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Top 10 Reasons this Solstice season says "Pay Attention": Weaving a New Dream

"Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Graphic by Joseph Mina; Center image by artist Eva Ruiz
Sobering times. Intensity in its most hideous form enters our awareness. This time it's Orlando Florida. Could have easily been Syria, Iraq, parts of Africa, China, or any number of other locations around the world. Senseless mayhem persists on a global scale, but then again, isn't all mayhem "senseless".

A little over a month ago, I wrote a piece for this blog titled "Top 10 Reasons Current Planetary Cycles are saying "Pay Attention".  In that piece I highlighted the unfolding retrogrades of Mars and Mercury, Venus' inner dance with the Sun, and Saturn's current on-going quest for the truth. The word "intensity" was sprinkled throughout the article.

No need here to opine about how the insatiable traditional and social media juggernauts fuel themselves with tragic events around the world. However, important to remember intensity comes in many flavors. As dark as something may appear, its opposite equally exists in the human consciousness. This coming solstice season offers you a choice between light and dark; higher vision
and emotional/mental drama; compassionate service and violence. Where the attention goes, the energy flows.

In general, astrological cycles convey the quality and intensity of how energy moves through the consciousness. Basically a cosmic weather report. And like any weather report your relationship with changing conditions through choices/decisions and a cycle's influence in your natal chart adds significance to how life unfolds/changes through and around you. The Solstice themes for the new season point to continued intensity. And for that very reason I feel motivated to write about what to energetically understand about this evolving, intense reality sweeping through humanity and our natural world.

And speaking of weather, news yesterday herald the month of May as the hottest weather month ever recorded. Let that sink in. Another month....another heat record. That's 13 months in a row! The vibrational pulse and natural dynamics of the planet are engaged and amplified, seemingly spinning faster and faster. Magnetic poles are now shifting on a time-line about which we have no understanding. Further, as the earth poles shift, same is true for our physical bodies. There is resonance here. "As above, so below." Have you noticed how quickly time seems to pass now? Remember, higher vibrational frequencies (spin) create more heat, intensity, and yes "chaos" on all levels of life. Interesting times we live in...interesting times.

The coming Solstice arrives on the 20th at 12:34 pm in Hawaii (3:34 PDT; 22:34 GMT). If you live in western Europe (France) or further east towards the International Date Line, Solstice occurs on the 21st. This change-over between the season occurs just 11 1/2 hours after the 4th Full Moon of the current season, adding an emotional exclamation point to the season just past, as well as the coming season.  So expanding on my last top 10 list, here's my top 10 for the coming Solstice season and why "paying attention" is in your highest interest.

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Note: you’ll need your astrological natal chart to determine which areas of life are most influenced by the following cycles. Also, depending on your overall astrological make-up, these cycles will have varying degrees of intensity in your life. 

Also, while I don't mention the current Uranus/Pluto cycle in my analysis, know that it's heightened intensity of ushering in new technological and social ways, while simultaneously dissolving old, tired, destructive political and business realities continues to control the flow of energy well into 2018.

1 - Motivated, action Mars, now in its home sign of Scorpio, continues its retrograde movement through the 29th of June. Did you see very bright Mars in the night sky near Scorpio at the end of May? Mars retrograde in either of its home signs of Aries or Scorpio marks a very intense, inward period of introspection. Sometimes, depending on how it aligns with one's natal chart, it fuels an energetic plunge into darkness. Tragic events in Orlando sure mirror that plunge. And I expect there will be more intensity over the coming 2 weeks as Mars nears its stationary point in the sky story.  Remember, Scorpio is all about the expression of "life force", both constructive and destructive. It fuels our intimate connections with others. Mars is now in mutual aspect or lock-step with Chiron in Pisces (healing on a global level). Hence, there is a strong healing directive in play to bring to conscious awareness the misuse of life force and its profound influences on the quality of life. Adding more fuel to this intensity...
2 - Saturn, now retrograde in Sagittarius, is amplifying internally a quest or desire for the truth and the higher meaning/purpose of life. Also, a heightened sensitivity, and in some circles a deeply rooted anger, exists (Saturn's square with Neptune) about the plight of those seen as oppressed and down-trodden. Hence, starting mid August...
3 - Mars returns to Sagittarius to meet Saturn at almost the very degree where the Mars Retrograde began back in late April. Mars/Saturn combination mirrors the challenges posed when a young, brash upstart warrior (Mars) meets a seasoned master (Saturn). The movie "Karate Kid" brings that dynamic to life. Same with the Netflix series "Marco Polo", which makes its season 2 debut July 1. Timing is so appropriate. Symbolically, Mars reports to Saturn about what has unfolded over the previous 4 months in the realms of achievement, initiatives, shared resources, trust, intimacy, death and rebirth, and religious/spiritual beliefs. And if that weren't enough...

4 - a mutable (changeable) grand cross in the solstice chart sets a strong theme for this coming season! The 4 points of this grand cross feature (start at bottom-left of chart, then counter-clockwise) Mercury in its home sign of Gemini (communication), Jupiter in Virgo (expansive optimism through service and heightened focus on your health), Saturn in Sagittarius (grounded reality/establishing the truth) and Neptune in its home sign of Pisces (the sea of oneness/world vision/peace). Grand Cross energy is (you guessed it) an intense energy configuration where 4 or more planetary aspects oppose or square the other members. Strong opposing/squaring dynamics always make for challenges and confusion. This form also seeks balance among its component parts. Hence, given the highly changeable nature of this form...
5 - expect a season of unpredictable opportunities and challenges when creating congruency in your life in the areas of communication, ideas and transportation, religion and spiritual beliefs, your health, and human connection and suffering. This process will become further amplified come...
6 - late August when Mercury stations retrograde in its home sign of Virgo, or completes its retrograde on Sept 21, just 9 hours before the Equinox. Your ability to clearly communicate your dreams for a healthier world, while integrating and grounding these concepts into a workable, practical form, is an inherent part of this process. And therein lies the challenge...
Heightened connection with 3,000 year old
Sugi Cedar on Japan's Yakushima Island
June 2016
7 - whenever Saturn and Neptune come into aspect with each other (every 8 years). Saturn wants to make your ideals real; Neptune wants you to merge your being into the oneness of everything. Reality and delusion; form and the formless; practicality and dreaming come together. As part of the grand cross, these seemingly incompatible forces activates a higher conscious awareness in their quest to find a balance point on the global, national, cultural, social and personal stages of life. That's some juicy dynamics, especially in a world that is rapidly changing into some undefined form. Fortunately...
8 - Venus in the Solstice chart appears close to the Sun in Cancer and opposite the Moon in Capricorn. Venus in Cancer points to creating a healthier, more nurtured reality for yourself, family, and your community. Yet, that Capricorn Moon in a very Saturn-ruled way says "let's make this real". Which circles back to...
9 - Saturn and Neptune. Saturn rules Capricorn, while Neptune represents the higher octave of Venus. While it's a wonderful concept to mentally embrace our oneness with all life, making it real, organic and integrated into the body consciousness is an on-going challenge, especially because as a human race, we have not yet fully integrated the vibration of "oneness" into our human bodily form. Hence, experiencing separation is far easier than intimately knowing oneness. If we knew across all cultural lines "oneness" on an organic, bodily level, this world reality would be vastly different and much more uplifting...
10 - and therein lies the know on a full body level that oneness with all life; with spirit. Literally weaving a new dream that integrates on a bodily level life's higher vibrations and mysteries.

As a body/energyworker for the past 24 years, I have come to embrace and continue to promote the value of regularly receiving energy work that nurtures your body and helps you integrate new body strategies for this heightened time. See below for suggestions regarding bodywork modalities.

It stands to reason higher vibrational frequencies require the human bodily form to adapt and match that heightened pace or vibration. This applies to everyone, including infants to the eldest in our society. Otherwise, much like the erratic movements of a moth that moves ever closer to the light, the continued acceleration of the Earth's energy fields may prove too much for our physical bodily form. In turn, internal degeneration processes will accelerate that literally diminish our quality of life. The significant increase in disease diagnosis, medical intervention and related drugs are powerful indicators of this phenomena now underway. The choice is yours. This coming season will be a powerful stage for action, healing and renewal on all levels of consciousness.

Here are questions for contemplation and reflection this Solstice season:
-What new dream(s) and desire(s) am I ready to weave into my life?
-How can I better strengthen and nurture my body in this time of great change?
-How do I intend to integrate these dreams into my real world experiences?
-What new ways can I be of greater service to humanity in congruency with how I live my life.
-What needs to change to create greater congruency between what I say and what I do.
-How can I communicate more effectively my vision for a healthier world?
Suggestions for this solstice season:
- Take action: Mercury in Gemini says explore possibilities in an engaging, playful way.
- Bring your focused attention to what you desire and hold most dear to your heart. What needs to change or heal in your life to allow greater receptivity and integration within your body?
- Be aware of what is meaningful or no longer meaningful in your life. What is ready to change in this realm to allow greater congruency with your integral self?
- Receive bodywork via gentle massage, acupuncture, chiropractic (I'm a huge fan and receiver of Network Spinal Analysis), cranio-sacral therapy etc. Allow your body to show you the way.
- See yourself as an essential member of the human family, sharing your unique gifts throughout the world.

Sat Nam

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Starman, Joseph Mina
June 17, 2016

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