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Cancer Full Moon Dec 28: Activation and Awakening 2013

"Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm."
Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832) English Writer

"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood."
Henry Miller (1891-1980) American writer and painter

Solstice Sunrise, City of Refuge, Hawaii by Joseph Mina
Well we're finally on the other side of 12/21/12. While the jury is out about the long term effects and influences of the Mayan Calendar's shift from one energy form into another, 12/21 has brought together many people to celebrate our place in this moment of time, as well as bringing focus and direction for creating a healthier, inter-dependant world society.

Yet, as I wrote in our last update for the Sagittarius New Moon, the energy dynamics for this Full Moon are much more significant (and intense) than the astrological dynamics for 12/21/12.

As this is the first Full Moon of the current season, and its energy occurs during
an 18 month period where the Full Moon precedes the New Moon (active until August 2013), I consider this Full Moon dynamics an important theme setter for the coming 3 months.

The Moon reaches the fullness of its lunation on December 28th shortly after midnight in Hawaii, 2:21 am on the West Coast, and 10:21 GMT.  This lunation packs an energetic wallop that says "pay attention".

The sign of Cancer embraces the qualities of nurturing care, family, private life and community. It is ruled by the Moon. Hence, this Full Moon further amplifies these qualities bringing greater attraction to these areas of life. Of course, the shadow side of taking care of others, but not self, dysfunctional family energy, lack of privacy and fractured community also become amplified. In our 24/7 news world, "amplified" has taken on a new meaning, easily stimulating the positive and not so positive Cancer qualities.

Full Moon Synopsis: For those looking for the quick download: once again Uranus/Pluto's dynamic potency are activated by the Sun's movement into a Cardinal sign. This time the Sun positions next to transformative Pluto at Full Moon. Observe the news and you'll see this tension of radical change (Uranus) and meltdown (Pluto) magnified over the coming days.  That critical tension is well underway in the US Congress, Syria, and other parts of the world.

Beneath this transformative energy lies a deep water vibration that points to cleansing/purification and increased emotional awareness. These combined planetary cycles trigger strong questions and events about the future direction of life on Earth, our place in the bigger scheme of things, and a desire to effect significant positive, change despite the confusing and still to be defined long term path. Welcome to 2013 and the year of significant global shifts.

For anyone wanting a more in-depth understanding of this Full Moon's dynamics, here's the 411: 

Full Moon chart:

What catches my attention in the Full Moon chart are three significant, interlocking energy patterns. Briefly, they are: Grand Water Trine and Kite, T-Square, and a Yod. As a collective statement, we are in for a potent ride over the coming three months in the realms of transformation, renewal and unexpected, new direction. In turn, these shifting currents will effect the overall flow of energy for 2013 and beyond. Confusion about "what could possibly be next???" may become a resounding influence for 2013.

For anyone new to Astrology, these 4 energy configurations represent:

- Grand Trine includes at least 3 planetary energies in the same element, 120° apart from each other. In this case, the 3 elements are in water signs making this a Grand Water Trine. This energy can be easy or challenging. Easy = flowing; challenging = non-motivating, lulling one into inaction.

- Kite is an extension of the Grand Trine. Here, one or more planetary elements oppose one of the 3 members of the Grand Trine. Its geometry reminds me of an archer pulling back on the string of a bow, directing the arrow with great focus to a specific target.

- T-Square represents an energy configuration of 3 or more planetary energies that includes 2 squares and an opposition. Its geometry resembles a "see-saw". As the focus is directed to the fulcrum of the configuration, its energy is unstable. For those not "see-saw" savvy, maintaining balance is not an easy task.

- Yod configuration is the true odd-ball of astrology. In short, it represents an energy configuration (elongated triangle) that implies a state of paradox or surrender usually associated with the Hangman card in the Tarot.

The following charts illustrate the above configurations individually. I separated them to make it easier to understand their respective themes. Also, seeing them apart demonstrates how each geometry contributes to the whole during this Full Moon lunation. Note: Anyone with early degree (0 to 12°) placements in any zodiac sign will experience on a deeper level the influence of one or more of the following planetary cycles:

Chart A illustrates the Kite/Grand Water Trine. Its members:
- Healing vibe of Chiron at 5° Pisces
- Structured Saturn at 9° Scorpio
- Emotional Moon at 7° Cancer.
- Transformative Pluto and the Intense Sun at 9° and 7° Capricorn, respectively.

The Grand Water Trine (green lines) implies the energy of emotional healing (Chiron/Pisces) supported by going inward with focus and intent into the realm of life force (Saturn/Scorpio). In turn, this deepens how you nurture yourself and those close to you (Moon/Cancer). This state requires decisive action on your part (see Kite below). Otherwise, this energy can prove challenging due to the trine's passive tendencies. Hence, indecisiveness, hesitation or inaction can work to your disadvantage.

The Kite activation occurs courtesy of Sun and Pluto in Capricorn near the top of the chart, directing their potent transformational intensity toward the Cancer Moon.
On the surface, there is a strong encouragement to act with passion, determination and courage to melt down any obstacles that stand in the way of a more inclusive, nurturing world. However, Pluto's close proximity to the Sun points to a secretive and controlling vibration also at play. Hence, use discernment before "boldly going where no one has gone before" as you explore options and opportunities in the realms of self-care, family and community.

On a larger scale and stage, "water events" come to mind when I ponder this Kite configuration. Since Neptune entered its home sign of Pisces in April 2011 we have seen major water events, including drought, strongly affecting various areas of the Earth and inducing environmental purification.This Kite/Water Trine, thanks to Pluto and Chiron, carries that same vibration. Perhaps not a surprise the Movie "Chasing Ice" recently made its debut. Our planet is shifting its natural vibration in unexpected ways. The result may prove quite challenging and more revealing as more and more heat is added to the Planet's surface. One possible outcome: elevated tides and coastal flooding.

Chart B illustrates the T-Square. Since Uranus/Pluto began their 3 1/2 year square intensity in 2011, any planetary energy moving into the Cardinal signs of Cancer or Libra triggers a 2nd square to either Uranus or Pluto, respectively, thus creating the T-square

While any T-square is inherently unstable, Uranus by its "out of the blue", unpredictable nature adds even more instability to the mix. A good example is the continuing upheaval in Egypt, Syria and the USA political scene. 

In this particular version, Uranus in Aries becomes the fulcrum for the Pluto/Sun<>Moon opposition. Note, this opposition is also the same directional force found in the Kite previously described, amplifying both the Kite and T-square energies. From this dynamic comes the following questions:

What radical, transformative shifts/changes are you ready to make in 2013 to deepen how you:  

- nurture yourself?
- de-clutter and improve your home surroundings?
- create a more conscious community?

On a larger stage, the "fiscal cliff" negotiations in the USA point to the inner workings of Uranus/Pluto. Here, the wheels of government (Capricorn) potentially come to a sudden halt due to rebellious factions (Aries) ready to meltdown (Pluto) the conventional structure, regardless of its implications (Uranus). Meanwhile, Egyptian citizens contemplate a new Constitution (Uranus/Aries) devised in secretive ways (Pluto/Capricorn) by the ruling party. The next few weeks will be important indicators for how this tension evolves in 2013 across the globe.

Further, add a Cancer Full Moon to the equation and voila...significant questions arise about the emotional and economic health and well-being of local communities, especially in the face of strong budget cuts by governments and corporations (Capricorn). This very same vibration can be seen unfolding presently in various countries in the world. 2013 with its two Uranus/Pluto squares in May and early November will be potent defining points for where this confusion is headed.

Chart C illustrates the Yod configuration and includes a square to Chiron from expansive Jupiter. Here, Saturn and Pluto are directing their energy to expansive Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter is now positioned near the same point as last month's Gemini Full Moon, further activating that potent Moon's vibration.

Yod energy directs us into a place of surrendering to a higher Universal intention. On the other side of the paradox lies liberation and an expanded sense of self in relation to the greater mysteries. In this instance, Saturn and Pluto's sextile interaction has been in play since they began a long-term (thru Sept 2013) sextile association back on November 6 (US Election Day). While the current Yod association with Jupiter continues on and off over the next 4 months, any planetary energy crossing early-mid degrees of Gemini between now and September will trigger the above Yod configuration. Here's what I shared about this Yod dynamic in our last update:

This Yod energy implies taking a different or unconventional approach. Saturn says "make it real", Pluto says "bring it from the depths of your being". Otherwise, false or distorted information fuels Jupiter's optimistic nature, creating hyperbole and ungrounded energy. In turn, this leads to the shadow side of Chiron/Neptune and its delusional, misleading elements.  

Bringing it all together: combined, these 3 planetary energy configurations look like this:

While this may appear like a confounding maize of energy, remember there is a synergistic relationship between the various component parts. These forces have profound implications for social and generational changes and shifts occurring over the coming months.

Conclusion: navigating these cycles requires the ability to: 
- be fully present with shifting trends and unexpected change, 
- surrender to a higher flow if the moment presents itself, 
- stay out of emotional fear patterns,  
- be open to new possibilities and opportunities, 
- and most especially let go, or come to peace, with areas in your personal, family and community life generating struggle and inner discord

I view this Full Moon cycle as a strong indicator for how 2013 will unfold. Since lunation cycles cover a two week period, pay particular attention over the next 14 days about what flows easily for you versus what is challenging and not supportive of a more peaceful existence. What you observe will provide a good road map for navigating the 2013 energies in your world.

From the major solar, lunar and planetary eclipse energies activated over the past 7 months the pace of life has indeed quickened and our social and emotional inter-connections deepened. The 2013 bell of awakening has sounded. How will you respond to its transformative call?

Warmest wishes and good fortune for the coming year. As we say in Hawaii, "hau'oli makahiki hou". Happy New Year.

Next Update: Capricorn New Moon, January 11.

Aloha from Hawaii Island
Starman, Joseph Mina
December 27, 2012
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