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Venus Retrograde 2017: the Snake Bites Its Tail

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”
― Kahlil Gibran, author, poet & philosopher 
[from Sand & Foam]

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you'll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey."
Princess Diaries

Illustration designed by Joseph Mina
Strong change permeates the ethers. Each day more people take notice of this cosmic wind. Now,  Venus Retrograde takes center stage for the next 5 weeks, adding to this ever-changing cosmic mix.. This astrological update examines this significant archetypal cycle, offering you suggestions for how to attune with this major planetary  shift over the next two months.

Aloha Everyone

I now near the end of a major Neptune cycle in my life, one which redefined/reoriented my natal Mercury in Pisces in rather powerful, yet diffused  (aka "confusing") ways over the past 2 years. The insights, inspiration and a renewed focus about how I intend to communicate (Mercury) to others through the synergy of my sacred work in astrology, bodywork and photography/imagery. The logo below reflects this synergy. I mentioned this shift in my last post back in November. Now, my new web site is evolving and will make its debut in the coming months as expressed in the name

Illustration designed by Joseph Mina
I'm feeling quite excited about this emergence as clarity during a Neptune cycle can be quite fleeting. Sort of like sitting in a rowboat, no oars, and in the middle of a lake on a very foggy morning. Oh yes...also absolutely clueless about which direction to move. Ultimately, surrender takes hold as there is no where to go but the "here/now".

I'm posting today because of the next significant cycle that just began in earnest yesterday: Venus Retrograde and its emerging Aries theme for the next 18 months.

Venus has been a brilliant beacon in the evening sky for the past 8 months or so. From our Earthly perspective, she is soon to move closer to  the Sun, setting earlier each day until lost in the glare of the Sun. It's during this orbital phase that Venus is closest to Earth. This orbital movement mirrors the heightened strength of this inner cycle for women and men alike. Then, in a matter of days, Venus
makes her emergence into the dawn sky, where she'll remain as a "morning star" for the ensuing 260 days.

Venus, whose qualities include inner and outer beauty, sensuality, self-esteem and values, exemplifies your sense of placement on Earth, your connection to the natural world, the possessions you own, including money, stocks, bonds, etc., artistry, gourmet foods and everything else considered sensually yummy. These qualities are further defined by the natal placement of Venus in your birth chart.

This archetype of the inner feminine or external anima is fueled by its higher octave, namely Neptune, ruler of Pisces, God of the Sea. Venus brings Neptune's etheric vision, beauty, soul depth and various artistic expressions (imagery/music) into your day-to-day realities via a cosmic transmission with this higher-sourced energy.

For woman, your Venus natal placement points to the essence of your inner feminine; the cloak of awareness/energy you naturally wear. For those on the masculine side of the cosmic fence, your natal Venus represents your "anima"; that for which you quest on the external to illuminate those qualities within you. Either way, there is grace and beauty infused in these Venusian expressions.

To better understand this unique Venus cycle, I point you to my friend and fellow astrologer Cayelin Castell and her comprehensive exploration of the Venus mysteries from a shamanic perspective. It's a really good read.

In our present reality, this heightened and on-going Neptunian/Venus exchange was further activated by last weekend's epic eclipsed New Moon in Pisces, and the just beginning Venus retrograde in Aries/Pisces awakening the compassionate, courageous feminine avatar. Could this be the start of the cosmic integration and internal rewiring Peter Russel foretold in his ground-breaking presentation of the Global Brain in 1983?

And for the cosmic record: in 1983 (seems like centuries ago!) transiting Neptune was at the very end degrees of Sagittarius (the revelation of spiritual truths), which sowed the seeds for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Now in its home sign, this Piscean influence directs our soul awareness to a whole new level of empathic connection. This will be especially noticeable as Neptune nears the culmination of its Pisces sojourn in 2026-27.

So why is this current Venus Retrograde important?
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1. Venus is now starting on a new 8-year journey. This is the 1st time since Neptune entered its home sign in 2011 that the Venus' Aries cycle has been activated, and it's also the last time for a long while (see #6 below).
2. Venus retrograde cycle strengthens/ expands the Venus effect on our psyches. Visually, the planet Venus passes between the Earth and Sun making it the closest any planetary body ever comes to our planet. Hence, metaphorically, Venus' archetypal influence is amplified during this retrograde phase.
3. The combination of Aries & Pisces points to the beginning and end of the zodiac, much like the snake biting its tail as seen above in my art rendition. Aries represents the courageous spirit who defends the homeland and boldly goes where others fear to tread. Pisces is the essence of compassion and empathy. It's here the karmic wheel is resolved and merging occurs.
4. I interpret the combination of Venus' transit through Aries/Pisces as the "courageous feminine avatar who uses the power and grace of compassion as her answer to humanities suffering, struggles and controlling behaviors". This is the Venus theme for the next 18 months!
5. Fueled by the enhanced Piscean vibration of the recent solar eclipse, a new dawn now subtly weaves its Neptunian magic into the greater mythos. Yes, life can appear rather insanely intense these days, however, nothing trumps (believe pun here ;) ) the gift imbued into the human psyche like Neptune's grace...think Angelic magic.
6. This is the last time for approximately the next 150 years Venus will embark on an Aries theme. Eight years from now, this Aries theme shifts to Pisces, which will unfold every 8 years over the ensuing 104 year period. More explanation of this cycle, including the creation of a Star Pentagram may be found here.
7. In the Venus retrograde chart, Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries, and Mercury, Neptune and the Sun join together in Pisces. Mars rules Aries, and especially in its home sign denotes intense and directed "action". Uranus rules futuristic Aquarius and augurs unexpected, lightning-like change and technological marvels. By contrast, Mercury, Neptune, Sun combination brings to light a compassionate communication from the depths of the Neptunian sea. Quite the dichotomy here: beginnings and endings; snake biting its tail.
8. Mercury retrogrades on Apr 9 at 5° Taurus, just  6 days before Venus stations direct on the 15th. This 6-day period portends to be a very chaotic time. Its Taurus/Aries theme signals heightened concerns about the natural world, climate change and new initiatives to undo human's damaging environmental behavior. Aries provides it the mojo to take action...NOW!
7.  Venus retrograde timings: begins retrograde Apr 4 at 13° Aries; rises (new theme) in the eastern sky at 1° Aries Mar 31; moves back into Pisces Apr 2; stations direct and conjuncts Chiron Apr 15 at 27° Pisces; moves back into Aries Apr 28th; completes this cycle at 13° Aries May 18.

Suggestions for compassionate action:
1.Start new projects, exercise, pay attention to impulses from the beyond
2. Find quiet time for self, receiving nurturing care (bodywork, incl "gentle massage")
3, Attune with like souls (Yoga retreat, spiritual retreat etc)
4, Expect edginess at times...see #1 & 6 for remedy
5. Be artistic...draw, create, play (it doesn't have to be perfect, Virgo ;)
6. (see #4)
7. Take time to assist others in need.
8. Be compassionate and loving with life
Questions for reflection during the Venus Retrograde:
1. How do I express "courage" in my life?
2. How can I nurture myself in a more compassionate  fashion?
3. How can I be more compassionate with myself and others in this polarized world?
4. Do I listen to the calling of my soul essence? If not, am I open to receiving grace and direction from this higher source?
5. What steps am I ready to take to embrace a more energized, courageous and compassionate version of myself?

NOTE: for the astrological record…I offer astrological consultations (schedule here) for anyone desiring to work consciously with these powerful on-going cycles, as well as better understand how you can further fuel/activate your core essence through your soul presence and life intention.  Please schedule today.

Energy Grid by Joseph Mina
Synopsis: As I suggested in my November update, 2017 portends to be quite the wild ride, perhaps even more so than 2016. Just 2 months in, events around the world sure point in that direction. Closer to home, as I mentioned in November, strong transiting headwinds will prove very challenging for world leaders, especially Donald Trump. I say this from a very apolitical perspective. He has "intense "Plutonian/Uranian" transits underway, which portend great challenges in governance and initiatives. These headwinds are quite similar to those of Barack Obama in the first two years of his presidency.

For everyone else, we are living in an energetic soup concocted by once-in-a-lifetime astrological tides. This intensity is literally reshaping this evolving world in mysterious and confounding ways. Adding to this intensity, Saturn positions now in late degrees Sagittarius, fueling a heightened demand for the truth rather than "alternative facts". The Chinese ancients must nod in agreement as their quote "may you live in interesting times" comes to life.

So what can you do to surf this intensity?  Based upon the very essence of this Venus retrograde,  compassionate courage is your ally for sharing your innate gifts. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde cycles in the offing over the next 3 months, an opportunity exists to deepen your connection to your soul awareness, communicate this vibration in new ways, recommit to caring for our world's natural resources and oceans, and commit to making your actions and communication towards others more compassionate and enriched.

Come August 21, a total solar eclipse in Leo will sweep across the United States. Leo in its most expansive state represents the energized, compassionate heart. I'll post back here before the eclipse to reflect on its significance for the remainder of 2017.

More frequent astrological post can be found on my Facebook page.

Sat Nam
Starman Joseph Mina
April 5, 2017
Honaunau, Big Island Hawai'i

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