Friday, June 19, 2020

Solstice June 2020: what in the world is going on???

"For my part I know nothing with certainty but the sight of the stars make me dream" 

- Vincent Van Gough

Greetings Fellow Earthlings and Lovers of the Night Sky

Police brutality protests
Black Lives Matter protest in St. Louis
It’s been quite the chaotic dance since I last wrote in early March. Lockdowns, border restrictions, oodles of information and misinformation, global pandemic spread leading to over 8.5 million infected and near 500,000 related deaths, unprecedented social protests, and a lot of stay-at-home realities triggering massive layoffs, school and business closings and significant social reorganization. And we're not even at the half-way mark of the year1

At the moment I’m residing in the western suburban area of Philadelphia with my younger sister and husband since South Africa’s borders are temporarily closed to tourist and non-residents alike. This is the longest stretch for me in the USA since 2017. Such a different reality here than South Africa. I had thought I’d be in South Africa by now enjoying its extraordinary star-filled winter night sky. But the Universe had other ideas and plans!

So what in the world is going on for the next six months? I’ll state it up front: based on the coming astrological cycles of 2020’s second half, and further fueled by the chaotic intensity from the first half, amplified events await! Yet generational-changing opportunity becomes more available through renewed group focus and intention. 

We are part of an extraordinary shift in consciousness now underway whose social, economic and political ramifications cannot yet be fully understood. This is more evident today than it was in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn and the world financial structures mightly shook. This is fertile virgin ground for significant global changes over the next 10 years.  What is created now will be the catalyst for all that follows.

Societal structures built on the back of slaves over many generations and further institutionalized into various societal and economic structures simply have never worked. Instead their mores have created horrific social problems, and have proven demeaning/degrading to the compassionate humanity resident within everyone. As transformative Pluto nears its Aquarian ingress in 2023, recent global protest events about police racist policies and behaviors, catalyzed by acts of brutality and fueled by an unseen pandemic, signal loudly that there is no going back, and what is to come will make today's events seem rather trivial.

Further amplifying this Aquarian wave, the solstice arrives this coming Saturday (June 20th) at 5:43 pm EDT (9:43pm GMT) and on the 21st from the Middle East to the International Date line. A mere 9 hours later, the new Moon arrives on the 21st (except for the West Coast US west to the International Date line where it will be the 20th) to meet the Sun at the solstice point 0° Cancer. New Moon day also includes an annular eclipse of the Sun, commencing at sunrise near the Congo of central Africa, sweeping across the Middle East, northern India, China and Taiwan before ending at sunset further southeast in the Pacific Ocean. For anyone not in the Moon’s shadow, the event is visible on-line via this YouTube link.

Here's the New Moon chart:

New or Full Moons on the solstice are not rare occurrences. However, having a solar or lunar eclipse on a solstice day does tick the rare box. This year’s solstice solar eclipse is the 3rd of 5 consecutive events where either a partial, annular or total solar eclipse occurs on the June solstice. First two events were in 1982 and 2001; the coming two will be in 2039 and 2058: each 19 years apart. 

Prior to 1982, you would have to go back to 1870 to find a solar eclipse on the solstice. After 2058, the next solar eclipse on the solstice won’t be until 2242 or almost 200 years later. So symbolically, we are at the mid-point of a grand eclipse solstice series spanning 1982 to 2058, or 76 years. 

Annular Solar Eclipse courtesy NASA
Annular Solar Eclipse courtesy NASA
A solar or lunar eclipse (this is the 2nd of 3 consecutive eclipses starting with June’s earlier Full Moon) are pay attention moments. An eclipse portends an intensification of social and geophysical events in the weeks leading up to and after the eclipse. This pattern is particularly magnified when the eclipse occurs at a solstice or equinox point.

For historical purposes: the 1982’s solar eclipse (partial) would represent the energetic door opener to events unfolding over the 76-year period through 2058. In 1982, conflict in the Middle East intensified, President Reagan’s completed his first term, Prince William of England was born on that June solstice, and US banking system laws were radically changed to allow much easier borrowing practices and currency transactions, President Leonid Brezhnev of then Soviet Union died, and the Latin America crisis intensified. These events along with others were pattern activators which continue to ripple across current events.

The events of 2001 speak for themselves. That year included an epic Saturn/Pluto opposition in Gemini/Sagittarius. Also, almost 3-months after the solstice eclipse, September 11 mayhem occurred, changing the world in ways that continue to spin and reorganize.

And here we are now near the mid-point of 2020 with the next 6 months portending a more intense vibration than the first six months. 

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So what’s in store in the current transit cycles?

Well straight away, 5 planetary energies are now in retrograde, including Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. 3 days after the solstice, Neptune turns retrograde with Uranus to follow come mid-August. That's quite a lot of inward energy. Internal energy builds tension patterns much like a volcano building pressure. While Mercury/Venus retrogrades will be short lived, Mars will be longer term as it too turns retrograde in August. Here's more specifics:

1. Mercury Retrograde - Shadow energy started on June 2nd at 5° Cancer; stationed retrograde at 14° Cancer yesterday (17th), stations direct at 5° Cancer on July 12th and leaves the retrograde shadow on July 26th. 14° Cancer is opposite where Saturn in Capricorn stationed direct motion with the Moon’s south node in September, 2019. In short, Mercury’s Cancer themes are vividly revealing where life has not been nurturing, and families and communities have been fragmented, abused and disenfranchised due to heavy-handed Saturnian (law enforcement, politics, corporate behavior) actions. Recent protest underscore the intensity of this vibration.

2. Venus Retrograde stations direct on June 25th at 5° Gemini. Feeling inward ladies? Look no further than the Venus retrograde. That inward directional vibration ought to start lifting come month-end. Certainly a potent time for introspection and renewal.

Venus and its blazing beauty re-enters the morning sky tomorrow (18th) positioning right next to the waning Crescent Moon. Quite the visual and a very rare sight. Venus’ new theme for the next 18 months is Gemini (previous theme established in late 2018 was Libra and its focus on relationship). Gemini vibration augurs unpredictable energetic shifts in the Venus related areas of money, possessions, relationships and self esteem/self-worth. That translates into Gemini-like instability, quick shifts, and spontaneous opportunities for new and more meaningful connections and creative expressions. Venus leaves the retrograde shadow on July 29th.

3. Saturn, now retrograde (since May 11th) in early degrees of social-minded Aquarius, returns to Capricorn on July 5, 2020 through December 14, 2020 for its final passage in its home sign until 2047, carrying with it the intensity of social protests that have been stimulated since around the equinox in March. 

Saturn exited Capricorn into social justice/futuristic Aquarius just as US state-enforced lockdowns started to be enacted and social distancing practices became the norm. Further, its coming six month long final transit in Capricorn re-triggers the intense association with Jupiter/Pluto that started in May 2019 and temporarily ended in March 2020, leading to the amplified events over the past 5 months. 

Both Saturn and Pluto archetypal tendencies point to the breakdown of structures, but go about it in very different ways. Saturn imposes limitations (eg laws/rules), where Pluto melts down/transforms with reckless abandon. The violent aspects of recent protest represents a poignant example of these two divergent energies. 

Historically, any aspected association between these two archetypes has always proven intense, life changing, and revolutionary in scope/scale/effect. Add an expansive Jupiter to the mix and that intensity increases significantly. Last time Jupiter was in close direct association (conjunction) with Saturn and Pluto was way back in the 15th century in the sign of Cancer. Yes, these are very unique and potent times in which we live!

And to be clear, intensity in and of itself does not mean the end of the world is nigh. However, it does signal the energetic field now being ripe for substantive shifts/changes due to its uncertain and perilous nature. As I explained in my March blog, this intense association is preparing us for the coming Aquarian wave when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 (last there during the final stages of the American and French revolutions in the 1700’s). Recent racial tensions and related protest are symptomatic of the dynamic Aquarian shift now underway in our social, political and economic models.

By the time Pluto completes its Aquarian transit in 2043-44, life’s societal structure as we know it today will either be replaced by a more dynamic/progressive and socially empowered world, or one bearing the heaviness of onerous group control similar to what we see in China today. As history reminds us anon, societal choices have long-term consequences and implications, especially during times of great turmoil. Recent and surprising US Supreme Court decisions in favor of LGBTQ rights in the work place and continued protection of DACA immigrants underscore the societal shifts now underway with many more to come. There is always a silver lining in turbulent times.

4. Which brings me to Mars and its coming retrograde in September. Mars will enter its home sign of Aries on June 27 and station retrograde at 28° on September 9th. Further, it will create a dynamic square period (highly challenging) with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto commencing in early August through late December.

At the solstice, Mars is at 25° Pisces, near Nepune, and both in sextile to Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn. Such a dynamic offers a more compassionate, empathic vibration to Capricorn's otherwise harsh expression. Reflecting instead of reacting creates purposeful connection in any type of engagement involving Capricorn's rules, laws, governance and corporate affairs.

Mars’ retrograde ends on November 13th, then leaves its retrograde shadow on January 2, 2021. Ordinarily Mars transits a sign in 6 weeks. However, during its retrograde it remains in one or two signs for over 6 months. That’s a lot of inward intensity, particularly when its movement is within its own ruling sign.

It’s worth noting Mars retrograde beginning in its home sign of Aries occurs very infrequently - last one was 1941, which augured the events of World War II including Pearl Harbor. Mars in Aries is aggressive, direct and unbounded in its quest for new ground. In retrograde, that energy turns inward creating a lot of potent, bound, critical tension similar to the fuel created by a reined wild horse.

Of course, there’s more to this Mars intensity due to a Scorpio Mercury Retrograde around the US election followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse in late November and a total solar eclipse in December. I'll cover these cycles in a future blog. Suffice for now to know the coming months are chock full of critical tension that seeks a meaningful or otherwise destructive focus. Which will it be?

Here’s some suggestions how to entrain and flow with this building energy for the second half of 2020:

  1. Avoid conspiracy theories, and especially unproven medical suggestions regarding virus control. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces and in sextile (60°) to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto is spawning a wave of fake news and delusion, especially on social media and corporate controlled media outlets. Neptune also rules the unseen, such as viruses. This shadow of Neptune can easily stimulate addictions, such as alcoholism and drug use. That’s a very slippery slope to navigate. The alternative, especially now, finds positive reinforcement from receiving body-centric therapies to replenish, rejuvenate, strengthen and reorganize your body’s energetic field. That includes exercise and following a healthy diet.
  2. Stay present, grounded and keep your energetic channels clear and open to new opportunities.
  3. Embrace uplifting pursuits, reorganize your life to match your current circumstances and build meaningful social networks with others in your communities that speak to your soul essence.
  4. Embrace progressive Aquarius-like efforts to make this world more sustainable, progressive, connective, healthier and inter-active rather than its current Capricorn-like state of racial/national suppression, hostility, extreme income disparity and environmentally abusive, government-sanctioned actions.
  5. Find quiet time to reflect, reorganize and uplift your spirit in support of a more meaningful world for generations to follow. Children being born now carry the energetic intensity of the current period. They will not be denied their soul mandate to shift this world into a more meaningful reality. In that spirit, number 2 suggestion above equally applies to the youngest of generations.
  6. Let go of your need to know or attain certainty. It's a futile exercise at the moment.

Questions for reflection:

What legacy do I want to create for future generations?

What serves my soul purpose now?

How can I become a more effective voice/advocate for progressive change?

How can I stay informed without being overwhelmed by information?

How can I better nurture myself and strengthen my body core? If a parent, how can I support my family to do the same?

Coming Zoom Program:

I am planning a free 90-minute Zoom talk for early July that’s open to 100 people. If there’s greater interest, I’ll schedule a second program. The date is predicated on my computer being repaired and returned to me by the end of this month (thank you Mercury 😉 ). So stay alert for coming announcements. 

In this program I plan to discuss in a more organic fashion current events as they relate to the 2020 astrological transits, the coming transit cycles including Saturn’s return to Capricorn, and the Mars retrograde. I'll also draw some Voyager Intuition cards as guidance for the coming days.

Further, I plan on offering such a program every two months for the remainder of 2020 to discuss the rapid shifts and momentous events now unfolding on planet Earth. There will be time allotted for written questions related to current events or coming cycles. Due to the allotted time, questions cannot be personal in nature, e.g. “what should I do?”.

There is no charge for the presentation. Donations are welcomed and for that you’ll receive an audio recording of the talk. Again, participation is limited to 100 (Zoom limitation). You can access Zoom on your web browser, or download their application on your computer or device app (IOS or Android). This manner of group connection is very Aquarian and an indicator of what’s is emerging. Again. Specific details, including links will be provided by month-end via this blog or via my Facebook page, or through my newsletter mailing list. 

Conclusion: As constrained as current circumstances may seem in terms of social distancing, event cancellations, health stresses etc. we are at a nexus of a great sea change in our human evolution. Our actions today will create the foundation for future generations. In an Aquarian sense, such actions serve the greater good rather than exclusively the individual self. The Aquarian words of John F. Kennedy said it perfectly: “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Substitute "the World" for "your country" and you have a 21st century version of that stirring quote. 

Sat Nam

Starman, Joseph Mina

Malvern, Pennsylvania

June 18, 2020


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