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Astrology September 2013: Resetting the Balance

September 2013 Astrology by Kathryn Andren Mina

Saturn Sentinel©2013 by Kathryn Andren Mina
Aloha from Gemini Awakening on the island of Hawaii. Here is astrology news you can use for the month of September 2013, featuring:
- Virgo New Moon September 5
- Mars in Leo square serious Saturn in Scorpio, peaks September 9
- Pisces Full Moon September 19
- Equinox September 22
- Love Planets Venus and Mars square off; peaks September 28

This month, meet Gemini Awakening on the move!  Details here:
- September 27 - 29 private sessions with Kathryn at Aquarius Sanctuary in Littleton MA
- October 2, “Astrology and You” women’s gathering with Kathryn in Warwick NY.
- October 2 - 3 Astrology talk: “Uranus and Pluto:The Great Transformation” with Joseph near Philadelphia PA (TBA).
- October 5 Gemini Awakening featured 4 hour workshop with Kathryn and Joseph: “Astrology and You” at the office of Dr. David Mehler DC, “Vikaz” in NYC. Check here for details and registration.

September is a transitional month preparing us the coming new season and a series of very strong planetary retrogrades with Mercury, Venus and Mars
through mid-2014. Here's our latest video highlighting this month's astrological events.

New Moon in Virgo 
September 5, 2013 1:36am HI, 4:36 am Pacific

Here's the New Moon Chart:

Sun and Moon in earthy Virgo focuses on discernment. This is a time to be super selective on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  What are you paying attention to? Energy goes and attention flows so be focused with your attention. Choose companions who are of same vibration or higher. Be selective with your company, as well as diet, news and media. Reflect on what really feeds you and what you choose to feed yourself. Virgo relates to digestion and assimilation. Be selective and take in only what is good for you, leave the rest behind.

This Virgo New Moon creates a supportive trine to powerful Pluto in Capricorn. This is a time to get stuff done, take care of details, and energize and upgrade how you organize your life. On this New Moon day, Sun and Moon are directly opposite the healing point Chiron, so there is added fuel this week to be extra attentive to health and health concerns. As Saturn continues in secretive Scorpio though most of 2014, it’s a time to go deeper and see beneath the surface of things. Jupiter in caring Cancer, along with Saturn in Scorpio, brings an added depth and expansion to the theme of nurturing self care.

"Motivated Mars" in Leo squares "Serious Saturn" in Scorpio
In the first two weeks of September, Mars and Saturn square off. The exact peak is September 9th at 7° Leo/Scorpio. This aspect reflects “how do I assert my energy from the heart and how can I share the depth and breath of my resources with others?”  Tensions are building on the world stage (again). Mars in Leo asks “do I direct my energy from ego or the heart?” Saturn in Scorpio asks “who’s the boss?” “If we are in this together, we must share resources and responsibilities.”

Full Moon in Pisces
September 19, 2013 Full Moon in Pisces 1:12am HI, 4:12am Pacific

Here's the Full Moon chart:

On September 18, just a day before the Full Moon, Moon meets Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This is a sweet connection for attuning to music, art and poetry. Rest and relax but don’t get lost in the Piscean cosmic sea of oneness! Also, this period is one of heightened emotional sensitivity due to the strong Piscean influence. Take quiet time for yourself to integrate the energy.

At Full Moon the next day, Pisces illuminates the experience of oneness, dissolving borders and boundaries. A potent planetary pattern at this lunation is Venus and Saturn exact on the North Node (destiny point) at 8 Scorpio.  With Venus and Saturn conjoined in Scorpio at the destiny point there is an invitation to really dig deep. See beneath the surface of things. Who do you love? What do you love? And how do you share intimacy with others?

These planets are in close trine to Chiron (healing archetype) in Pisces and in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This represents an invitation to consider how you manage your resources and share from the compassion of your heart. This timing may offer opportunity for reflection on the ways you may have surrendered or given up of self, and how can you embody your inner authority and power in a heartfelt space with healthy boundaries.

On September 20th, Moon moves into Aries and meets Uranus at 11° Aries on the same day powerful Pluto stations direct near 9° Capricorn. Today there is an added emphasis to turn a corner and get things moving in the areas of individuality and authority. These energetic themes remain a grand theme into 2015. The next Pluto Uranus square is on November 1st. See our previous updates on the Uranus Pluto square discussion here.

Equinox - September 22 at 1:44 pm PDT (23rd in India, east to the International Date Line)

As the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Libra, once again we're reminded not only about the change of season, but also of the transformational times in which we live. With Uranus and Pluto both in the Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn, respectively, the Sun's presence in a Cardinal sign adds more fuel to this potent combo. This dynamic will continue to be true at the start of any season through early 2015, when Uranus and Pluto end their current multi-square encounter.

At this Equinox point, how do you want to re-balance yourself? In what new ways are you ready to share your gifts with the world? What changes do you need to make to embrace this sea of change? These are potent questions for this coming season.

Venus and Mars: 

Love planets Venus and Mars Square off in late September into early October. Venus in Scorpio adds intensity and energetic fuel, while Mars in Leo asserts energy from the heart. “My way or the highway?” can be a harsh expression in this square. Hence, be extra compassionate with loved ones near the end of the month as this alignment is exact September 28th, (this short cycle lasts between Sept 24 - Oct 4).

Further, the heat is on September 30th, as Leo Moon meets Mars bringing more emotional intensity into this dynamic. This energy lightens after New Moon in Libra October 4th.

Keep eyes on the sky the first two weeks of September.  Brilliant Venus approaches steady Saturn in the West just after sunset. On the 8th to the 10th, watch as the waxing Crescent Moon joins this sky geometry.

Make sure you are registered to receive free monthly astrology updates by signing up directly on the Gemini Awakening home page. Next month’s astrology includes a Mercury Retrograde beginning October 21 through November 10 2013  (18 to 2° Scorpio.) Stay tuned for more astrology news you can use from Gemini Awakening.

Next update: Astrology for October 2013

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Kathryn Andren Mina

with Starman, Joseph Mina
September 3, 2013
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