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Leo Full Moon: Planetary cycles of 2021- endings & beginnings

 "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek"
Joseph Campbell

"What you seek is seeking you"

Leo Full Moon 2021
Graphic design by Joseph Mina
Powerful words, especially in this age of seeking. And 2021 represents a seeking year: as the dust of 2020 settles, it's the beginning of a journey to redefine you and your place and purpose on planet Earth.

Before I start this review of the 2021 astrological cycles, there are two items I want to mention:

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Secondly, a live Zoom to discuss the 2021 transits and what I see as the energetic flow for the year has been on my cosmic to do list. However, slow internet complications on my end (at the moment I live in a rural area in South Africa's Western Cape) requires I find another location with better internet access. But that's further complicated now by time constraints imposed by the South African government (a 9p to 5a pandemic-related curfew in effect through at least Feb 15). This makes for a very narrow window for creating a live Zoom event that works for USA time zones (South Africa is 7 hours ahead of the East Coast US) without running afoul of the curfew. If Hawaii is considered (12 hour difference), 6:30 pm my time would be the latest start time. That's 11:30 am on the East Coast etc. I may have found a suitable location within that time window. Working out logistics now, which I'll announce as soon as I hear back from my friend. If that door doesn't open, I'll pre-record my deeper perspectives about 2021 and beyond, then provide a link via this blog. Either way, I shall prevail (he said with deep conviction to a Universe that enjoys paradoxical humor!

And now on to 2021:

A new calendar year usually ushers in a wave of strong desire for dreams and hopes (that seeking thing!) and best wishes for an uplifting year. That is especially true as we emerge slowly into a world vastly different than just a year ago. While I have been saying "intense" for a number of years leading to 2020, viral spread as a catalyst was not on my top 3 list. Yet in retrospect, of course the Universe would employ something unseen to deliver such a massive message of change and reorganization. 

And while the overall planetary transit cycles for 2021 are less intense than 2020, they nonetheless express their influence upon an energetic field significantly altered by 2020 and prior events. We are treading new ground here for 2021 and beyond on a rapidly shifting and unpredictable landscape. This is the type of energetic field where growth and opportunity are most potent, and chaos and confusion abound. The last New Moon of almost 2 weeks ago in Capricorn mirrors this reality. The coming Leo Full Moon on the 28th will strongly emphasize it.

We are a little over a month passed the December Solstice. That solar standstill heralded a surge of new energy into the energetic field accompanied by Saturn and Jupiter entering future thinking, progressive Aquarius. The last time these two were at the same degree of Aquarius was the years 1345 and 1405. As then, 60 years will pass before the next similar conjunction in Aquarius come 2080. For historical reference, the Black Plague swept Europe in 1345 vastly altering that reality. In 1405 China set sail for the first time to explore the world. 

Back to the present. This building Aquarian wave will be the on-going theme for the year, especially fueling/supporting Aquarius' progressive ideas and ideals. Yet correspondingly, transformative Pluto still has three or so years remaining in Capricorn, which augurs a continuation in 2021 of Capricorn upheaval and possible collapse, as the transforming of all aspects of Capricorn continues, including rules, laws, governance, politics and business. This massive shift is in preparation for Pluto's ingress into Aquarius in 2023/24. 

As an aside, and an indicator of this massive shift, personal responsibility is an important Saturn-like trait in the Capricorn reality, i.e. being held accountable for actions averse to Saturn-type rules and accountability. In the United States, Donald Trump's second impeachment by the US House of Representatives (governance, rules, law) and the coming February US Senate trial (applying justice) strongly mirror this reality, and also strongly mirrors transiting Pluto in opposition to his Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer.

As a broad backdrop, here’s a quick look at the prominent astrological cycles for 2021 influencing the energetic field: 

Mercury Retrograde
Three Mercury Retrogrades in late Jan/Feb, late May/June and late Sept/October, all in air signs - effective communication and the sharing of ideas and beliefs are major themes here in the areas of social justice/equality and technology (Aquarius), sharing of information (Gemini) and meaningful relationships (Libra). Since mid-January, we have been in the shadow of the 1st of the 3 retrograde cycles, which stations retrograde on January 30th through its station direct on February 21.

Two lunar and two solar eclipses: total lunar in May; annual solar in June; partial lunar (nearly total) in November; total solar in early December. 4 eclipses is about the norm for any given year. Sometimes there's but 3, other times 6 to 7. Time and Date is an excellent site for tracking and planning for eclipses.

Three consecutive Super Full Moons starting in April: the middle one being the previously mentioned total lunar eclipse. 

Year-long square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus
(last was in 1999/2000). This intense cycle is amplified in the coming Leo Full Moon on the 28th. This cycle is about endings and beginnings fueled by strong waves of change.

A late-year Venus Retrograde in Capricorn (of course!) conjunct Pluto (double of course!!) at station retrograde, and occurring during an exact square transit between Saturn and Uranus (of course, of course, of course!!!). Venus’ retrograde extends into early 2022, which will imbue a strong influence into 2022 astrological themes. The Leo Full Moon has the same placement of these two. The era of the emerging, empowering feminine is well underway.


Pluto and Neptune orbit comparison
- Building Neptune sextile Pluto - a rather rare association (last exact sextiles between 1976-86; 1950-56; 1844-45; 1536-1540). Pluto's orbit at times is closer to the Sun than Neptune's. Hence, their orbital association is rather unusual and creates these rather extended aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) over vast stretches of time. eg Last Neptune/Pluto conjunction was 1891-92 with its initial influence occurring in 1872; next is 2385. For anyone with an interest in historical events relative to this or other significant astrological associations, have a look here.

Specifics To The Above - Endings & Beginnings:

The coming Leo Full Moon on the 28th is a good template (even a mini version) for potent cycles occurring in 2021. Since the description of such cycles are set out below, I won't dwell on the specifics of this coming Full Moon except to say Venus at this coming lunation is at the exact degree of Pluto in Capricorn, and as mentioned above, will station retrograde come December 19th at the same degree. That signals an intensification and integration of powerful feminine principles into all aspects of Capricorn reality. That's readily evident now given the role women have played in the 2020 election cycle, and positions of authority in the newly emerging government and throughout society. On the US federal level alone, there are now 126 women serving as Senators or Representatives. That's an increase of 21 over 2016 numbers. Much more to come.

In General: the first half of the year carries the stronger energetic impact, as February-April New Moons will feature heightened surges of Aquarius (progressive), Pisces (global) and Aries (new beginnings) planetary transits, respectively. Also a series of 3 powerful consecutive Super Full Moon lunation's, including the May total lunar eclipse, will commence in April. And that's a strong energetic background for...

Jupiter and Saturn transiting through Aquarius during the course of the year. Expect social issues on the global stage to be heightened/magnified. This includes privacy issues, and strong social equality and justice issues too. Look for technological breakthroughs having practical uses (Saturn). Jupiter will move slightly into Pisces between May 14 and July 28, before fully entering Pisces on Dec 29th. That Piscean sampling will augur a time of compassion and global awareness for 2022-23, especially when Pisces' co-rulers meet (Jupiter/Neptune) in April 2022 (last time in Pisces was 1856 when the abolishment of slavery in the US began.) Look for a significant uptick in societal migrations during this Piscean period.

I expect another strong progressive wave of change during 2021 as the clamor for freedom from oppressive rule and dictatorships intensifies in part driven by the Saturn/Uranus challenging square (Saturn desires control/certainty; Uranus clamors for freedom/progressive change and is fueled by chaos) Also, expect a continuation of significant earth-based climate and geological events as Uranus continues its 8-year trek through earth-based Taurus (until 2025-26). This meeting of these archetypal titans will have a strong influence on how...

Pluto in Capricorn adds to the energetic conversation in the coming year. On its own, Pluto is considerably less aspected than 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter transited Capricorn, and Mars in retrograde in Aries created an intense 6-month association. Hence, there ought to be a drop in dark intensity by the time the 2nd half of the year comes around, unless the aforementioned Saturn square Uranus sets off a firestorm of change vs the status quo. If the latter, then the 2nd half of the year will continue the intensity begun in 2020. As previously mentioned, the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn in mid-December at the same degree as Pluto will be a defining theme for 2022.

More to the current moment, the first exact square between Saturn/Uranus on Feb 17, and just as Mercury nears its station direct on the 21st in Aquarius, will be a strong indicator how this Saturn/Uranus transit pattern unfolds over the remainder of the year. Chaotic attempts to overthrow the US government at the US Capitol in early January are one indicator of this building square challenge. There will be others, including virus spread and control. Ultimately something significant will need to shift in the human consciousness towards more progressive Uranus' side of the equation. The election of two Democrats to the US Senate on January 5th and a return to Democratic control of all 3 pillars of government is a strong indicator of this very tilting field of energy. Meanwhile...

Mars has now emerged from its retrograde shadow that began back on July 25th and its apparent movement is picking up speed. This particular Mars retrograde cycle in its home sign of Aries occurred under the umbrella of a global-spreading pandemic alert and in extremely strong square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Global events of the past few months underscore the strong rippling effect of that period.

Mars energy is assertive, can be very intense (depending on its natal sign placement - fire signs and watery Scorpio particularly), thrives on achievement, and wants to blaze new trails. By contrast, whenever Mars moves retrograde, a very inward evaluation and recalibration process ensues relative to Mars’ very traits. 

Further, as I have shared in earlier blogs, it’s rare for Mars to retrograde in its home sign of Aries (last Aries retro transits were in 1941 as World War II was just becoming more intense, and 1988 and the prelude to the 1989 Gulf War).

It would be pure speculation to postulate whether war in parts of the world is in the offing, or will intensity as an outgrowth of this just completed transit cycle. Yet the past two times Mars moved retrograde in its home sign, heightened conflict followed. In present time, conflict can be on a national, social or even personal level. The US Capitol siege poignantly expressed the dark-side release of this very intense, bound up energy. By contrast, the positive side is highly creative, imaginative and ready to break new ground. Always humanities choice.

Now, Mars will infuse the zodiac with this Aries theme until its next retrograde cycle in Gemini come October 2022. Aries is bold, intense (fiery) and impatient too. Right now it is in early degrees of Taurus fully loaded from its Capricorn contrasts with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn. From here on out, inner momentum may become more noticeable (a call to action) depending on other transit aspects relative to your natal chart. On a more social/cultural level, look for strong progressive steps from the new Biden administration and the Democratic-controlled US Congress in the coming days, as well as resistance from Saturn-fueled traditionalists.

Mars remains in Taurus until March 3rd. In Taurus, Mars-type initiative returns for focusing on Earth-related matters, such as world climate, as well as a desire to create beauty, concentrate on self-esteem and decide what you now value. It also brings your attention to the strength and condition of your physical body. This poses a strong question about how you nurture and strengthen your physical form. Given the current pandemic intensity, that's a tall order. Such inner reflection would encompass questions about lifestyle, diet, exercise and personal choices that are influenced by...

A building Neptune sextile Pluto which was activated back in 2018. Neptune/Pluto sextile comes to its fullest expression between 2026 and 2032 when it begins a series of 13 exact sextiles in Aries (Neptune) and Aquarius (Pluto).Slowly separating after 2032, the next exact sextile of these two major archetypes won't take place for another 300 years or so in Aquarius (Neptune)/Aries (Pluto). 

The overall cycle from conjunction to conjunction spans near 500 years with the next conjunction not until the year 2385 in Gemini. So any aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, opposition, trine) points to a particular quality of this much deeper wave of transformative intent and direction.

Best way to think of this dynamic sextile: Pluto = hot water; Neptune = source of the water, both working in tandem. Not many generations have this dynamic in their natal chart. Germane to those now alive: most born between 1976 to 1986 (Libra/Sagittarius to Scorpio/Capricorn) and 1950-56 (Leo/Libra) carry this exact sextile. The previous sextile would have been back in1845. With that energy signature comes a soul mandate that is non-negotiable and aligned with progressive trends.As such, this particular building sextile is literally the fuel of the soul embracing and inspiring the transcendence of our societal structures (Capricorn) through a global transformation (Pisces). In those natal chart having this sextile, its house placements and signs give further definition to its inherent power. I have this placement in the 12th (Pluto/Leo) and 3rd (Neptune/Libra) houses. Writing this blog is one of its expressions.

The shadow side of Neptune/Pluto is conspiracy theories, shadow realms, or anything outside the bounds or what is considered reality. This vibration has taken on added meaning since the sextile was engaged in 2018. If you have strong natal aspects in later mutable and/or cardinal signs (20°+), using discernment/scrutiny relative to any information suggesting nefarious motives is advised.

Neptune rules the unseen, including anything viral. It dissolves silently anything out of alignment with anyone's soul intention and purpose. Placed in strong aspect to Pluto, its directive mandates integrity, depth and purpose. Now in its home sign of Pisces, Neptune widens its scope to all things global, literally embracing all of humanity. By 2032, the days of the Capricorn-fueled Industrial Revolution of the past 2+ centuries will have come to an end, making way for an entirely different world order and societal structure. That the exact sextile occurs in the signs of Aquarius/Aries is indicative of the beginning (Aries) of a powerful progressive (Aquarius) wave emphasizing Pluto's Aquarius transit starting in 2023-24 and ending 2043-44.

Thoughts for Reflection during this current season:

In what areas of my life do I see opportunity this year? 

What sacrifices and/or changes am I willing to make to embrace such opportunity?

How can I better strengthen my body and nurture my soul in the coming days?

How can I create a more meaningful sense of community that enhances the quality of life?

How can I become a progressive force in my community?

Best advice for navigating these cycles in 2021: Stay present, move with awareness, and use a good dose of clarity, fueled by your heart, when making choices. 

Conclusion: Astrology transits are not one-off affairs. They add change, context and growth to the ever evolving mythos of life: much like weaving a tapestry. Hence, 2021’s transit cycles add to what has unfolded in 2020 and prior. Because of an unseen viral messenger, our world is forever changed on all levels. A return to what we once considered normal just won’t happen. The increasing vibration on all levels will demand faster thinking and collaborative strategies. It will also require greater inner physical strength and increased commitment to fulfill your soul’s purpose. The future is not set in stone. We are the creators of our destiny.

Please share your comments below. We all learn from each other's perspective.

Next Update: Taking a break from Astrology writing (a change): my recent photography - Stories behind the images.

Sat Nam
Starman, Joseph Mina
Stellenbosch, South Africa
January 27, 2021

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