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Total Lunar Eclipse January 20/21: The Internal Roar

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Greetings from the Western Cape of South Africa

Almost a year has past since my last blog entry! "Best laid plans of mice and men." At various points of 2018 I had great intentions about weighing-in on the very significant transiting cycles of 2018, but Neptune and its fog-like cloak thought otherwise. I'll share much more about my dance of surrender with Neptune in a future blog. Suffice it to say for the moment Neptune has brought me many gifts in my career realms of bodywork, astrology and imagery. And equally, Neptune has been dissolving (on-going) that which no longer serves my soul-journey. So onto the issue at hand: the coming Super Moon total lunar eclipse.

Cut To The Chase Version:

Starting a year with two significant lunar cycles, i.e. a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn (January 6) and Super Moon total eclipse in Leo (January 20/21), portends a year of great change (possibly upheaval), introspection, intensity (perhaps greater than witnessed so far this decade), and significant beginnings. This is a potent time to tap into your inner passion and let it roar. Three significant
squares in the eclipse chart provide strong impetus to introspectively dive over the next 6 months into the realms of truth, integrity, trust, passion, initiative, boundaries and compassionate, nurturing care.

Note: for anyone with significant planetary aspects in their natal chart activated by the lunar eclipse position at 1° Leo, or in aspect (conjunction, opposition, square angles) to any/all three square patterns set out below, this year may prove to be one of enormous change influencing what you value, where you choose to direct your creative energy for the next decade, and/or with whom you associate.

Long Form for those who want the details:

First the practical....

1. Total lunar eclipses are one of nature's grand spectacles bathing the visible surface of the Moon in the Earth's soft-to-darker crimson shadow light. Excellent site for the practical details here. Totality for this particular eclipse, which travels through the northern sector of the Earth's shadow, will last 62 minutes. By contrast, longest lunar eclipses can exceed 100 minutes, such as occurred last July. Moon will reach maximum totality at 9:16 pm PST on the 20th; or on the 21st at 12:16 am EST; 7:16 am in South Africa; 2:16 pm in Tokyo and onwards to the international date line. Full Moon also occurs just....

2. 19 hours prior to lunar perigee, or closest orbital point to Earth. Hence, the Moon, especially close to the horizon, will appear larger than usual. Also, it will take less time to traverse the Earth's shadow resulting in a shorter eclipse. By contrast....

3. closest perigee Moon of 2019 near the new or full stage occurs at Full Moon on February 19th and just seven hours after maximum Full Moon. This is one of the closest Full Moons of this century, but not quite as close as the closest ones in 2016, 2034 and 2052. 

And now the esoteric...

Energy Grid 'Remembering"
by Joseph Mina
1. Moon in the beginning degree of Leo points to a new path for exploring the passion/desire of your heart, opening new channels of creativity, and embracing life in a more heartfelt way. Yet, equally important you understand the other planetary dynamics (relationships) shaping the overall theme of this formidable lunation. This includes...

2. the Lunar nodes shifting from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn.  Lunar nodes shift into new astrological signs approximately every 18 months. This recent shift from Leo to Cancer occurred on the very day out-of-the-blue/shocking archetype Uranus moved back into late degree Aries from Taurus for its final pass, and just prior to the US November elections. North node energy sets the energy pattern for the ensuing 18-month cycle.

Cancer nodal archetype seeks to create a more healthy sense of family, community and nurturing reality. The South Node represents what needs to transform in support of manifesting a North Node reality. South node Capricorn points to the established patriarchal structure of life; North node Cancer underscores the importance of a softer, nurturing reality. Can we have both realities serving one another? How to attain such a shift lies deep within the three potent squares of this lunation, the first being...

3. Mars in Aries at 13° in direct square to Saturn in Capricorn. Whenever a planet enter its home sign, greater intensity occurs. Here both Mars and Saturn are transiting their home signs creating a very heightened energetic signature on this eclipse date! Shields up! Think of this duo as the young upstart testing their teacher (e.g. Karate Kid movie). Saturn energy in square or opposition tends to stymie Mars' desire for impetuous/impatient achievement and advancement, and within the Aries realm, blazing new trails. This is akin to the reins being pulled back on an otherwise horse galloping at full speed, or throwing earth on a blazing fire to contain/control it! Saturn's "not so fast" influence...

4. is now becoming much stronger as it transits its home sign. Ultimately this leads to a series of intense near conjunctions with transformative/melt-down Pluto building throughout 2019 and leading to several near conjunctions in 2020 (exact Jan 12, 2020). See 7 below for understanding the Pluto side of this equation. In short, Pluto wants to melt-down the existing structure (usually does this by magnifying its influence first (remember 2007/08), then sending intense waves to reorganize the frequency. This is on-going through 2023. In the bigger picture...

5. Capricorn oversees the realm of laws, rules, politics, corporate and business pursuits/strategies and organization. Saturn energy is quite the task master in anyone's natal chart. It sets the tempo for what is possible and where boundaries must be honored. Do you know the natal position of your Saturn?Given the toxic political and national climate sweeping across the world stage, especially in the realms of immigration, media, and corporate/financial integrity, is it any wonder the US government is now partially shut down, or England/European Union continue to stumble working out a meaningful Brexit strategy, etc? These are potent symptoms of Saturn/Pluto engagement. This hard edge between these two planetary energies stands in stark contrast to...

Kyoto Bamboo Forest by Joseph Mina, 2018
5. Venus and Jupiter in questing Sagittarius in direct square to Neptune in Pisces. Sagittarian energy, ruled by expansive, ever-expanding Jupiter, is filled with undue optimism and enthusiasm, regardless of how dire any reality may seem. This vibration now becomes exponential as Jupiter transits its home sign through early December (remember the boundless stock market in 2007 when Jupiter last transited Sagittarius?). In turn, Venus/Jupiter meetings are usually highly fortunate/beneficial. However, both in square to Neptune at this eclipse shifts the energy towards a much more soulful introspection about what you perceive as the truth and what you now value. On the shadow side this undue boundless optimism can prove quite delusional, misleading and destructive, which can be a very volatile combination especially when viewed through the lens of...

7. Mercury conjunct Pluto and South Lunar Node both square to Uranus in Aries. Uranus' last pass in Aries began in early November, just in time for the transformative "Blue USA Election Wave". In wide aspect to Pluto from November until March 2019, the winds of rapid change carry upheaval and also further stirs the cultural intensity around the world. Given the various interactions of these two archetypal heavyweights since they first started interacting in 2011, this eclipse dynamic portends very rough, turbulent waters over the next 6 months, and literally sets the cultural/societal stage for the next 27 years. Literally, this is changing the energetic matrix of societal life on Earth. Children born at this time carry this very energy in their make-up. They are here for a different reality than life as we have known it. Warp 9 anyone?

I'll be writing more in a future blog about the coming highly potent Capricorn cycles of 2019 and 2020. Saturn/Pluto historically is a very intense interaction. Occurring now in Saturn's home sign takes this combination to a whole other level. The last time they met in Capricorn was 1517, which witnessed the genesis of Luther's Protestant Reformation and the horrid reign of Henry VIII in England. Will this combination be a tipping point? Said in a very Saturn way, time will tell".

Conclusion: If the eclipse is visible in your area, I highly encourage you to view this grand cosmic event. Nothing more powerful than an "as above, so below" experiential connection with the heavens to inspire and motivate the spirit to greater, more humanitarian pursuits.

Likewise, use this eclipse window to create meaningful intentions and commitments for 2019, especially in alignment with the various themes set out above. In all respects, regardless of age or position, embrace meaningful change in your life. Consciously work with these transformative cycles directing your energy in an active fashion. For example, attending a retreat, workshop or any other Aquarian group function can provide potent fuel for the unfolding cultural mythos taking us into uncharted waters. May the force be with us. Sat Nam.

Please leave your comments below. The more we share, the more we learn.

Starman, Joseph Mina
Somerset West, South Africa
January 19, 2019
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