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Leo Full Moon Jan 26: Heart Awakening

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don't you?”
― Rumi

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by Kathryn Andren Mina

Leo Full Moon is January 26, 2013 at 6:38 PM in Hawaii and 8:38 in the Pacific time zone. Leo Full Moon illuminates heart felt playfulness.  How creative are you?  Who are your playmates? Allow yourself some time and space this weekend to go play!  This expressive and playful spirit of Leo Full Moon is also strongly supported by Uranus in early Aries and Jupiter in Gemini.  Expect the unexpected and be open to new opportunity, as things may happen quickly.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun. Sun is at 7° Aquarius, near Mercury at 13° Aquarius.  With magnetic Mercury involved, this implies fuel for creative expression and conscious communication. 

Sun and Mercury in Aquarius opposite Leo Full Moon create a square to serious Saturn at 11° Scorpio (see Full Moon chart below). What is the meaning when planets create a T-square?  Saturn suggests a reality check, to stay grounded
and down to earth. Saturn in Scorpio invites you to dig deep emotionally (Saturn is in Scorpio for another two years, folks!).  The planetary patterns this Full Moon offer the opportunity to ask
yourself,  “Am I being true to my hearts desire?  Am I communicating clearly from the heart? What can I generously offer my friends and social connections?”

Here is the Full Moon chart:

Consciously connect to the Full Moon by viewing it in the night sky. Also, check out where 7° Leo falls in your personal birth chart. Those of you who have planetary placements at 0 - 15° of the Fixed Signs in your chart may particularly resonate with the themes above. The fixed signs are those that fall in the middle of each season, i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Let yourself be seen on the Leo Full Moon. Leo is naturally warm and charismatic. What are your leadership qualities? In what area do you shine? How can you generously share your gifts in a way that is uplifting in your social circles and friendships?  Consider the concept of cultivating heartfelt charisma, without the shadow of deficient ego.

More Astrology this week:

Just days after Leo Full Moon, Jupiter, the planet of blessings, stations direct at 6° Gemini on January 30th.  Keep your eyes on the sky near the constellations of the Bull and the Twins to find bright Jupiter shortly after sunset in the eastern sky.

Starman, Joseph Mina says
Jupiter in Gemini (1) is essentially not moving at this time as it prepares to return to direct motion on the 30th. Jupiter exudes an optimistic, expansive presence. In Gemini it also evokes a playful, somewhat frivolous, or throw caution to the wind vibe.

Yet, since December 4, Jupiter has been in square to the healing vibe of Chiron in Pisces (2). This is mighty sensitive terrain being traversed by these two slow moving planetary energies. 

Jupiter has this optimistic mojo, while Chiron in Pisces focuses on feeling/healing the wound. As this Full Moon brings its light to the realm of the heart, potent heart felt feelings are activated for this lunar cycle.

Ever been wounded in love, especially after going past obvious stop signs in very unpredictable, Gemini-like fashion? Well this duo dregs up this type of stuff...not to depress you...but to clear it out of the inner walls of your emotional heart. Natal Chart Alert!!!: if you have any strong planetary natal placements in early to mid degrees (5 to 15°)  of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces), this on-going square is knocking on the doors of your heart. Best to let it in to work its inner magic and open new passageways of the emotional realm. Ignoring it just won't energetically work.

Due to their slow movement in the zodiac, this dynamic duo will be in square aspect until May 7th. The good news...Jupiter moves forward providing plenty of impetus for cleaning up the past, opening new portals of optimism and passion, and in Gemini fashion, inviting in a more playful essence. Chiron helps you to deepen your connection to the sensitive heart.

In the meantime, Jupiter's current stationary position with Chiron builds the necessary critical tension to move some old stagnant energy within your core.  

And as importantly, since we're talking about Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury,...this stationary time period (until mid-February) can feel like all the makings of a pseudo Mercury Retrograde. 

For example: have you been noticing over the past few weeks unexpected barriers, blocks, out of proportion miscommunication and/or misunderstanding, unusual change of plans, more intense inward direction of energy, spontaneous optimistic urges that make no sense...some of the above...all of the above??

Well, come early February, expansive Jupiter moving direct ought to begin releasing quite a bit of pent up energy in these areas. This will be a time to collaborate, create synergy and think expansively about how you want to participate in this quickening vibration now sweeping the planet. In the meantime...patience, compassion, and attention to body care are your allies. In turn, allow yourself to fully feel your heart driven desires...making room for new expressions of the heart.

A Preview for Potent Pisces: Astrology for February and March 2013
- February 1st, Mars enters Pisces

- Mars meets Neptune in Pisces February 4th and conjoins Chiron February 12.   - Many planets conjoin in poetic Pisces from February 5 - March 22.  
- As Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, it symbolizes the cosmic ocean of oneness.  Don’t get lost at sea!
- Mercury Retrograde in Pisces begins on Feb 22 (more in our next update).
- Virgo Full Moon and Venus enters Pisces Feb 25/26

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Aloha from Hawaii Island,
Kathryn Andren Mina
Honaunau, Hawaii
January 25, 2013

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