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Capricorn Full Moon July 3: Priming the Pump

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe."
His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

"The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists."
Rev. Martin Luther King (1929-68)

Helter Skelter: Image by Joseph Mina
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Intensity fills the ethers. Nature leads the way with severe storms and drought, and in some areas life changing wild fires. An edginess is palpable. Creative juices bubble in anticipation. We are now in the astrological cardinal zone of new beginnings, transformation and radical change. There is no turning back. Even if we wanted to go in that direction the Universe would prove most uncooperative. In the words of Rumi, "the door is wide and open, don't go back to sleep".

Capricorn Full Moon arrives on July 3rd at 8:52 AM in Hawaii, 11:52 PDT, 6:52 PM UT, and on the 4th from Bangladesh east to the International Date Line. This is the first in a series of lunations through August 2013 where the Full Moon energy seeds the subsequent New Moon.

In short, we are accustomed to the New Moon seeding the Full Moon. When the opposite occurs every 14 to 20 months, greater depth from your Full Moon intentions is brought into

 the next New Moon theme. More detail about this lunation switch may be found in our last update.

"Pedal to the metal" astrology best describes the events of the past two months. Super Full Moon, Annular Eclipse, Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus retrograde and Sun transit, and the 1st of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares leaves this astrologer wanting a bit of an astrological break. In response, the Universe merely chuckles.

Synopsis: Capricorn and Gemini energy become amplified this lunation as the Moon reaches its full culmination close to transformational Pluto and square to Uranus in Aries. Meanwhile, expansive Jupiter and sensuous Venus in Gemini challenge Neptune and Chiron, respectively, in Pisces.

Hence, the next two weeks contains raw, primal, unpredictable fodder for amplifying the polarity between the status quo (Capricorn) and something new (Aries), while potentially exposing and amplifying your emotions (Pisces) in rather spontaneous, unsettling ways (Gemini). 

While this Capricorn/Aries theme may seem rather repetitive, it's one of the dominant backdrops to the unfolding life script over the next 3 years. In other words, it's here to stay...reminding you to follow your bliss, create a new reality beyond what your brain tells you is possible, and release the urge to create stability and security at the expense of following your heart's desires.

Near the end of this 2 week dose of raw Aries/Capricorn and undulating Gemini/Pisces chemistry, Mercury turns retrograde in the passion and heart driven fire energy of Leo. This 3 week journey of the heart brings the spotlight on your deepest desires.  More on this retro vibe in our next update early next week.

In the meantime, here are some effective strategies for this lunation, as well as thru the next 3 months: 
1. ground: follow practical down-to-earth pursuits that excite you.
2. For the next 2 months, choose out from mental debates in the realm of politics. If you live in the USA, remember there's plenty of time before November to hash out how you want to vote.
3. Receive body therapies that helps you keep your energy flowing.
4. Exercise; move your energy. Dance, practice Yoga, experience Pilates, flow with Tai Chi, expand with Chi Gong etc.
5. Focus on uplifting themes. Unless you are an energy junky, refrain from emotional drama (reread no. 2 above)
6. Eat foods that nourish and vitalize you. Refrain from addictive coffee/sugar tendencies that tend to amplify nervous energy and these strong planetary cycles
7. Be kind and practice compassion (good Dalai Lama suggestion)
8. Find quiet time for yourself to explore your creative urges and abilities.  
9. Surround yourself with friends who match your integral self and inspire you to stretch into a more expansive version of yourself.

Here's the Full Moon chart and more information about this lunation:

This particular Full Moon occurs at 12° Capricorn, essentially conjunct Pluto and square Uranus in Aries. The Moon brings an emotional fuel to this already combustible mix, reminding us, perhaps delusionally and nostalgically about "the good old days when life was simpler". 

Uranus and Pluto, explored in greater depth in our last update, are running this show in all respects. Rebellious Uranus in Aries says "change, regardless of the cost", while Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that the structures of the past (finances, business, politics, law) are collapsing to make way for something new and more up-to-date. It's within this transitional zone of energy you are now encouraged to walk in absolute trust and awareness.

Uranus begins its retrograde motion on the 13th, the day before Mercury Retrograde begins. When Uranus moves retrograde, it's surprising quirky nature becomes even more potent, if that's possible. Aha moments come in a blink of an eye. Surprising turn of events become commonplace. Uranus continues  retrograde until December 13.

As the Cardinal icing on this zodiacal cake, Mars leaves Virgo, where it has spent the past 8 months, and moves into the sign of Libra just hours before the Full Moon. Beginning with Libra, Mars will carry into each zodiac sign the lessons learned during its Virgo sojourn. That lesson has been about paying close attention to the details of your life.

On an individual level, Mars usually does not fare well in Libra unless certain strategies are employed to allow more of an Aries vibe to be part of the mix. Mars energy is about boldly going where no one has gone before...courageously...on fire. By contrast, Libra is the antithesis of Mars fuel. Libra seeks consensus and sometimes compromise. It builds relationships to attain harmony. Hence, Mars resides in its detriment, or unproductive state when in Libra. Attempting to combine these energies through compromise is akin to mixing oil and vinegar...just ain't gonna happen.

Hence, for Mars in Libra to function in its fullness, more Aries energy has to be injected into the mix. For example, Aries is driven by impulse. If Mars focuses on being the peacemaker, or creating harmony at all cost, then the Aries fire becomes muted, and Mars loses its mojo.

Further on the shadow side, Mars' passion and drive can become muted in Libra. Hence, there is a passive internalization to this vibe, which can unceremoniously come out as pent up angst. Re-read suggestions number 2 and 5 above.

Sky & Telescope Magazine
As Mars moves through the first 10 degrees of Libra through mid-month, it will oppose Uranus and square Pluto. This is significant for anyone with planetary aspects in early degree Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. This building energy commences at the Full Moon and reaches its apex on the 17th and 18th, just after the Cancer New Moon and the commencement of Mercury retrograde.

Look for challenges during this period on the world and personal stage around creating harmony and consensus. The suggestions offered above are particularly useful during this mid-July period. As a grade school teacher of mine reminded the class each day: "a word to the wise is sufficient".

Looking Up and Out: Over the next week, Venus and Jupiter are paired in the eastern dawn sky just below the Pleiades. For reference, the Annular Solar Eclipse occurred just to the right of the Pleiades. Connecting to the external mysteries awakens the inner mysteries and vice versa (see suggestion 5). I encourage you to breathe in the pure essence of this magical planetary and stellar light to raise your inner vibration and invite in inspiration and clarity of direction.

On Hawaii Island, we are honored to host on August 18/19  a 1 1/2 day healing event called Bloom with our dear friends Brian and Jenny Lumb of Asheville NC.

Brian is a chiropractor and a master teacher and practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis, using healing modalities developed by Dr. Donald Epstein. Jenny is an exceptional Nia instructor and facilitator. Together they make a potent healing team.

Bloom includes 3 Network spinal entrainments, SRI breathing exercises,(Somato Respiratory Integration), and Nia inspired movement. Also, Kathryn and I will provide astrological insights about these remarkable times.

Bloom is designed to help you advance your body life strategies for greater awareness, inner deepening and clarity of direction. I have received Network and SRI care for quite some time. They are powerful, ground breaking modalities for life changing transformative times.

The Bloom venue is at Paleaku Peace Gardens, a remarkable place of spiritual shines, labyrinths, and the one of a kind Galaxy Garden. In addition other optional activities include an Inner and Outer Journey to Volcanoes National Park with Gemini Awakening, swimming in waters frequented by spinner dolphins, and eating locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. In mid-August we are at peak season for luscious mangoes and white pineapple. Need I say more?

If you feel inspired to participate (open to 20 participants), please contact us. There is an early registration price in effect through July 7th.

Next Update: Mercury Retrograde: the Lion's inner roar.

In spirit, Sat Nam.

Aloha from Hawaii Island
Starman, Joseph Mina
July 2, 2012
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