Friday, May 6, 2016

Top 10 reasons current planetary cycles are saying "Pay Attention"

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” Deepak Chopra (1947 - )

Taurus New Moon occurs on May 6 or 7th depending on your locale. But I’m not surfacing to write about that lunation…there are other astrologers doing so. Rather, I’m here to weigh-in on the more significant astrological cycles now very strongly in play through early July and rippling outward through the end of August.

The other day en route to Japan I was pondering the tumultuous state of the world’s current affairs. As an astrologer, I instinctively compare events with the influences of the current planetary cycles. Recently, friends, acquaintances and clients have been asking or telling me "What is going on?", "I feel so unproductive",  "Is Mercury Retrograde?".

Well yes, a lot is going on energetically, however its triggers are much more than Mercury Retrograde, or even the bigger generational cycle of Uranus square Pluto or Neptune in Pisces. An unusual spate of mystically connected astrological cycles and influences have recently come together in related signs, accentuating and directing the energetic flow inward...inward...inward.

On this astrological stage you’ll find all the personal planets, namely Mercury, Venus, and Mars, moving decidedly inward in unusually  strong and interconnected ways. More so, personal planet cycles have an amplified influence on…you guessed it...You!!! Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarian and Gemini types pay particular attention!!!

And while personal planetary cycles are usually quick passages due to their relatively fast
motion across the zodiac,  concurrent retrograde or similar type movements have slowed down this effect considerably. As such, I consider these cycles to be 2016's most significant and intense. Here's the top 10 reasons why:

Note: you’ll need your astrological natal chart to determine which areas of life are most influenced by these cycles. Also, depending on your overall astrological make-up, these cycles will have varying degrees of intensity in your energetic field.

1. We begin with Mars retrograde. Happens every 2 to 2 1/2 years. This retrograde or inward cycle began on April 17th and continues in that direction until June 29th; Mars remains in this shadow realm until August 22nd. Archetypal Mars is about action, beginnings, achievement, and initiative. When retrograde, those tendencies are turned strongly inward, literally dampening initiative and heightened accomplishment and sometimes giving rise to feelings of frustration, aggression or conflict. Feeling stymied at the moment? This reverse motion started in…

2. truth seeking Sagittarius on April 17, initiating an examination of how you maintain personal integrity in a truthful, moral fashion while achieving and manifesting in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. The recent highly acclaimed movie “the Big Short” cuts right to the chase about the shadow side of this energy. And speaking of “shadow”…

3. Mars continues its reverse motion entering its home underworld of Scorpio on May 27th through August 2nd. Last time Mars retrograded strongly in Sagittarius/Scorpio was 1937. In this realm you further examine your relationship with personal integrity from the perspective of your most intimate connections. That inward review includes the ever challenging Scorpio realms of shared resources, trust and intimacy. In retrograde, past unresolved issues of betrayal (trust), failed investments or loans (shared resources) and guarded secrets (intimate sharing) may arise for healing and completion. While that’s a tall task, it’s further compounded by…

4. Mercury retrograde through May 22nd in Scorpio's opposite sign, namely Taurus. In case you hadn’t noticed, Mercury began its inward retrograde motion last week (Apr 28) in Taurus'  sensuous, earthly realm of values and possessions. Further, it entered this shadow kingdom on the same day (April 14) extreme earthquakes shook Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Archetypal Mercury is about the movement of energy in the realms of ideas, communication and commerce. Networking too comes under that umbrella. Here, a distinct energetic shift occurs from the world of “logic” to the unpredictable realms of spontaneity, serendipity and changeability. “Expect the unexpected” is a good mantra during this time. Hence, travel, plans, agreements, communication, machine operation and other related items are activated in confounding ways, perhaps strongly testing your ability to move with the unpredictable flow. And speaking of the flow, Mercury will soon realize…

5. earthly Taurus just doesn’t like to move in that fashion creating critical tension. Taurus the Bull is usually slow, calculated, steady and may appear stubborn to others.  Taurus qualities include sensuality, natural world, food, beauty, values, self-esteem, possessions and money. This retrograde began opposite the exact degree where the Mars retrograde will end (23°), and both in mutual aspect to the healing vibes of Chiron in Pisces. Hence, Taurus qualities merge with the aforementioned Scorpio qualities to create quite the energetic healing soup. There is strong transmission here (AKA 2 retrogrades feeding off each other) between the realms of communication and action/initiative. In other words…

6. be very clear how you communicate with others when attempting to navigate the challenging Scorpio realms of trust, intimacy and shared resources. And if you are considering entering into any sort of meaningful financial or relationship agreements during this period…WAIT until at least the end of June because…

7. there’s strong eclipse energy in this retrograde mix courtesy of Mercury making a rare transit across the Sun on May 9th (yes it will be visible for much of the world). Only happens 13 times a century. Next one is 2019. This transit symbolically carries the same vibration of a solar eclipse, taking this retrograde to a whole other level of inward, reflective intensity. Meanwhile if that weren’t enough to consider…

8. Mars will be the closest to the Earth on May 22nd at 2° Sagittarius and conjunct the Sagittarius Full Moon. This is Mars’ closest passage to Earth since 2005. Also, Mercury stations direct that day!! Given the Full Moon energy, that's quite an emotionally charged day. Much brighter in the sky than usual, ruddy Mars rising that day with the Moon symbolically reminds us greater emotional intensity than usual is at play on all levels of awareness (personal, social and global). When consciously used with integrity, personal or group intensity is a powerful engaging force for positive, effective change. This Mars inward shift encourages you to explore how to develop or use this higher, more compassionate moral ground to effect positive change, especially starting in July when Mars is direct. Otherwise, you’ll have a Saturn lesson waiting for you when Mars and Saturn meet on...

9. August 24th at the same degree where the Mars retrograde began in April (9°Sagittarius). Saturn’s focus is rules, politics, organization and business. When young upstart Mars meets the old warrior Saturn (think “Karate Kid”; Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders vs the established political structures) there is usually a clash about how to approach any engaging situation in these Capricorn realities. Given the highly intense path of Mars during May through July outlined above, I wonder what energetic transmissions Mars will symbolically impart to Saturn about current political and business events. For example, given the crazy political climate now underway in the United States, this dynamic has the potential to fuel political theater unlike ever before seen. And if that weren’t enough, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention…

10. Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra (relationships) is now moving towards superior conjunction (moving behind the Sun from Earth’s vantage point). This phase represents archetypal Venus’ 2 month symbolic plunge into the underworld to redefine herself. She’ll emerge in the western sky as an evening star come early July. In the interim, this is especially a strong inward time for the feminine, and (just like her usual retrograde cycle) not a conducive/supportive period for marrying, starting or deepening a relationship! You may want to read that sentence again. Most importantly, Venus now transits through her home sign of Taurus (see Taurus qualities above), moving towards a very potent energetic meet-up with (OK, I need an 11th point says trickster Gemini)…

11. the Sun in highly mutable, changeable Gemini on June 6th. That celestial party includes: jubilant Jupiter in Virgo, nebulous Neptune in Pisces and stoic Saturn in Sagittarius. This is truly a meeting of strong conflicting energies. Mutable energy is highly changeable and unpredictable (given the above 10 points, how could it be otherwise???). The activation point for this mash-up occurs next week on May 13th when Venus meets Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury rules Venus’ ultimate Gemini destination with the Sun, and Mercury is now traveling through Venus’ Taurus home turf, there is a strong interconnection here between the Taurus realms of earth, body, money and the Gemini realms of communication, information and ideas. What that ultimately looks like in our 3d realm is anyone’s guess…my perspective points to significant environmental and health issues with a strong dash of relationship delusion surfacing for clarification and healing. If you have other thoughts, please post in the comment section below.

Questions for contemplation/reflection:
-How do I achieve or initiate new endeavors in my life? Does it deplete or inspire me? Am I acting as such with integrity? Am I overachieving?
-What remains energetically unfinished in my life related to trust, shared resources and intimacy with others?
-How can I communicate my desires and needs to my most intimate connections in a more uplifting and compassionate manner?
-How can I create a more nurturing, compassionate world for myself and others?

To recap:
- All personal planets are in an unusually heightened inward phase.
- Mercury remains in retrograde until May 22, and in the shadow realm through June 7
- Mercury transits the Sun on May 9th
- Mars remains in retrograde thru June 29th, and in its shadow realm through Aug 22
- Mars is at brightest and opposition with Sun on Full Moon day May 22
- Venus in Superior Conjunction (just like a retrograde) through early July
- Venus meets Mercury Retrograde May 13
- Venus meets Sun in Gemini June 6 just before Mercury leaves retro shadow
-  Inward...inward...inward you go!

And on a personal note: I continue to explore new ways to blend aspects of photography/imagery, astrology and bodywork. I value all these personal gifts. I'm exploring many options for expanding my reach to others in these venues. In the astrological realm I'll continue to post here  when I sense important cycles other than regular lunations warrant further analysis. Also, a number of clients have asked about astrological consultations: Yes…I continue offering astrological consultations for anyone desiring to work consciously with these powerful on-going cycles.

And with that, I once again remind you we exist in highly transformative times where certainty is last in line, instability is a potent fuel for change, and “expect the unexpected” is the new norm. This on-going script is far from etched in stone. It’s being created consciously on the fly by you and many others. May your personal integrity, in alignment with your soul’s strength and direction, be your guiding light in these challenging and engaging times. May you create and manifest from an enriched state of awareness. Sat Nam.

Aloha from Tokyo and the Land of the Rising Sun
Starman, Joseph Mina
May 6, 2016

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