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Coronavirus: Neptune in Pisces and the Coming Virgo Full Moon

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” Joseph Campbell

Greetings from the Western Cape of South Africa
Western Cape, South Africa
photo by Joseph Mina
It has been a little over a year since I last posted here. I am finally emerging fully from a very strong three- year Neptune-type cycle to my Mercury in Pisces (communication) and Saturn in Virgo (structure), which has altered my communication and empathic abilities, perspectives about life, enhanced my photographic skills, and elevated the astrological and bodywork skills I share with others. It also inspired my transient move to the Western Cape of South Africa. It's affirming to now emerge from Neptune's fog-like influences with a much clearer understanding of my next steps on this life journey.

Neptune transits are challenging for anyone due to their lack of specifics and direction. Archetypal Neptune also rules the realm of the unseen, including bacteria and viruses. Personal Neptune transits convey deep spiritual meanings and guidance that is beyond the realm of rational thought and the seen. Literally it is the messenger revealing our soul-collective mandates for humanity's evolution. And, depending on an individual's circumstances and soul mandate, can be a period of delusion, depression and strong confusion.

Since June of last year, Neptune has been in strong supportive aspect with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and most recently the January Capricorn surge (see Full Moon chart below). 

This potent, trans-generational archetype, rules the mystical sign of Pisces. Its epic, once-in-a-lifetime transit of its home sign that commenced in 2011 and completes in 2027 (occurs every 165 years or so) has strongly amplified Pisces' themes such as compassion and empathy (or lack thereof), spirituality, water (including intense storms/drought and climate shifts), music, imagery, illusion and delusion including drugs, the primal natural-world vibe, and humanity's global evolution. And we still have seven more years to go!

Now just half-way through its Piscean journey, Neptune lines up in direct opposition with the coming Virgo Full Moon on March 9th. Most of the planetary aspects at Full Moon are contained like book ends between the South Node in Capricorn (the coming end of the Industrial Revolution model) and Venus/Uranus in Taurus (the coming Aquarian age (Uranus) and deeper connection to the Earth (Venus/Taurus). In between those end points is a very potent mix of energies spanning just 4 signs. This intensity has been in play since early January. Children born recently under this configuration are here to create epic changes in the coming years.

Further, to emphasize how its influence highlights Neptune's dance with the illusion of time, this Full Moon connection occurs the day after the switch to daylight time in the US and Canada.

In short, such a strong Full Moon on March 9th will further amplify world-wide concerns now surfacing about the Coronavirus. Here, the Moon in Virgo, which focuses on matters of health, occurs just as Mercury stations at direct motion at the very end degrees of Aquarius. This has been quite the Mercury Retrograde (Feb 17-Mar10)! Mercury's Aquarius placement at Full Moon serves as a communication standard bearer and indicator for the coming Aquarian age and its very different Earth/societal dynamics.

A Virus Cell
And as an aside here and germane to the Coronavirus, the actual news beyond China of this mysterious virus and its potential effects occurred as Saturn and Pluto neared exact conjunction in rule-driven Capricorn on December 31 while the Moon transited Pisces. To further underscore this dynamic, a very strong surge of Capricorn energy including a strong Solar eclipse were further energizing the field. Such timing mirrors the serendipity and timing of the Universe...right there!!

Two-years ago I wrote the emerging energetic world script pointed to greater intensity in 2019 and even more in 2020. The 2020 part has occurred just as limiting/structured Saturn has comes into close or exact aspect with transformative Pluto in Capricorn. Intensity on all levels has now become the norm for the time being (they were in opposition on 9/11/2001). These two archetypal dynamos remain in orb until March 22 (just past the equinox), then come close together again in Capricorn between early July and December 17. Yes, we are in for quite the energetic ride over the coming months. 

In all respect, awareness is power. In that vein it is helpful to know certain astrological frequencies are now mirroring an amplification of Earth energies through changing climate and strong Aquarian based societal changes. What lies beyond 2020? I’ll write more about 2021 and beyond potentials in a coming article.

Specific to viruses, recent information about the Coronavirus has been elevated rapidly to world-wide awareness (Pisces) during the Pisces part of the current Mercury retrograde. This has triggered deep fears, which has seen powerful rippling/adverse effects in the world's financial markets (Capricorn). In Neptunian fashion, this dream has become a nightmare for governments (Capricorn) attempting to control/contain/deal with a viral outbreak.

So who do you believe? What do you believe? Stay informed and use reputable news sources. The illusion of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram memes would not necessarily fall under the reputable category. 

And most importantly, are you at danger of contracting the virus? Well, yes and no. Depends on circumstances and your state of health. Recently, I wrote an article about the important role viruses and bacteria play in the Earth's circle of life including their transformative effects.
On The March: Zimbabwe 2019
photo by Joseph Mina
A Brief Look Down The Energetic Hallway

As transformative Pluto and rule-driven Saturn complete their final passages through Capricorn (Pluto first entered Capricorn during the financial disruptions of 2008), all things Capricorn such as politics, rules, law, business, corporate structures and organizations will undergo further amplification and strong transformative changes over the coming months through 2023. 

In that year, Pluto will move into the sign of Aquarius, working its energetic transformative effects in the realm of future events and technology (including robotics), and most importantly social justice and equality. Saturn by contrast moves into Aquarius this coming March 22, just after the equinox; staying in early degrees Aquarius until July 2 when it returns for one-last Capricorn pass and Pluto interaction. 

Saturn's Aquarian passage over the next two-and-a-half years will literally set the energetic stage for Pluto's 20-year transit in 2023-2043 in Aquarius, as it redefines the societal rules and structures that will prevail in the coming years.

Now is the time to energetically prepare for this huge energetic surge by strengthening your body and attuning to your spirit and its life-mandates. The last time Pluto transited Aquarius was just after the American Revolution of 1776. History is a great reminder, teacher and guide. In the 21st Century, that guidance becomes all the more important for the continued health and well-being of all people.

Lastly, strong cycles will unfold later this year as Venus retrogrades Gemini in May/June (replaying its epic Sun transit vibration of 2004 and 2012), and Mars will retrograde in Aries in Sept/Nov, including the US Presidential elections, which occurs during Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Stay tuned!!!

Exciting Coming Event:

Power Of Presence Hawaii Retreat - September 2020
South Kona Coast and City of Refuge
photo by Joseph Mina
My partner Charissa Rousseau and I are offering a 10-day Hawaii Retreat this coming September on Hawaii's Kona Coast on Big Island. This Retreat occurs during a potent Mars retrograde in Aries. Mars is about taking action and starting new endeavors. Its retrograde period is the perfect time to go within to seed those very energies.

To assist you, we have planned five group bodywork sessions, guided interactions with Hawaii's dolphins, guided meditations attuning to the light-bridge connecting Africa massive and wise elephants and animals with Hawaii's cetaceans, and yoga and movement. There will be insightful astrological and spiritual discussions, night sky tours, and a deeper connection to Hawaii's culture and temples through the eyes and hearts of local Hawaiian elders. You will also take a transformative day journey to Pele's mystical home at Volcanoes National Park. And in the nurturing department, organically-based catered meals and powerful camaraderie with like-minded souls will provide immense support in your growth and Hawai'i transformation.

All in all, this framework will form a very strong template for this transformative retreat. I'll post more in the coming days about how you can join us for this powerful life-altering experience.

My Life’s Focus of Service
Over the past 28 years, in addition to understanding and working with astrological cycles, I have practiced a body-centered therapy called Quantum Alignment Bodywork. This modality, which continues to evolve in concert with the Earth’s rapid changes, works with the various energetic fields of the body (picture a large bubble surrounding the body). As with my own personal life choices, and the bodywork I receive on a frequent basis, my intention behind my work is to add strength and depth to the body’s energetic field, rather than stopping body’s symptoms. Quality of life is paramount to me rather than a focus on longevity.
Sunset Group Bodywork Session - Hawaii
photo by Joseph Mina
Further, upgrading the body’s various energetic strategies has now become paramount to match and become in tune to this rapidly changing 21st century vibration. It logically follows: the stronger and more energized the body functions, the greater the opportunity to make healthier and more creative life-giving/receiving choices for everyone. Healthy people always make healthy choices.

In my bodywork sessions, I work specifically with a person’s overall energetic field and related body’s innate intelligences accessing and activating specific combinations of energy meridians and other places of passive tension ready to shift/change. My intention is always to use the least amount of input to create the greatest amount of change, trusting in the body’s innate wisdom to reorganize the energetic fields accordingly. Further, I find working with groups of people, instead of the common one-to-one, much more energetically powerful than anyone could possibly experience by themselves. This mirrors the emerging Aquarian mandate of creating a healthy society through group interaction and collaboration. As such, anytime a healthy energy field is occupied by a like-minded group of people, the potential for a more enriched exchange increases significantly and exponentially.

Service To The World:
Recent Selfie 😎
As I near the ripe young age of 70, I find my love for traveling and sharing both astrological perspectives of this revolutionary time, as well as bodywork sessions with groups of people more and more exciting. Today I feel more energized, more alive and more connected than I did just 20 years ago. The power of frequently receiving powerful bodywork modalities, eating organically, exercise etc. is a lifestyle I passionately embrace.

Since I began offering sessions back in 1992, I have served over 20,000 people. That very thought is quite humbling. Likewise, i am ever grateful to local promoters who contact me for purposes of visiting their community to offer programs, or to work with their retreat group. This type of exchange is always an energy stimulating one for all concerned.

If you are interested in my working with your community or retreat group, or would like an insightful astrological consultation during a very transformative time, please contact me at geminiawakening@mac.com.
Lastly, the name Gemini Awakening, something I created a long time ago with my former partner Kathryn Andren, is finally fading away as Neptune's influence in my chart also wanes. That name will soon be replaced by Core Activation, which best expresses the current energetic pace and higher intention behind the modalities I practice in this emerging Aquarian age. 

I look forward to serving you in new and exciting ways.

Sat Nam

Joseph Mina
Stellenbosch, South Africa
March 5, 2020

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