Sunday, December 13, 2020

2020 Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse New Moon and the Coming Solstice: Phoenix Rising

“Nations like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.”
Victor Hugo - French poet, novelist and dramatist of the Romantic movement (1802-1885)

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein - Theoretical Physicist (1879-1955)

Greetings from late Spring and the Western Cape of South Africa. 

For anyone who prefers to listen to an audio version of this update, you can listen on-line here.
I recently entered South Africa thanks to the South African government easing international-travelers border restrictions in November. Nonetheless, strict pandemic protocols remain here for border entry and for social interaction. Despite these hurdles, I’m very happy to return to warmer weather and the beauty of South Africa’s natural world.

Perhaps on the minds of many people is a sentiment about the coming end of 2020 and hope for better days in 2021. While that January 1st cross-over date is a product of western-society’s human imagination and an oddly structured calendar, the heralded date represents a societal event triggering many hopes, dreams, commitments, beginnings and endings and a wide array of other cultural events. Remember last January 1 and your thoughts about 2020? Sure seems like years ago!

Yet on the astrological calendar and other oracle based systems, the coming Solstice represents one of the premier events of an astrological year. For this day signals the energetic shift from one season to another, as well as setting the tone/theme for the ensuing season.

This year, the run up to the Solstice and the new season is quite compelling, and not surprisingly, intense. This is already evident in current events.

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We begin with December 14th and the New Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius the Archer. Timing: occurs in South Africa at 6:16 pm; East Coast US at 11:16 am, 8:16a on the West Coast, and on the 22nd in Western Australia east to the International Date Line. As always, everyone will experience this event in the same moment. This the last New Moon of the current season. It also occurs near the South Lunar Nodal point in Sagittarius, triggering the only total solar eclipse of 2020.  

The eclipse track starts in the eastern part of the South Pacific, passes over parts of Chile and Argentina before ending at sunset near the coasts of Namibia/Southern Africa. This potent visual will be available on line. While having nowhere near the same energetic impact as witnessing this grand spectacle live, seeing it through the medium of the internet does connect you more tangibly to the “as above, so below” mysteries that are an intrinsic mystical glue in the Universe. Here in the western part of South Africa, the sun will be 60% eclipsed at sunset. Of the many sky events I have witnessed, never before have I seen a setting eclipsed Sun. I’ll post a pic on my Instagram account on Tuesday.

A total solar eclipse is a strong harbinger of coming events. It signals an introspective and reflective period over the next few months, as well as placing a strong emphasis on that lunation’s overall theme. Also, it's not uncommon for strong earth changes such as storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc. to occur during the two weeks after a total solar eclipse. Before I get to specifics about the New Moon and coming Solstice, I want to direct my focus to…

The completion of Mars' retrograde cycle in its home sign of Aries (a rare retrograde placement for Mars). As Mars slowly transits from its station direct point of November 13th (just a month ago, although it sure seems longer!!), it now creates once again strong angular aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This cycle has unsurprisingly proven to be quite the intense period of change and limitation. And equally, it's one of the more profound cycles I have tracked on a global, social and personal level since Pluto entered Capricorn 12 years ago.

To avoid going over the very same ground about the planetary patterns involving Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto I covered in earlier blogs, I encourage you to reread my blog of July 21st, especially the part about Mars’ retrograde and the coming together of the outer planets. Much of what I shared there has come to pass. Yet amazingly, the most intense phase of this pent up retrograde energy is about to occur over the next 3 weeks. 

Intense times requires introspection, measured responses, clarity of purpose and courage. It’s a profound time of growth, uneasiness, determination, and a willingness to re-attune/realign with your soul’s calling and your defined life path as set out in your natal chart.

Which brings me to the current moment: on November 29th, Mars, ever so slowly coming out of its retrograde, began an expanding closing square with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (think of a tightening vice). That building energy now continues to intensity through this New Moon eclipse while increasing more so as the Solstice nears a week later. In short, just as a weather forecast tells you a storm is brewing, expect turbulent times over the next few weeks.
AstroActivator© by Kathryn Andren
On the Solstice, Mars in Aries will reach an exact square with Pluto in Capricorn (it’s third and last square since early August). This intensity continues until Mars leaves its home sign for earthly Taurus on January 7th. Donald Trump’s difficult Saturn/Venus natal conjunction in the sign of Cancer has been heavily aspected by this melt-down effect. His response/actions to this intensity speaks for itself - sort of swinging at shadows in a dimly lit room.

Because the Mars/Pluto focus here is the very awkward exchange between Aries (starting something new, achievement, assertive, aggressive) and Capricorn (politics, law, rules, organization, business), this particular square dynamic further sharpens the contrast or critical tension between these two forces. Add a strong Neptune sextile to Pluto from the realm of Pisces, and confusion about facts and reality itself can abound. For example, the wide array of assertions about the US elections and alleged fraud that now dominate the news cycles are a product of this mix. Remember too, Mercury stationed direct exactly on the US election day. Ergo, never underestimate the Universe's propensity to change the course of plans, organizations, structures and initiatives.

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, it signaled the beginning of a massive shift from the Capricorn-based Industrial Revolution to a more Aquarian-type reality. Yet, that shift doesn’t happen in one moment. There’s a process that unfolds over time.  For example, in 1776, the American Revolution occurred as Pluto positioned at the very end degrees of Capricorn. In 1777, Pluto moved into Aquarius. 12 years later, the French Revolution occurred. As with the birth of any progressive or social movement signaling great change, there exist strong social adjustments in the human element whose combined actions are quite unpredictable. We are in that era of strong unscripted adjustments, which will continue well into the next decade. 

Pluto-type transformative purges begin by demonstrating what exactly will change. In 2008 the great economic collapse occurred. It was also the year Barrack Obama was elected US President. Such events are symbols of the old Capricorn and the new Aquarius rather than the structure itself or even the person exemplifying the new wave.
The next phase of a Pluto-type transformation is expansion, contraction, expansion etc, much like a bubble growing in size, bursting, then increasing again. We witness that today in the world stock markets. Everyone knows the bubble will eventually pop when it reaches a critical tension point. The bigger and more ambiguous question is “when?”.

Current events on a global scale reflect the continued eventual implosion of all things “old Capricorn”, making way for a very different world. Some call it the coming of the Age of Aquarius. But doing so widely misses the mark. 

Archetypal Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius (in part 2023/fully 2024) brings a lot of power into the water-bearer sign. I think it is a huge fallacy to believe such a period represents the grand merging of the collective into some utopian age (similar to beliefs shared back at December 12, 2012). Rather, the broader Aquarius themes of social justice, social equality, technology, progressive thinking etc. are the hot-button topics that will become more intense because of archetypal Pluto’s influence starting in 2023, Aquarius' rulers Uranus in Taurus through 2025, Saturn in Aquarius through 2023, and Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021. 

Remember, Pluto dynamics fuel a purging and eventual transformation of any individual's life at a personal, social and generational level into something unexpected and upgraded. It's akin to the Phoenix rising from the ashes in a wholly new and unanticipated form. Importantly, younger generations (born after the mid-90’s when Uranus entered its home sign of Aquarius) are energetically wired for these profound unfolding changes. And the expression of their collective energy will be an inherent part of these shifts. This is evident already in the actions of teens and young adults, such as 17 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg in Finland. And there are many more like her in this generational range.

At this moment, I think it somewhat speculative to predict how current events will unfold over the coming weeks and into the season ahead. However, if the current US Presidential legal and political challenges, England and the European Union’s Brexit woes, world economic headwinds, an awakening China, global social unrest, spectacular technological achievements, the pandemic resurgence around the globe as well as the rush to provide a vaccine are any indication, these trends and related other events will continue to be a significant focus over at least the next three to six months due to the New Moon’s eclipse influence. More so, these trends will set the stage for Pluto’s final passage in Capricorn in 2023 and what is to unfold during Pluto’s passage in Aquarius through 2043.

Lastly, on January 2nd, Mars leaves the retrograde shadow it entered on July 25th, which should further free up the stagnant/restrained energy that has been part of the retrograde cycle for the past 5 months. How will society utilize this pent up energy remains to be seen.
On a personal level, what have you learned, or discovered about yourself over that period? For me, it has been a deepening of trust, allowing, and a willingness to move where the energy feels most fluid and engaging.

That Mars will soon enter Taurus indicates its Aries retrograde learning will be best applied to the Taurus qualities of self esteem, what you value, possessions, money and the physical strength of the human body. The 5-month retrograde period represents a foundation for such focus. Yes, 2020 has been stressful, yet it has abruptly stopped the world society in its tracks to ponder what type of future we want to create, especially one in harmony with the planet’s natural forces and environment. And most especially, this stopage poses the question about what are we willing to do as a world society to effect such massive change in our life styles.

With all that said…

  1. this coming eclipsed New Moon occurs in fiery Sagittarius, positioning near Galactic Center and Mercury and in square to Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarius quests for the truth. Its shadow influence in square to Neptune creates a stark yet nebulous contrast between what is actually fact as a basis for truth (Sagittarius’ quest) versus what is conspiracy-driven illusions and deceptions (Neptune’s shadow foray). That Mercury positions in the glare of the Sun and in square to Neptune indicates clear communication is strongly challenged in the coming days. Further, this dichotomy occurs against the backdrop of the aforementioned closing square between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These combinations set the stage for…
  2. the Solstice arriving on the 21st at just past noon in South Africa; 5:02 am on the East Coast US, 2:02 am on the US West Coast, and 10:02 GMT. In addition to Mars/Pluto square, both Sun and Mercury position at 0° of Capricorn, and Jupiter and Saturn at 0° of Aquarius. Here, effective communication is challenged in the coming days due to Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun. Further, Venus in Sagittarius finds renewed individuated, fearless strength in its trine to Chiron (healing) in Aries. At the New Moon Venus positioned at the very end degrees of Scorpio. She now brings that Plutonian quality into her Sagittarian quest for truth regardless of the consequences. Lastly, the Moon in Pisces at first quarter, creates a direct sextile to Pluto while in square to the previous eclipsed New Moon. These aspects bring a renewed focus to the plight of humanities less fortunate, and an urgent need to find greater compassion through strength with our fellow humans. It also is a portal for connecting with your soul essence (Neptune) through quiet, meditative time. As an overall theme, this Solstice period raises the bar for steps society must take to become more humanistic, compassionate and inclusive in the coming years. And to further clarify this Solstice theme, the “as above, so below visual” of… 
    Saturn/Jupiter nearly merging visually
    in the western sky after sunset on the Solstice (as close as they have been (1/10°
    ) since the 1600’s) stands as a moving symbol for the days ahead. Given Saturn’s much dimmer appearance (due to its significantly greater distance beyond Jupiter), you will probably need binoculars to appreciate the apparent closeness of these two planets. Also visually, this will not be a “Star of Bethlehem moment” as some have suggested. Even combined, Jupiter/Saturn’s brightness will not come close to say Venus’ usual brightness. Also look for the waxing crescent Moon to create a tight triangle with this duo on the 17th adding a lot of emotional energy to the day. Energetically, this combination of Saturn/Jupiter...
  4. immediately triggers a strong square with out-of-the-blue, lightning-bolt like Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus. From an astrological perspective, that square cycle portends strong Earth changes (Taurus) possibly involving climate and/or solar dynamics, and a heightened Aquarius focus (Jupiter expands) towards current social inequities around the globe. In that regard it helps to look back a bit when… 
  5. Saturn entered Aquarius for 3 months this past March and created a square dynamic with Uranus without expansive Jupiter in the mix. That period was a time of global social demonstrations unlike anything seen since the mid-to-late 1960’s and the Virgo conjunction of Uranus/Pluto. The unified power of the people brought a defining focus to issues of self-worth, values, social justice and equality as well as a fair degree of mayhem. The coming period of reigniting that flame represents a strong indicator of what to expect in general from Saturn’s Aquarius transit through March 2023. Given Jupiter’s expansive energy joining this cycle in its initial stages, and in square to Uranus, strong shifts and some upheaval in 2021 are strong possibilities. And in all respects remember…
  6. specific astrological events, such as Saturn/Jupiter combined ingress into Aquarius on the Solstice, are not islands unto themselves. Astrology is an understanding of the entire picture that involves all the component parts of the astrological realm woven into broad and grand themes whether it is an event such as a lunation or solstice etc., or your own natal chart. Focusing on just one aspect instead of the whole is akin to telling someone you are a Libra because you were born when the Sun was transiting that sign. By saying such, you are literally ignoring the overall essence and life path you were born to experience and share with the world through your gifts and talents.
 Eclipsed New Moon design by
Joseph Mina
Reflection Suggestions for the New Moon and Solstice periods:

- What do I want to create in the coming season that aligns with my deeper soul intentions? 

What do I most value in life, and how do I want to express those values in the coming days?

- How can I strengthen my body-core energies now into 2021 to better align with the Earth's rapidly changing vibration? 

- And for parents raising children, how can I help my child do the same? 

When I set out to write this blog, I intended to keep it short. Ha! But quickly, I realized that the complexity of the current transits required a more detailed explanation: a shortened version would simply not make sense. 
And while I would like to write about an expansive, uplifting focus for the coming year, the current planetary cycles, just like a year ago, simply do not support such a perspective. Rather, the coming twelve months are much more of a reorganizational and reevaluation phase as we move further from the intensity of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Nonetheless, important growth, meaningful choices and a call to purposeful service await in the coming year. In that respect, I encourage you to make worthwhile commitments at the Solstice for the coming season and beyond. This is the time for which we have been born. May we serve the highest purpose of all concerned.

And in the spirit of service, patriot and retired Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, who was the first pilot to break the sound barrier in level flight and set a world speed record in flight, died on December 7 at the age of 97. His courage to face adversity in flight is renowned. When confronted with death as his jet shook relentlessly nearing the sound barrier, he increased his speed with the words "throttle up". The rest is history. With his Mars in Aries, and an Aquarian Sun and Moon, he certainly had the energetic right stuff to go beyond the barriers presented by the Earth's physical elements. May this galactic warrior serve in new and creative ways in his next assignment. RIP.

I welcome your comments below.

Many blessings for this holiday season.

Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina

December 13, 2020

Stellenbosch, South Africa


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