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Taurus Supermoon Nov 14: One for the Ages

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want,
and deserve to get it good and hard."
H.L. Mencken (1880-1956), American Journalist & Satirist

"You can't always get what you want...
but if you try sometime
you might just find
you get what you need."
Rolling Stones, 1969

The winds of change continue to blow at gale force strength across the globe. The epic influences of Uranus vs Pluto initiated in 2011, building with intensity heretofore never before seen, continue into mid 2018. In the wake of this formidable force, established institutions, nations, rituals, traditions and even societal protocols, all seemingly impermeable, continue to literally dissolve or rapidly fall apart in front of our eyes. Meanwhile, new institutions, alliances and societal networking mediums, fueled by rapid technological breakthroughs, appear seemingly out of nowhere, become quickly embedded/integrated in our cultural ways and psyches, and instantly connect people around the globe. Such is life in this ever rapidly, accelerating 21st century.

Last week, I was going to write about the astrological influences on the US elections, however, I refrained from doing so. Much content had already been written by other astrologers. What more could possibly have been said??? Yet post election is another day, another perspective. Hence, I want to weigh-in about what is possibly unfolding in the astrological cycles over the last 6 weeks of 2016 and into early 2017. To me, that's a much
more meaningful exchange than attempting to forecast (something I don't do) about election potential winners/losers or the related polarity and nastiness.

I'm no master prognosticator. Rather, I'm adept at sensing the vibration of the astrological cycles and relating this pulse to the shifting cultural flows. Sort of like putting your finger in a river to gauge its temperature and the strength of its current. Last April I looked at the astrological cycles for the rest of the year and labeled them "intense". That very vibration will continue to build throughout 2017 into 2018. There's no turning back the clock; no restoring life to the way it was. Yet, times of great upheaval always trigger catalytic, substantive changes. It's how we evolve as a human species.

"Challenge and adversity are the winds that make you stronger.  As you solve problems and overcome difficulties, you develop in ways not otherwise possible.  Although you have within you everything needed to handle whatever may come your way, it takes a storm to bring these capabilities to the surface." Bryan Golden, author

And now here we are fresh from a seemingly never ending stormy US election cycle, whose outcome shocked many people throughout the political spectrum. Most polls failed to understand or realize the potency and intensity of deeper societal undercurrents influencing public sentiment. Yet to now get lost in the minutia of why such an outcome occurred, or for some, to allow grief and disappointment to weigh them down, misses the mark about what's really going on within the human psyche around the globe.

"Heart Activation Grid"
by Joseph Mina

Before I get to the astrological part, I want to reflect  how powerfully cathartic the past few days have been for many people both in the United States and other parts of the world. An unexpected presidential outcome has served as a potent catalyst for action. For example, powerful demonstrations around the United States protesting the election; on-line petitions signed by millions for radical change of course from the traditional election path assumed by the victors; people galvanized into action for specific social causes; a sobering wake up call for politicians who thought they could operate surreptitiously without notice or recrimination. Literally a 21st-century style call to arms has been set in motion. This catalyzing, unsettling vibration is no different than what has been occurring in other parts of the world this past year (e.g. Venezuela, England's "Brexit", Philippines, Middle East/Iraq, etc).

Note: if you prefer a synopsis about this Supermoon and its implications, please skip to the end of this blog. Otherwise, here's a more detailed look at the coming astrological flow into mid-January:

To better understand this catalyzing moment, it's helpful to look back at "what was" in the recent astrological past, to understand what's occurring now, in order to move into the future with greater clarity.

Past - beginning late last April and continuing into June three powerful and very inward planetary cycles of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) concurrently occurred in related signs and angular degrees. This is extremely rare for the personal planets. I looked back over 500 years and could not find something astrologically comparable.

Personal planetary energy touches all phases of your personal life. The 3 underlying themes in play were a reevaluation and resetting of: communication and connection (Mercury), values, money and self-esteem (Venus), and achievement and risk (Mars).

Specifically, Mercury and Mars were in retrograde; Venus was moving to a superior conjunction to the Sun (hidden behind the Sun), which functions just like a retrograde. At that time, I shared these planetary patterns were in my opinion the most significant cycles in 2016, especially as a theme setter for the remainder of the year.

 A retrograde cycle of just 1 personal planet represents a strong inward flow of energy. It literally changes your internal conversation into self-reflection, readjustment and perhaps new awareness and resolve for moving forward again. This is particularly noticeable in a Mercury Retrograde period. Yet, having 3 similar cycles occur concurrently in related astrological signs exponentially increases its influence.

For any individual, the degree and intensity for such influence and shift further depends on how these planetary influences create resonance and coherence in one's natal chart. For Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, each of them was strongly affected by these cycles. The overall influence literally reshaped, redefined and reorganized each person's relationship with their campaigns and a more aware national audience. This was a catalytic moment for both which set in motion all that was to follow. For example, Donald Trump struggled with internal campaign in-fighting, then reorganized his campaign and staff; Hillary Clinton in her quest for the Democratic nomination struggled with the unexpected surge and popularity of Bernie Sanders campaign, as well as her Scorpio tendency towards secrecy and mistrust of others (email server, hacked emails etc). Both candidates response and actions to these cycles had a profound effect on the eventual outcome in November.

AstroActivators© 2002 by Kathryn Andren
Present: Taurus Full Moon occurs on November 14 (3:52 am in Hawaii; 5:52 am on the US West Coast; 8:52 am on the East Coast; and 1:52 pm GMT. This is an Earth element moon requiring you to be grounded/fully integrated to realize its full benefits. That means tangibly engage the Earth energies, put your hands in the soil, attune to nature's beauty, experience grounding exercises (yoga, tai-chi, running, walking etc), receive a nurturing massage, eat life-giving food etc.

This Full Moon is considered a "supermoon" due to the Moon reaching perigee (closest point to Earth) very close to the time of Full Moon. Click here for a good explanation of this supermoon phenomena.

Further, this particular Full Moon is the closest one to Earth in 2016, and the closest Full Moon since 1948. A perigee Full Moon this close to Earth will not occur again until 2034. Supermoon periods archetypically amplify lunar effects. Hence, expect a heightened state of energy in the physical, emotional and mental realms. Due to its "earth element" vibration, strong Earth changes (earthquakes, volcanic activity, weather phenomena) may occur in different parts of the Earth over the next 2 weeks. For those who lucidly dream, make your dream intentions from a grounded perspective.

Also, what I find just as intriguing about this supermoon lunation is its astrological angular position: almost 23° Taurus. This is the very same degree where Mercury began its retrograde late last April, and directly opposite where Mars stationed direct late in June (23° Scorpio). Venus transited this Taurus degree around mid to late May. Then, world leaders met in Japan for the G7 summit very near to the Shinto Ise shrine, Japan's most sacred shrine complex. The Ise shrine complex (I visited there in Oct) is dedicated to the Sun goddess Amaterasu. The shrine theme focuses on the death and renewal of nature and the impermanence of all things, which aligns with the May/June Venus transit's theme.  And quite a timely theme setter for higher sensitivity about all Earth matters, including climate change, pollution concerns and the declining health and over-fishing of the world's oceans.

This supermoon is also the first Full Moon after the US elections and strongly aspects Donald Trump's natal chart. (more on that in a bit). Hence, this lunation represents a galvanizing moment further amplifying the dynamics of what occurred throughout the world from late April to late June.

Power of diversity
Future: I consider this coming supermoon an important trend indicator for the remainder of the year  for 4 reasons: its very close proximity to Earth ("as above, so below" = amplified effect via the chart theme); its powerful connection to April/June's personal planet cycles; its Taurus earth theme of sustainability and earth changes; and the appearance of an unusually large number of semi-sextiles in the chart. Oh wait...semi-sextile..."what is that???" you might ask.

The semi-sextile (SS) occurs when 2 planetary aspects are 30° of angle apart (+/- 2°). Unto itself, a SS is a very  minor aspect and rarely considered in astrological forecasting. The SS usually works in a rather paradoxical way as the 2 planetary aspects are in 2 seemingly incompatible astrological signs. However, when I looked at this coming Full Moon's chart, my astrological eye took immediate notice of 5 semi-sextiles! Here they are and their related themes:

1. Mercury (3° Sagittarius) vs Venus (3° Capricorn): the quest for expressing one's truth vs highest values desired for business, laws and the political scene
2. Saturn (15° Sagittarius) vs Pluto (15° Capricorn): the quest for the truth about corporate and governmental unchecked power, including political betrayal
3. Venus (3° Capricorn) vs Mars (4° Aquarius): ideal business/political values vs how these values can fuel freedom and equality for people around the globe
4. Chiron (21° Pisces) vs Uranus/Ceres (21°/23° Aries): global healing vs rebellion/self-interest rights (Uranus) and grief over human suffering (Ceres)
5. Moon (22° Taurus) vs Uranus/Ceres (21°/23° Aries): environmental values vs a highly changeable/unpredictable reality driven by self-interest (eg climate change denial); unnatural alterations to the planet, e.g. GMO foods (Ceres).

More so, archetypal Taurus focuses on  the care of the Earth and our stewardship of its resources. It also  brings personal values, money, self-esteem, beauty, sensuality and personal possessions under its umbrella. Given the various aspects at play in this Full Moon chart, care of the Earth, personal values and self-esteem, including equal rights for all, rise to the top of this Taurus list. When its supermoon influence plus the 5 SS's are considered in concert with these Taurus themes, issues of integrity and doing what's right for the higher good vs political and corporate greed/manipulation/oppression become its sounding drum and longer term influence.

With that as a backdrop, I consider the following two  components important indicators of the longer-term rippling effect of this Taurus supermoon lunation:

1: the 5 semi-sextiles: includes the strong influence of Capricorn themes interwoven into these pairs via Saturn (Capricorn's ruler), and the Capricorn placements of Venus (values) and Pluto (corporate/political shadow). This Capricornian emphaisis points to inherently strong challenges against authority types, a fervent desire to upend the status quo, and a desire to rid the political and corporate systems of their shadow make-up and influences. e.g Donald Trump's message was "drain the swamp". This Capricorn purge strongly aligns with the bigger Uranus/Pluto cycle in play through mid-2018.

2. Astrological influences on Donald Trump's chart:  first of all...the Universe doesn't make mistakes. Rather, it has a rather creatively unique way of effecting evolutionary and societal change over long periods of time. If you consider Donald Trump as an archetypal example of a non-sustainable life style living out its final days, then this lunation chart takes on added significance. For example:

a.this Taurus Full Moon creates a direct square (challenge) to Donald Trump's Mars in Leo (Earth values vs achievement and self-importance). Also, one part of Taurus' shadow is sexual abuse/behavior. The revelation of his offensive/abusive sexual remarks back in 2005 has finally opened up a more meaningful dialogue about the pervasive existence of this behavior in society, especially how it degrades the self-esteem and integrity of all people, and most especially women.

b. the Taurus Moon also creates a semi-sextile (yes...another one!) with Trump's Gemini Sun holding him accountable for his otherwise Gemini-stealth-like, unpredictable actions. It also creates a quincunx (another paradoxical oddity) with his Sagittarius Moon (Earth values vs long held beliefs - eg climate change).

c. Transiting Pluto is in square (challenge) to Trump's Chiron/Jupiter in Libra. Wounded relationships in Donald Trump's past are subject to Capricorn's shadow of political instability and betrayal. This is going to be one unusual and possibly quite bumpy transition into the Presidency. Highlighted here would be the hatred and vilified beliefs those in authority (Capricorn) harbor towards individuals who support gay and transgender rights, or towards those who identify themselves with specific races or religions deemed by those in authority as "dangerous".

Also, the presence of these aspects for President-elect Donald Trump at this lunation augurs some very strong astrological headwinds beginning in December with a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn opposing Trump's Mercury in Cancer. That poses strong communication challenges with Trump's followers as well as important issues in communities, such as equal rights and racism.

Further, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius (seeking out the truth) begins opposing Trump's Gemini Sun and lunar north node (freedom, immunity from personal actions) at year-end thru August. That's akin to strongly restricting or reining in the unpredictable freedom and more glib behavior any Gemini type holds dear. Because Trump was born at a Full Moon, Saturn conjuncts his otherwise optimistic Sagittarius Moon. This activates a soul searching of his deeper core beliefs regarding religion and spirituality. Both of these aspects can also portend legal challenges for him such as law suits (Saturn's authority vs Trump University's Sagittarian "higher education" intention).

At the same time as the Saturn transit, transiting Uranus in Aries will begin a year-long square to Trump's Saturn/Venus in Cancer (eg influencing significant upheavals in his direction/choices vs community and family needs, including issues such as affordable health care for all). Again ...very significant head winds appear here. This scenario reminds me of  similar astrological headwinds President Obama faced when he first came into office back in 2008...a time when he enjoyed, albeit temporarily, a strong popular vote mandate plus Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. By 2010 those "advantages" were swept away in the mid-term elections.

Again, in all respects, 2016's earlier potent cycles are now being catalyzed through this Taurus Full Moon's vibration. Hence, look for an intense 2017 as societal shifts/changes become further activated and amplified. 

Questions for contemplation/reflection for this supermoon lunation:
-What exactly do I value in my life?
-Am I in integrity with how I express these values in my external and internal actions?
-Am I a good steward for the Earth? Do I eat organically, support sustainable actions on land and sea, and consciously attune my lifestyle choices to a more sustainable existence?
-Do I fear the future (2017) or do I embrace current changes with passion, courage and determination?
-Do i intend to become more  active in the coming year in social causes? If so, how?

Synopsis: This Taurus supermoon is fueled by the intense personal planet retrogrades from this past April - June. In combination with other unusual aspects, this Full Moon becomes a theme builder  for the coming 2 months leading up to the US presidential inauguration. Strong headwinds are part of that path further amplifying  an already intense energetic field. This uptick in energy is similar to what President Obama experienced at the beginning of his 1st term in office back in 2008. How Donald Trump weather's these present challenges will reveal how global dynamics will unfold well into mid 2018.

To recap:
- Supermoon equals amplified energy
- strong Capricorn themes in play highlighting government, politics, business, law/regulations
- potential for strong Earth changes in the coming 2 weeks
- a time to ground/integrate
- a time to reassess what you value
- a time to reassess matters of integrity relative to your life choices and direction
- a time to nurture yourself by taking care of your body, mind and spirit

And on a personal note: I continue to explore new ways to blend aspects of energetic bodywork,  astrology and photography/imagery. By the end of the year, I am retiring the name "Gemini Awakening". "Core Activation" along with a new web site will replace it. To me, "Core Activation" better mirrors the type of work I'm now sharing in these 3 creative realms. Our inner essence is fueled by our soul level gifts and directives. Helping others to further attune to this core soul vibration through bodywork, astrological understanding and evocative imagery is my life mandate, passion and joy.

Specific to the astrological realm, I'll continue to post here  when I sense important astrological cycles, other than New or Full lunations, warrant further analysis.

Also, a number of clients have asked about my astrological consultations: Yes…I continue offering astrological consultations (schedule here) for anyone desiring to work consciously with these powerful on-going cycles, as well as better understand how you can further fuel/activate your core essence through your soul presence and life intention.

In closing, I'll share once again what I wrote last April at the outset of the personal planet retrograde surge: "we exist in highly transformative times where certainty is last in line, instability is a potent fuel for change, and “expect the unexpected” is the new norm. This on-going script is far from etched in stone. It’s being created consciously on the fly by you and many others. May your personal integrity, in alignment with your soul’s strength and direction, be your guiding light in these challenging and engaging times. May you create and manifest from an enriched state of awareness. Sat Nam."

In the spirit of building community, I invite you to leave your comments below.

Starman, Joseph Mina
November 12, 2016
Big Island, Hawai'i

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