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Capricorn New Moon January 11: Respect Yourself

January 2013 Astrology Update by Kathryn Andren Mina

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This month's Gemini Awakening Astrology Update covers Astrology news you can use for the Capricorn New Moon on January 11, 2013. (9:43 AM Hawaiian time, 11:43 AM Pacific, GMT 7:43 pm), and on the 12th from Nepal east to the International Date Line.

January 2013 Astrology begins with a high concentration of the Capricorn vibration and peaks with five planets in Capricorn on the New Moon January 11.  Wow, that’s plenty of planets in one earth sign!  Sun, Pluto and Mercury are in Capricorn at the turn of the year. Pressure is on to get organized and down to Earth. Then, Venus and the Moon add more to the mix as they enter the sign of Capricorn January 9th.

A grouping of three or more planets conjoined in the same sign is called a stellium. Several stelliums occur early in the year for Astrology 2013. Now, let’s consider the New Moon and concentrated Capricorn vibration.

Capricorn relates to rules, finance, business, structure, law, politics, government, and order.  Work hard and play hard is a theme for Capricorn.  “Make hay while the sun shines” mirrors the Capricorn desire for efficiency. This New Moon may be an opportunity to contemplate your relationship to rules and

authority, including your own inner authority. Capricorn demands respect.  Create a ritual this New Moon to consider your achievements and congratulate yourself for a job well done!

RESPECT Yourself

For example: Way to go Gemini Awakening for offering astrology services for over a decade! Our first Interactive Astrology classes began in January 2002 and Joseph Mina started a monthly email “Starman Astrology Updates”.  

Later, from 2007 - 2009, Kathryn and Joseph together produced a series of Podcasts called the Gemini Awakening Astrology Show, a 30 minute engaging audio visual presentation, released each and every New and Full Moon.

2010 (and the “Cardinal Climax) brought changes in presentation. Now we offer multi media astrology videos and continue to evolve the Gemini Astrology Updates.  Look for more videos, consultations and classes this year on our web site.

Capricorn appreciates acknowledgement, so with this month's huge Capricorn vibe, take some time to pat yourself on the back! You can show someone you care by complimenting their achievements.

Look at your own astrology chart to find Capricorn and see what house or area of life is energized by this New Moon. This is a perfect time to plant new seeds in the spirit of taking care of business and getting organized for the New Year.   Learn more from the Interactive astrology e-book, Manifesting By the Light of the Moon, A Journey through the Zodiac. order by e-mail here.

Here are some more details for the Capricorn New Moon.

Here's the Full Moon chart

Planets in an astrology chart are marked 0 - 29 degrees as they transit through each sign, just like passing mile markers on a highway. Here is the line up for Capricorn New Moon 2013

Venus 3
Pluto 9
Mercury 17°
Sun and Moon at 21° 

Mid January, 4 planets remain in Capricorn though January 18th. Use it or loose it!

Saturn is the ruler for Capricorn. Saturn is at 10
° Scorpio in square relationship to Mars at 13° Aquarius.  This pattern along with the continued Uranus - Pluto square  challenges tradition and order (Uranus - Pluto remains in aspect til 2015!).  What are new rules we create for the collective: society, governments or community?  It is no longer business as usual.  All that Capricorn wants to do is dig in its heels. This New Moon instigates. It is time again to get out of the box to be of greater service individually and collectively. "Out with the old!" says this Capricorn New Moon.

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Next Update: Leo Full Moon January 26th

Blessings for a bright New Year!

Aloha from Hawaii Island, Kathryn Andren Mina
Honaunau, Hawaii
January 8, 2013

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