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Scorpio New Moon: Mars stations direct unleashing the beast

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche - 
Philosopher, Composer, Poet, and Philologist (1844-1900)

“It can be a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.”
Hiromu Arakawa - Japanese Manga Artist - (1973 -

"Moving into higher vibrations requires more energy. It is essential in the 21st Century the biofield (physical body) has sufficient energetic resources to serve as a strong foundation for higher energetic thoughts and connection to one's soul essence." 
Donnie Epstein, Founder of Network Spinal (1953 - )

Greetings from the East Coast, United States near Philadelphia
Destination Anywhere and Everywhere
Chicago O'Hare Airport - Terminal 1 passenger tunnel
by Joseph Mina Oct 2020
Perhaps one of the quotes to start this blog should have been "the best laid plans of mice and men....": a theme quite emblematic for 2020. Yet with any small or significant change, chaos or confusion is a prime ingredient and activator for something new; something different; and perhaps something game changing or ground breaking. And that requires energy. A lot of it.

At this Scorpio New Moon the focus shifts to life force, the very fuel we call energy.

New Moon arrives on the 15th shortly after midnight on the East Coast, US; 5:09 UTC. Any time zone to the west of EST to the International Date Line registers the New Moon on the 14th. The New Moon theme set out below is expressed over the coming two weeks.

The water sign of Scorpio focuses on the deepest depths of human interactions. Its qualities includes shared resources, trust, intimacy, and death/rebirth. And not surprisingly, its energy pattern is fueled by life force; that vital vibration that inspires, animates, incites and motivates us. 

This is the 4th and last perigee Moon (Super Moon) of 2020, and hence arrives with added energy (as if we needed more)! However, as this New Moon in Scorpio follows the Taurus Full Moon of late October, it further activates the theme of that Full Moon. But before I explain that part, know the switch from "New Moon preceding Full Moon" to "Full Moon preceding New Moon" began in August and continues now until next August when the bigger lunation cycle switches back to Full follows New.  

At this New Moon, the recent Taurus Full Moon theme emphasizes Uranian-type changes (surprising/unexpected/out-of-the-blue/progressive) in the Earth's vibration along with our connected physical body to this greater paradigm, eg the shock of the Corona Virus. It also points to the importance of integrity in our relationships with others. This theme influence remains in effect until later January. It's then Mars finally leaves Aries for Taurus (6th) leading to a conjunction with Uranus on the 20th in square to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius. I'll write about that meeting in January. And speaking of potent Mars....

AstroActivator© by Kathryn Andren

Yesterday, archetypal Mars stationed direct motion after what seemed like an eternal retrograde. At either station retrograde or direct, planetary energy stalls and intensifies (think of a pressure cooker). Then ever so slowly, the motion resumes in the opposite direction e.g. the swinging of a pendulum. 

Most Mars retrogrades (every 30 months or so) are periods of constrained or limited energy, which is the reversal of archetypal Mars' normal energy expression. If you are feeling constrained of late, this Mars cycle may be quite active in your natal chart.  

Typically, a Mars energetic vibe likes to be assertive, bold, courageous, determined etc. in alignment with the qualities of the astrological sign it transits. Yet, Mars' retrograde period is the very antithesis of these typical qualities. Here, its energetic expression becomes an internal pause, a time of reflection and reorganizational period before the big exhale begins anew with forward movement. Yesterday marks the start of that big exhale (rather slowly at first), and as mentioned above will be in play through at least early to mid January. 

This particular Mars retrograde though has been quite unique for a few reasons: 

1. Home Sign: Mars stationed retrograde in its home sign of assertive, bold, courageous, impulsive Aries back in September. Such happens infrequently in Mars' home sign (last cycles in Aries were in 1941 and 1988). Anytime a planet transits its home sign the energy of that sign becomes further amplified. At the Taurus Full Moon, 4 planets (Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mars) were transiting their home sign. It's no wonder late October into early November felt so intense. Further, a retrograde in that sign triggers even greater intensity due to the protracted time of the transit. In Mars case its retrograde period spans June 27, 2020, when it entered Aries to Jan 6 2021, when it leaves Aries for Taurus.
2. Visually Bright: In the sky story, this year's opposition in early October was the second brightest visual of Mars since 2003 (2018's was slightly brighter). Mars won't be this bright again until 2035. It's brilliant ruddy color transiting the night sky was a memorable sight, rivaling only Venus and the Moon in its luminance. 
3. Continuation: The last Mars retrograde in 2018 in late June>August started in progressive Aquarius back into late Capricorn. In the US, this augured the progressive (Aquarius) blue wave evident in the subsequent 2018 November elections and its focus on dismantling/melting down Capricorn's outdated rules, structure, politics and business for a more progressive agenda.
4. Intensity: This Mars Retrograde began in late degrees Aries and began in square to its 2018 station direct position in Capricorn. Events over the past two months fueled by a pandemic that won't let up, a very intense election cycle in the US (future vs past), along with a protracted dispute about election integrity/fraud speak to the strong energetic restraint at the moment around new opportunities, forward progress and initiatives that are progressively envisioned.

As an experiment for future media endeavors, I created a video about the Taurus Full Moon with the assistance of my friend Cara Reynolds from Vancouver, Canada. Alas, with every intention to release the video in late October, I encountered unanticipated computer  processing problems (no surprise there 😉). Further, a spontaneously planned week in the Sun at the New Jersey shore in early November (it was heavenly) put a big temporary dent in any remaining initiative I had to finish this project (Mars and Mercury retrograde were seeing to it!). Hence, it's only now that I am releasing the video. Nonetheless, its content about the Taurus Full Moon is quite pertinent to current events and what lies ahead in the coming weeks. Have a watch here:

Taurus Full Moon

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Back to the Scorpio New Moon

The Sensor,
Voyager Tarot
James Wanless, PhD

Other dynamic aspects of this New Moon vibration over the next two weeks include:

1. Venus in Libra in direct square to Jupiter/Pluto and close square to Saturn in Capricorn. This signals a time to reflect on personal, work, and friend relationships (Libra) and whether they are in alignment with your evolving self. This represents one of the Taurus Full Moon themes too.

2. Sun/Moon in Scorpio create a 60 degree sextile with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and a trine to Neptune in Pisces further intensifying that on-going trio's influence on melting down/altering all things Capricorn (rules, structure, politics, governance, business), and all things hidden, e.g. viral (Neptune in Pisces).

3. Mercury in Scorpio
(soon leaving its retrograde shadow on Nov 19) opposite Uranus in Taurus speaks to more information from the depths (Scorpio) unexpectedly coming to the fore about on-going earth and physical body changes, including virus information.

Reflection suggestions for this New Moon:

1. What does my physical body want me to know?
2. How can I strengthen my physical body?
3. Are there relationships in my life that no longer align with my values and desires? If so, what steps am I ready to take to create meaningful change or even closure?
4. Now is a potent time to reflect on 2021 and what you would like to manifest/create based on your 2020 experiences to date. Vision board is one type of medium. Be creative here. Let your passion be your guide.

Coming personal and business changes: 

Core Activation
Core Activation
design by Joseph Mina
and Alaya Rousseau

I expect to return to South Africa in early December where summer awaits me. And in this moment inTolkien's words "and wither then I cannot say". Much depends on how the bigger societal picture evolves, especially relative to national border policies, social distancing, and economic flow. 

Further, this blog entry represents the last one at this blogger page along with its related archives dating back to 2007. I am beginning a new Starman Astrology blog page under the name of my new web site: Core Activation. In turn, come early 2021 that blog page will switch from Google's Blogger to Word Press to coincide with the debut of my new web site.


I welcome your comments below.

The coming two United States Senate elections in the state of Georgia occur on

Phoenix Rising
January 5th, just 3 days after Mars leaves its retrograde shadow and a day before it enters Taurus. The theme for that January 5 chart points to an opportunity for significant change. If the Democratic party were to win both races, they would be the majority party in both houses of the US Congress. Such a change would have wide implications that go well beyond the US borders. As with anything, progressive change requires progressive action and more energy than usual. As its counter-point, apathy fuels a continuation of the status quo. The choice is ours and ours alone.

If anything has been learned from the 2020 pandemic, doing nothing is no longer a viable option. Regardless of who you voted for, the record vote turnout in the recent US elections points to a much more engaged country populace than ever seen before. The same holds true for many other countries in the world. And in my opinion, that's a good thing. Power to the people!

As Jupiter (19th) and Saturn (17th) begin moving from Capricorn towards their Aquarius ingress in mid-December, further emphasis on progressive ideas and initiatives will continue to increase and strengthen. In that vein, the traditional world we once knew, the day-to-day social interaction/functions, and traditional global alliances are rapidly changing. In fact, huge social changes being seeded currently will become more and more evident as Pluto completes its epic 15 year transit of Capricorn in 2023. 

Remember, it's been only 28 years since the use of personal computers and cell phones began to spread through the general public. Amazingly, children born at that time (now going through their first Saturn Return!) through the present have little, if any understanding of the world that existed in the 1980's and prior. Their world of social media, progressive ideals, and gender equality and acceptance is what is most important to many now in their teens and twenty's. And in that way, the Universe through the endless march of generations has shown us the potential future for a more progressive, interconnected and viable world society. 

Is humanity ready to make such a significant leap? Younger generations have readily said YES! And therein lies the future. There's really no going back. In the courageous words of Chuck Yeager back in 1947, he uttered "throttle up" when facing potential air disaster while attempting to break the sound barrier for the first time. At that critical moment his aircraft shook violently, then passed into silence as he moved through that barrier. Previous attempts by others to exceed the speed of sound all came to the same extreme oscillating moment, and they all pulled back. Death was usually the result. Quite telling. Now retired General Yeager knew in that moment what had not worked (pulling back). His only option was to "throttle up". 

This is such a telling lesson for those taking leaps of faith along the life path. In times of growth and significant change, courage, determination and trust always surpass safety and stability. Throttle Up!

Next update in December: December Solstice and a look at 2021.

Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina
Malvern, Pennsylvania USA
November 14, 2020 


  1. I copied and pasted, put on facebook page what you wrote about Chuck Yeager. Throttle up, what an inspiration.


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