gemini skin Mars can be quite imaginative if the energy is channeled in an uplifting way. Yet...

4- Mars’ square (90°) to Neptune in Pisces at this lunation reminds you to make choices from a grounded place. Otherwise, Neptune’s shadow penchant for delusion and deep-seated fears may prove challenging. 

Equally, Neptune’s building sextile (60°) to Pluto at this lunation is the underlying fuel for anything hidden, such as viruses. This is a potent connection that is just getting started. These two transformative archetypes came into orb back in 2019 just as the first vestiges of the pandemic were appearing. This energy crests, but not until 2026-2032 when 13 direct sextiles are engaged. Aside from Pluto’s completion in Capricorn over the next 2 years, this combined cycle has far reaching implications for how the natural world will respond to changes in climate and human-related environmental actions. Both Neptune and Pluto are transformative. Their close aspect to each other expands the combined dissolving energy exponentially. This particular combination will not occur again for 300 years! And last, but certainly not least...

5 - Saturn in Aquarius in square (90°) to Uranus in Taurus remains one of the major drivers for this year. While not aspected to the lunation, this current building square is part of a bigger 20-year cycle that now brings to light the push-pull challenges being revealed between conformity (Saturn) and rapid societal and Earth changes (Uranus). In part, this combination points to the critical tension building between conservative and progressive choices and direction. This arena will be super charged starting with the late May lunar and early June solar eclipses when these two archetypes come into their 2nd of 3 direct squares this year. 


Reflections for this lunation:

1 - What am I ready to initiate in my life?

2 - Are my actions congruent with what I want to create? If not, what needs to change in my life to support my desires?

3 - Is my sense of self congruent with my actions within my relationships?

4 - Am I taking the time to be nurtured?

5 - Am I taking the time to strengthen my physical body? If no, what needs to change to better help my body align with the increasing Earth vibration?

Conclusion: There is an abundance of Aries-like creative energy in the energetic field at the moment. How you access and utilize this well of power depends on your clarity and willingness to explore the unknown. Such expressions is best used for expansive purposes. Yet, in this strong polarity, it can also fuel denser desires and troubling behaviors as has been evident since December's solstice. Looking a little bit ahead, the next two to three months will be a good indicator for how the remainder of 2021 unfolds. 

In that respect, staying present (very Aries like) is a powerful strategy. In today’s climate, dwelling on the past, projecting too far ahead, or even struggling to initiate something can prove draining, and result in a weakening of the body's immunity levels.

Autumn's Message by Joseph Mina
A little over a month ago (my birthday weekend) I stood under the most spellbinding night skies in the mountains of the Western Cape. The light of the Milky Way was profound. From an upside down Orion in the west back to the Southern Cross near the zenith, the Milky Way's star fields seemed to pulsate. 

Near dawn, the center of the galaxy between Scorpio and Sagittarius was high overhead (in the northern hemisphere this view is much lower to the horizon and hence less dramatic). I was fortunate to be with a group of astronomers who had quite a collection of telescopes. Viewing star fields through a telescope takes the experience to a whole other level. So many stars, nebula and galaxies too…each carrying information within the photons of their starlight. Messages from the beyond the beyond. I felt altered by the time I returned home. This was the perfect Starman gift: a deeply soul-satisfying experience. My Aquarian aspects were quite happy for days afterward.

Lastly, and somewhat strangely, Autumn is now well underway here. I captured the picture on the right at a local farmer’s market the other day. I call it Autumn’s Message. Rather a strange notion for my northern hemisphere readers who now feel the surge of springtime. Yet, regardless of the season, it's a good reminder that art transcends time, we exist in the same moment of time, enjoy beauty regardless of its source and time, and each contribute in our own unique way and timing towards creating a healthier world and human society. May your creative efforts continue to be your resounding answer to life’s challenges and opportunities. 

At this Aries New Moon I wish you new insights and creative joy.

Comments welcomed below!

Sat Nam

Joseph Mina

Stellenbosch, South Africa

April 11, 2021

Monday, March 29, 2021

Libra Full Moon: Introspection Before Action

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
Spencer Johnson - Author (1938-2017)

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.”
W. Clement Stone - Philanthropist and Author (1902-2002) 

Welcome to the latest edition of my Astrology Update.

Full Moon day has arrived! Here in the Western Cape of South Africa, the Sun was adorned with a huge halo this morning (image to left). This halo-effect occurs when ice particles reside in the upper atmosphere. The dispersion of sunlight through this crystalline field creates a halo. Quite the atmospheric phenomena. Perhaps also the Universe’s way of saying “pay attention” on this Full Moon day.

Today’s Full Moon occurs in Libra, the archetypal sign of relationship. And to be clear, Libra encompasses all types of relationships, not just the intimate ones. Libra is also personified by archetypal Venus. Hence Venus qualities such as inner or outer beauty, love, self esteem, values, balance and harmony feature strongly in this Full Moon's expression and message.

For the record, maximum Full Moon occurs today (28th) at 8:48 pm here in South Africa (SAST), 2:48 pm US East Coast (EDT), 11:48 am in the western US, 8:48 am in Hawaii; 18:48 GMT, and on the 29th from India east to the International Date Line. The Full Moon window spans 72 hours with the midpoint considered actual Full Moon. Hence, the Moon will appear Full over 3 nights.

The astrological dynamics of this Full Moon are intense (no surprise given current events). In addition to the Sun<>Moon opposition of Aries vs Libra, Venus and Chiron also join the Sun at the same Aries degree with Venus being at superior conjunction. Further, a grand air trine geometry is part of the energetic mix along with two strong squares and a quincunx further defining its overall significance.

Inferior and Superior Conjunction of Venus: From Earth’s geocentric perspective, Venus takes approximately 18 months to conjunct the Sun.The term inferior conjunction indicates Venus is between the Earth and Sun, and also retrograde. Same is true for Mercury. By contrast, when Mercury or Venus appear from Earth’s perspective to travel behind the Sun (as occurs near today’s Full Moon), the term Superior conjunction applies. 

Inferior conjunction heralds the coming appearance of Venus or Mercury in the eastern sky before sunrise; superior conjunction announces a western sky appearance in the offing after sunset (May 24 for Venus). Morning sky placement points to something new; evening sky placement is a time of maturation from what has been acquired or learned during the morning phase. So with that as a backdrop, here is the Full Moon chart:

Breaking It Down:

1 - Sun, Chiron, Venus in Aries opposing Moon in Libra:
Aries vs Libra opposition points to an introspection about how one’s integrity (Aries individuation) matches up against creating harmony with others (Libra). Both sides of this equation are important. Add transiting Venus at superior conjunction (love, values/self-esteem) along with Chiron (wounding/healing) to the Aries energetic mix and the question of integrity/harmony further reveals challenges you have experienced during those times when your sense of self along with your values (integrity) have been at odds with the desires, orders or demands of others. 

Venus Star Pentagram: this term has found its way of late into the broader consciousness. Venus’ passage from inferior conjunction (Venus between Earth and the Sun) to superior conjunction (Venus behind the Sun such as today) back to inferior conjunction ( occurs 5 times over an 8-year period or every 18 months or so. These 5 inferior conjunctions to the Sun form a geometric star pentagram pattern that shifts by 1 to 2° at each 8-year mark. Over a very long period of time, this evolving geometry reveals a spiraling motion within this pentagram pattern. Rather remarkable and mystical how Venus’ orbital motion creates such symmetry and beauty. Here's a good video illustration of this spiraling motion.

The last Venus retrograde (inferior conjunction) was May/June of 2020 in engaging, playful, spontaneous Gemini. However, that cycle began in direct square to Neptune in Pisces. Such combination ushered the coming intensity for the 2nd half of 2020 fueled by an intense viral spread (Neptune rules the unseen, including viral and bacterial influences). 

Venus now at the midway point (superior conjunction) to its next retrograde come December and inferior conjunction January 9, 2022 sets the energetic stage for reflection about the past 11 months and the significant changes that have occurred in your life and throughout the world. Quite telling too this superior conjunction occurs at the same Aries degree as the March 2001 Venus inferior conjunction. This along with the next two 8-year Aries intervals in 2009 and 2017 represented significant periods of strong and substantial change. 

While I don't usually ascribe much weight to Venus or Mercury's superior conjunction as I do their inferior conjunction retrogrades, today’s triple Aries conjunction is certainly a pay attention moment, especially given the divisive polarity of these times and the social, economic and health challenges now faced by many people. Also, this Full Moon dynamic augurs more uncertainty in the coming months in the realm of meaningful relationships in your life.

Using my astrological interpretation guide (you can download a copy here) along with your natal chart (if you don't have one, you can obtain a free chart here), you can further distill this Full Moon's influence by understanding the symbolic nature and placement of your natal Venus together with the area of your chart influenced by this Aries intensity. Knowledge and awareness is power.

2 - Grand Air Trine - includes Moon in Libra; Saturn in Aquarius, Mars/North Lunar Node in Gemini. Any trine (120° between 2 related elemental signs) requires some sort of conscious action to activate its dynamic. A grand trine involves 3 planetary aspects each 120° from the other 2 members. Today’s grand trine is in the element of air. This implies communication of knowledge, thoughts and ideas. Of its members: Moon carries the emotional message, Saturn the structural or organizational part, and Mars reflects the action required. What complicates this otherwise beneficial geometry are the two squares and quincunx associated with Uranus (unexpected change), Mercury (communication) and Neptune (soul mandate).

3 - 1st square - Saturn vs Uranus: as mentioned in other recent blogs, Saturn in Aquarius in square to Uranus in Taurus is a potent 20-year cycle last triggered in 2000-01. Saturn wants certainty; progressive Uranus thrives on change and chaos. This push/pull energy can be seen in the US social dynamics of progressive ideals and forward movement vs conservative retrenchment and restrictions. Further Uranus in Taurus creates a strong quincunx (think paradox) with the Moon in Libra (annotation #4) implying significant progressive changes can actually create a more harmonious flow. Meanwhile…

3 - In the second square, Mercury/Neptune in Pisces squares Mars/North Node in Gemini - the New Moon earlier this month was strongly Pisces oriented. Now, Mercury moves into the same degree area. Mercury, in general fuels communication and movement of energy through thoughts, ideas and perspectives. In its Piscean passage, it evokes the soul mandate of Neptune, including our connection to the natural world, which stands in stark contrast to free-spirited and action oriented Mars in Gemini. A vivid example of such contrast is the very recent grounding of the world's largest container ship (size of the Empire State Building in New York) by the wind effects (air element) of a sand storm in Egypt's narrow Suez Canal. That blockage of this very busy shipping lane has literally brought shipping commerce in that part of the world to a halt. The global rippling effect will be felt over the next few weeks. Such an event is another potent reminder how the natural world always has the last say when it comes to human evolution and desired action. While astrological cycles do not predict such specific events, they certainly forecast the energetic dynamics that influence choices, behaviors and actions. 

Hence, these two squares and quincunx by earth and water elementals are significant “buts” to the otherwise harmonious flow of a grand air trine. In the context of this Full Moon’s overall introspection, and contrary to Aries’ otherwise full speed ahead mojo, this Full Moon slows down the energy, setting the stage for the next two Full Moons in Scorpio (April 26/27) and Sagittarius (May 26). 

These coming two Full Moons are considered a Super Full Moon (Moon at perigee near the Full Moon timing). Hence the Moon will appear larger than usual in the sky and feel more amplified than usual. The second Full Moon will also be a total lunar eclipse of rather very short duration (14 minutes) visible around the Pacific basin. Lunar or Solar eclipses are pay attention moments and can prove intense. Hence, by the end of May, the energetic buildup initiated at this Libra Full Moon is leading to a very potent Sagittarian introspection around your spiritual connection to your life path, its evolution and opportunities, and its soul-driven quest for meaningful freedom not only for this year, but for the decade ahead.

Questions for this Full Moon:

What does relationship mean to me in my life?

In what areas can I strengthen my integrity relating to others?

How can I strengthen my relationship with the natural world?

What parts of my psyche are ready to reveal new aspects of my inner self?

Conclusion: the strong Aries vibe at this lunation is atypical. Aries is usually quite action/achievement oriented and quite the initiator. However, given this lunation’s strong squares and quincunx, plus the movement of Venus and the Sun over the coming few weeks across the very ground of the recent 2020 Mars retrograde in Aries, a slow down of momentum seems to be in the offing in preparation for powerful shifts and changes in the latter part of April into June.

When I set out my perspective of 2021 in this blog, I wrote the first half of 2021 would be a strong indicator for how the 2nd half of the year would unfold. As we near that halfway point, you are offered at this lunation an opportunity to reevaluate actions you want to take in the coming months to create clarity, enhance your inner and outer resources, strengthen your physical body, and decide the various steps you are ready to take to help you further embrace meaningful change. As always, your natal chart is a powerful guide at this introspection point. May we all choose wisely in the days ahead.

Comments are welcomed below. 

Next blog: a bigger perspective - some of my favorite aerial photos.

Sat Nam

Joseph Mina

March 28, 2021

Stellenbosch, South Africa