Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse and Leo New Moon: the Lion Roars

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” 
Pablo Neruda (1904-73) Poet

Aloha Fellow Cosmic Journeyers

Yes, eclipse day draws nigh. So much hype and excitement, especially in the United States as the Moon moves ever closer to its fated meeting with the Sun. While solar and lunar eclipses of varying types are not rare (4 to 7 per year), this particular solar eclipse is the 1st to sweep across the United States in 99 years: hence, a heightened awareness for the coming event...and rightfully so!

This will be my 6th solar event in the direct path of totality or annularity. Standing directly in the path of totality to be touched by the Moon's sweeping dark curtain alters one's very core. There are no adequate words to describe its cosmic effect on the human psyche; no pictures that can possibly come close to matching the actual visuals of the Sun's coronal streamers (resist the urge to become preoccupied with camera equipment); no predicting the potent level of emotional surge from deep within. This cosmic
event, bar none, shockingly awakens the soul and spirit of all who directly witness totality and its etheric and alluring beauty. You will be forever touched, changed and motivated in ways that may confound you.

For everyone, the astrological energetics of the day are decidedly inward as the Moon darkens the Sun for
an eternal, yet fleeting moment in time. The eclipse's Leo/Virgo theme points to the power and passion of your heart's expressive desires, serving the greater good of humanity and its enriched evolution. New Moon occurs in the United States at 8:30 am in Hawaii; 11:30 am on the West Coast; 12:30 pm in the Mountains; 2:30 on the East Coast. Further eastward: 6:30 pm Universal Time and on the 22nd in India east to the International Date Line.

Back in 2015 when Uranus and Pluto made their last of 8 epic squares, I knew this transformative surge was far from over despite what some astrologers thought to the contrary. Yet, these are extraordinary times being scripted in unconventional ways. Yes, we live in highly volatile times of chaos, change, climate change, shifting paradigms/archetypes, novel creations and horrific brutality. But how it could it be otherwise? I sense this eclipse will put an exclamation mark on this aforementioned energetic social surge, setting the world stage for the next 6 years.

To underscore the power of this latest 21st-century transformative wave, here's the more significant astrological transits of the eclipse day and the ensuing 4 weeks contributing to current world events:

1. Mercury Retrograde: what would an eclipse be without this fleet-winged messenger of thoughts, commerce, transportation and ideas, adding an intense communication eruption/disruption or two or three, or even four etc. to the societal and cultural events over the course of 4 weeks before and after the eclipse. This shifting energetic field also includes the expected logistical havoc following a major eclipse, usually caused by earth changes via earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires etc. Meanwhile...
2. this fleet-winged messenger began its retrograde just a week ago on August 12th at 12° of Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. Picture this opposition as "messages from the soul level (Neptune) being sent Fedex express to Mercury for dissemination to the global masses." In part...
3. archetypal Neptune in its home sign of Pisces represents a highly potent generational theme of  global connection, harmony, cooperation and inter-dependence transcending culture. With this universal soul-inspired message now in hand...
4. Mercury now slowly moves back towards the eclipse point of 28° Leo for its 2nd of 3 conjunctions on September 2 (first one was July 24) followed by its station direct at the same point on Sept 5. For those that follow current events, since Mercury first entered its retrograde shadow earlier in July events such as North Korea, Charlotsville, Barcalona have captured the attention and fervor of many people. Also, whenever Mercury arrives at its station retrograde or direct point, its movement slows considerably, and in turn, intensifies. This will be the case between Sept 2 and 9th. Notwithstanding this intensity...
by Kathryn Andren
5. Virgo qualities usually include precision, details, exactness or perfection in communication and planning, and quality service to others in need. Yet in retrograde, those traits are flipped upside down and rendered rather useless. For example, President Trump's recent spontaneous, hurtful and awkward responses about the tragic and ground-breaking events last week in Charlottesville, Virginia served to trigger intense outrage across political and societal divides. This was a surreal, unscripted moment in time, bringing to conscious awareness insidious patterns of hatred, bigotry and distorted superiority from the 20th century days of the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi war mongering and race purging. This surge of energy now unbound leads us to...
6. eclipse day where Mercury at 8° Virgo and courageous/warrior Mars at 20° Leo form bookends around the Sun/Moon position. Mars' in Leo's lion den expresses a unique polarity of energy. Its dynamic range begins with a narcissistic egotist and ends with a soul-enhanced warrior of compassion. Some souls hold the enlightened end of the polarity (Dali Lama is a good example), while others strongly gravitate to the darker pole (take your pick in the current political and alt-right realms). And of course, as fate would have it...
7. Mercury carrying Neptune's message and action-oriented Mars will meet exactly at the Leo eclipse point come September 2. This timing is just 3 days before Mercury arrives at its direct station point at essentially the same degree. Hence, the period August 28 through September 9th is lining up to be a very intense time of challenged communication, heightened polarity, strong action, discord and ground breaking shifts. Further, this eclipse period... 
8. represents a critical defining moment for anyone with significant late degree natal placements in any of the 4 fixed signs of  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Here the soul asks, "are you motivated by love and service, or driven by ego and a desire to be right at any cost?" Further this placement creates...
9. an intense, defining alignment for both the United States and President Trump's natal charts. Something has to give way here and what better catalyst than.. 
10. sky God Uranus transiting Aries in exact trine (90°) to the eclipse point on eclipse day through Sept 9. This dynamic form provides the necessary, shocking mojo to shift the current societal/cultural conversation into a whole new realm of energy and active tension release. More so, given these very intense aspects in the United States' and the President's charts, it's my professional opinion that the "House of Cards" in Washington DC is headed towards a major restructuring within the next 6 months, and maybe much sooner than anyone can fathom.

Questions for contemplation during this eclipse period:
1. Do I heed the calling of my soul?
2. What type of pursuits make my heart sing? Do I include them in my life choices?
3. What's more important to me, the expression of my passionate desires or creating safety/certainty? Why? (note: passion and certainty cannot co-exist)
4. Do I consider myself a leader through example, or a follower of others choices?
5. What do I need to change in my life to be of greater compassionate service to others?

On a personal note: after almost 18 years in Hawaii, I shortly will move to South Africa...namely Somerset West, near Cape Town for perhaps a year or more. I came to this decision back in June after returning from Japan. I'm so ready for a change of venue. This eclipse conjoins my Leo ascendant while Uranus in Aries squares my Capricorn Moon! Such a prime time to make a shift of direction and locale. 

I arrive at the bottom of Africa on August 24th. There I'm renting a home with my sweetheart Charissa Rousseau and her daughter Mira. I first met Charissa, a South African citizen, when she lived on Big Island, Hawaii in 2004-07. We have been dating since late 2014 (talk about a long distance commute!) We both know NOW is the magic moment to take our relationship to the next transformative level in greater service to humanity. 

During Charissa's time in Hawaii, she developed an intimate relationship with the Cetacean world. Her connection to dolphins and whales inspired her to become a strong advocate in South Africa for the preservation and protection of her country's oceans, coastal estuaries and underwater denizens. 

As South Africa's "dolphin lady" Charissa now raises social awareness through boat tours and ocean-based events. She is also a Nia dance instructor, wonderful body worker and life counselor, and botanist/herbalist. Charissa has taught at the Stellenbosch Waldorf school, loves to garden and is an amazing Mom to 3 daughters.

After I reorganize my flow over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more about the evolution of our co-creative pursuits and our future plans for offering life-changing retreats and workshops in Africa and Hawaii to others around the Earth. In the meantime, thanks to 21st century wizardry and an ever shrinking globe, I will continue to offer Life Path astrology consultations via Skype. You can access my appointment schedule here.

Lastly, I will soon be in the zone of totality for Monday's eclipse in either eastern Wyoming or western Nebraska. My whereabouts will be dictated by the weather divas and a host of other factors beyond my control. I'm so excited to be a part of this heavenly event once again! In the next update, I'll share about my solar eclipse experience.

One other note about the eclipse: if you are intending to view the eclipse, please take proper precautions to protect your eyesight from the damaging rays of the sun during the partial phases. There are plenty of on-line sources for guidance, as well as on-line coverage of totality designed to make this a memorable event for you. 

We live in such an exciting and transformative time. May eclipse day open your heart to new possibilities, profound grace, great fortune and renewed passion!

Sat Nam

Starman Joseph Mina
Barrington Hills, Illinois
August 19, 2017

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