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Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Jan 2018: the inner roar of the Leo Lion

Astrology is a progressive tool for exploring life potential and possibilities. Discover NOW the power of your talents/abilities set out in your natal chart from a reorganizational and energy-rich perspective. 

From over 20 years of masterly exploring the archetypes of planetary cycles, trends and inter-relationships, I can help you understand more fully how these ancient symbols reflect your gifts, talents and abilities developed over this and other life times. I'll also help you refine your life strategies relative to your life purpose, as well as create new strategies for best working with the current planetary cycles shown in your current transit chart, influencing choices and direction in your life. 

"Intuitive, compassionate, direct and to-the-point, eloquent and last but not least, great-humored and fun, Joseph continues to enighten, enrich and expand with the rest of the Universe." CK, Vancouver 

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"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computer (1955-2011)

Greetings Cosmic journeyers and a very, very belated Happy New Year from South Africa.

Summer time flourishes here at the bottom of Africa. This is the "July vibe" many in the Northern Hemisphere can relate to. Personally, 2017 was a year of reorganization for me as I moved from
Hawaii after 18 years in the middle of the Pacific to this land of big animals, ancient cliffs, left side of the road driving, strange languages, and a very different pace of life (read "slow") ...yes, sometimes even slower than Hawaii!

Here's some of my recent photographs from this hallowed land:
No doubt who's in charge here!
Ancient Cliffs of the Western Cape
False Bay with view of Strand, Somerset West (where I live) and Gordon's Bay
Summertime Perch
3 week old Rhino under the watchful eye of Mama!
Jonkershoek Valley near Stellenbosch
Mystical Water Jewel

Zebra Paradox
I'm living in Somerset West with my sweetheart Charissa Rousseau and  2 of her daughters. Somerset West, set in the foothills of Helderberg mountain, is about 25 miles west of Cape Town (40k) and near magnificent False Bay. In this very different South African culture I have had to retrain my brain to think differently when it comes to distance (kilometers), measurement (liters and meters), temperature (celsius) and currency (Rand anyone??). It's been quite a shift and continues to unfold. I am in awe of the stunning landscape, the magnificent southern hemisphere night sky, and the beauty of the native souls here who express their humility, humor and open-hearted expression in engaging and connective ways.

As my varied 2017 travels now slowly fade into the background (flew over 100,000 miles last year), I take the time now to reflect on the coming astrological year and all it offers. As I shared last year, 2018 will prove to be more intense than 2017 or earlier. Just ask anyone in Hawaii about "intense" who earlier this month received a false red alert on their cell phones warning of an imminent missile attack from North Korea. Yet, "intense" also implies a powerful positive side too, one fueled by passion and creativity!!! These are strong themes for this coming Leo eclipsed full Moon.

design by Joseph Mina
In this blog I'm going to expand upon the significance of the coming total-eclipsed Leo super full Moon, the first of five solar/lunar eclipses 2018, and its contribution to the bigger picture of 2018 and beyond. In my next blog entry come later in February, I'll write about other significant astrological cycles of 2018 and what they portend.

This total lunar eclipse is the inward counterpart to last August's total solar eclipse that crossed the United States. As with that Leo solar eclipse, this lunar version explores the depth of your passion, heart's desires and choices you make in the Leo areas of creativity, leadership (we are all leaders in a variety of ways), and compassion. Lunar eclipse points to an inward, more soulful journey...so here we go. As I'll articulate in a bit, it also aligns with the higher directive of our life's journey.

This full Moon is the 2nd one this month (no it's not a blue moon despite the media's misplaced preoccupation with the term). If you want to learn more about the genesis of "blue moon", my friend and fellow astrologer Cayelin Castell has written a great article about it. Notwithstanding this apparent blueness vs non blueness, the Moon actually will turn blood red for many people around the world as it transits the Earth's shadow. Alas it will be a no-show in Africa and Europe, where it will be daytime during the eclipse, however Europe/Africa get a reprieve come July when the next total lunar eclipse occurs.

Timing details of the January lunar eclipse for your location can be found here, and broader details found here.

I could go into much greater specifics about this Full Moon's chart dynamics to describe in all its flavors why one particular planetary archetype is influencing another. However, I'd rather just cut to the chase and share the following:

1. This eclipse occurs approximately 27 hours after the Moon has reached its perigee (closest orbital point to the Earth). This makes it the 2nd closest full Moon of 2018 (the January 1 full Moon was a bit closer) and hence, considered a Supermoon, as it remains within the 3 day full Moon window. Symbolically and energetically, this close effect amplifies the resident energy around you, which further compounds the symbolic nature of this eclipse and its...
AstroActivators© by Kathryn Andren
2. Aquarius/Leo vibration. Aquarius points to the future. It is ruled by surprise/shock Uranus. It aspires to social justice (eg #metoo women's movement) and equality (eg Dreamers). This air vibration fuels technology and the desire for a higher vibration in our interactions with all of life. As such, it is social in nature (friends/groups), and thrives on the widest possible perspectives, both on Earth and in the cosmos. By contrast...
2. opposite sign Leo gets its mojo by leading. It exudes confidence and passion in its radiance. It revels in the light of joy and laughter.  Leo types give to others in order to receive (movie screen and stage starlets are good examples); by contrast Aquarius types receive (audience) in order to give (applause). In short, they need each other to function. Which takes me to...
3. the abundance of Aquarius at this lunation. Beyond social issues, Aquarius seeks to embrace a higher vibration and greater utilization of our sensory connection to the Earth. That includes accessing and utilizing more of our consciousness. This access can only occur within the physical body, otherwise it becomes a mental/spiritual exercise without any physical integration. Last night I watched the movie "Lucy" starring Scarlett Johansson. Aside from the intense/violent parts, I felt intrigued by the theories of consciousness that were part of the plot. More so, I was fascinated how Lucy's body-sensory field became amplified to such an extent that she interacted with the energetic field beyond anything our current human capacity of consciousness could possibly comprehend. That included altering matter, defying gravity and feeling everything in all its richness she had ever experienced. It also included the capacity to time travel. Sound farfetched? Perhaps. Yet, as a teacher of mine once said...
4. "there is no such thing as science fiction". If we can conceive of a reality, then its existence is within the realm of possibility. Such is the promise of Aquarius and its building vibration.  Looking back...
"Radiant Heart" by Joseph Mina
5. we now leave a very intense month of January, which featured the dark side of Capricorn (shadow government, corporate manipulation, unhealthy governance) along with significant weather events. By contrast, for the next 20 days, a very strong Aquarian vibration will be resident in the energetic field, including Sun, Venus, South Node, and Mercury (after the 10th). Equally, look for Venus rising in the west after sunset around February 21st (you may need binoculars until early March)! Perfect visualization for all that's to manifest over the next 5 years. Equally...
6. this is prime time to avail yourself of this Aquarius vibration through bodywork and other physical strengthening modalities, especially in group settings. With the Sun now in Aquarius, this preparation time is primed for group energy experiences (Aquarius), especially when fueling the energetic heart (Leo) with positive intention. This state opens you to a powerful heart entrainment with others...truly "the connective hearts". And in that spirit...
7. may the "positive" serve as your guiding light in 2018! In turn, may this eclipse vibration reveal to you the depths of your heart's desires for creating a positive, uplifting world.

 Suggested questions for reflection or meditation:
- What creates genuine joy in my life?
- What do I want to manifest in 2018? Does this desire(s) fill me with joy and laughter? If not, contemplate again. If yes, what risks am I willing to take to create a more enriched experience?
- And in the spirit of "risk", what do I need to reorganize in my life in the areas of resources, career, relationship and home/community to allow more joy and abundance to flow to and from me?

Conclusion: We now enter the 8th year of this decade. And what a seven-years it's been! Never before have the contrasts of life been as vivid to so many people around the globe as they are now.

And here we are... living on a magical planet that's rapidly altering its vibration, generating higher frequencies and warmer temperatures, and shifting its magnetic poles. "As above, so below". Magically, these geo-changes occur inwardly in our physiology and outwardly throughout the solar system while spiraling around a middle-aged, average star speeding through the galaxy at over 500,000 mph (800,000 kph)!

At the same time through technological leaps (Aquarius), we have developed the capacity to gaze deeper and deeper into the inner and outer mysteries of this stunningly beautiful and supportive Universe. The image above and to the left are a recent close up of Jupiter's cloud tops, courtesy of the orbiting Juno spacecraft, and an electron microscope picture of a tomato leaf. Such artistry! Very helpful to remember the same creative organizing forces forming such dynamic beauty on a massive and micro scale are available to us too!

On a personal level, as I slowly emerge from a life-changing three-year transit of visionary Neptune (only time in my life) to my natal Mercury in Pisces. The archetype of Neptune represents the higher octave of beauty, invoking soul, artistry and imagery. This cycle was a period of seeking, sampling, dreaming and attuning my skills/talents. More so, I find my sentient and intuitive abilities have shifted to a more energized state. For example, I can accomplish in a 20-minute bodywork session more than I could have attained in an hour or more just a few years ago.

While that's the upside of the equation, I must admit this Neptune cycle has been very challenging to my logical thinking processes and my ability to long-term plan. At times, like being in a row boat in the middle of a fog-shrouded lake with no sense the direction of shore. It's the classic "HangMan" archetype of surrender/allow. This metamorphosis has taken my life work in bodywork, astrology and photography to a new level. The bigger question for me now is how to I want to share these reorganized gifts with the world. Exciting to me, yet still confounding too!

I feel excited about life's grand unfolding and these inner shifts. Equally, I feel inspired through my work to see humans transforming to a more enriched version of themselves. And I feel in awe of today's children and their precocious nature and all it portends for the future. As such, one of my 2018 intentions is to share my gifts and talents of photography, astrology and bodywork in ways that are even more engaging and life-changing for others than ever before. This intention is hard-wired into my "soul style" expression: "I am a playful, wizardly agent of change, courageously interweaving my creative expressions into the fabric and soul of humanity for our transformation and awakening! In the same spirit, I encourage you to fully embrace 2018 and all it offers you and the fullest expression of your soul vibration. Enjoy the eclipse! One of Universe's grand spectacles.

Please leave your comments below.

Sat Nam and many blessings,
Starman, Joseph Mina
January 30, 2018
Somerset West, South Africa
Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/abundance
Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/abundance
Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/abundance

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