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Jupiter and Uranus meet again - expanding reality's envelope

“Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.” Carl Sandburg (American Historian, Poet and Novelist, 1878-1967)

“None of us knows what the next change is going to be, what unexpected opportunity is just around the corner, waiting a few months or a few years to change all the tenor of our lives." Kathleen Norris - (Poet and Essayist)

Jupiter amps Uranus
Shortly after releasing this blog in late April, Jupiter revealed its Uranian side to the visible world. As it emerged from the glare of the Sun, scientist were amazed to discover Jupiter's southern equatorial belt had once again disappeared (last time was in the 1990's). This adds to a host of other physical changes occurring on this gas giant. Today (5/20) Jupiter is 2 degrees away from Uranus and closing.

In late April, Jupiter and Uranus at 22 and 28 degrees Pisces, respectively, moved into "orb", amplifying their interaction over the next 8 months.

As I've posted in other articles on this blog, Jupiter energy is expansive and sometimes optimistic (depends on the energy dynamic). Long the ancient ruler of Pisces, it is considered now the modern ruler of Sagittarius. As it continues its one year passage through Pisces, it expands the impact of water and emotions in our life. Also, it once again catches up to slower Uranus (approximately every 12 years) to add further emphasis to Uranus' unpredictability and quirkiness.

The last time these two were together was February, 1997 (came into orb in early Jan) in Aquarius. This meeting accelerated the rapid expansion of the ill-fated dot Com technology bubble. And in Uranian fashion, where energy manifests suddenly, but doesn't last (ever had one of those intimate Uranian relationships???) this unsustainable, optimistic fervor abruptly ended in March 2000.
by Kathryn Andren

Yet this quick rise of technology emphasis marked the advent of a huge shift of social interaction (Aquarius) through the medium of the Internet. Further, this wave continues to unfold/expand and move into new realms of planetary inter-connection in surprising ways. Aquarius energy includes as some of its themes "technology, innovation, social groups and the future". Add Uranus to the mix and voila' - surprise and rapid expansion into the unknown.

By contrast, Uranus now moving through watery Pisces since  early 2003 has triggered water related upheaval on the planet (intense emotions, storms/flooding/drought/tsunamis have increased in intensity). This has galvanized humanitarian (strong Pisces theme) efforts around the globe to help others in need, as well as fueled contentious emotional expressions in debates and demonstrations.

Now, Jupiter arrives on the scene, first in Pisces, then in Aries to add some jolt to the Piscean experience. If the past is any indicator, we are in for some roller-coaster experiences to further shift this humanitarian theme forward, as well as clear the table for the next round of technological innovations and surprising cosmological events. There may exist a growing optimism about life, however, other factors, especially Saturn, at the same time may have a dampening effect.

Saturn Effect:
What makes the current Jupiter/Uranus conjunction particularly challenging is the movement of Saturn back into Virgo for its last pass in this Earth-based sign, as Saturn and Uranus are now in direct opposition for the 4th of 5 times.

Historically, Saturn vs Uranus has been a very challenging energy in the domain of structure/stability (Saturn) versus the quest for liberation/freedom/independence (Uranus). This 45 year cycle last occurred in the late 60's, a time of social rebellion and upheaval. This current cycle has been no different, except there are many more groups engaged in this stability versus freedom saga.

During the 60's cycle we had the Vietnam anti-war movement along with the "Hippies" etc. Today, very vocal Social Activism Groups on all sides of the political spectrum have appeared. They include blogging activists, politically fired-up/contentious media (television/radio) shows, and new political groups (eg, Tea Party etc.). Add the internet to the mix and you have a lot of mixed energy with excessive potential volatility.

This past Monday marked the 4th of 5 Saturn/Uranus oppositions with the final statement in July. There, the energy shifts into Libra/Aries for the final curtain call and the much anticipated Cardinal Climax (future blog).

Jupiter moves into orb (within 6 degrees) of Uranus - April 21, 2010

1st Conjunction:
Uranus moves into Aries - May 27th
Jupiter moves into Aries - June 5th
Jupiter and Uranus at same Aries degree - June 8th - o° 18" - quincunx (awkward energy) Mars in Virgo - an intensification of new, quick change dynamics versus the status quo, attention to detail of Mars in Virgo.

Note: movement of this duo into Aries represents the sounding bell for the Cardinal Climax of July/August 2010. Their entry initiates an intense interaction with Saturn (arriving in Libra July 21st) and Pluto in Capricorn. I see this dynamic interaction as a major energy shift for transforming the physical and emotional reality fields on many levels. Ultimately, this may include significant solar eruption(s) affecting the existing Earth's energy grid, and/or a "noticeable" extra-terrestrial appearance(s).

As Aquarius rules astronomy, cosmos etc. the likelihood of these types of Uranian "surprising" events are high on the Starman's probability scale. Either of these events would have profound implications on the world's social (Uranus), economic/financial (Capricorn) and diplomatic/political (Libra/Capricorn) realms.

Retrograde Timing:
Uranus moves retrograde - July 5th - 0 degrees 35"
Jupiter moves retrograde - July 23rd - 3 degrees 24"

Uranus moves back into Pisces (last pass) - August 14th
Jupiter moves back into Pisces - September 8th

Return to Pisces is the "clean-up" visit to complete what was initiated by Uranus in 2003. Uranus' next visit to Pisces won't be for another 84 years. Look for renewed efforts in the humanitarian realm to assist others in need. Also, look for further consolidation at the national/sovereign level for countries now struggling to survive.

2nd Conjunction:
Jupiter and Uranus at same degree - September 18th - 28 degrees 43" - oppose Sun in Virgo: humanitarian efforts required "out of the blue" - may be triggered by Earth changes (Virgo) such as earthquake, storm etc.

Direct Motion:
Jupiter stations direct - Nov 18th - 23 degrees 30"
Uranus stations direct - Dec 5th - 26 degrees 40" (both square Mars in Sagittarius while Neptune and Chiron are together in Aquarius) - a time of planetary healing and forgiveness - may have religious implications (Sagittarius) and consequences - eg current Catholic Church controversy involving sexuality/abuse issues.

Last Conjunction:
Jupiter and Uranus at same degree (last conjunction) on Jan 4, 2011 at 27 degrees 42" - last conjunction until April 2024 in Taurus.

Final pass into Aries:
Jupiter reenters Aries - January 24, 2011
Uranus reenters Aries - March 11, 2011

This expansive free-radical dynamic is certainly a work-in-progress. Given its heightened energy in a mutable water sign (Pisces), emotions can run strongly now. Make sure to take time to nurture yourself and strengthen your body for these stronger and stronger waves now flowing through the planetary consciousness. The build-up for the summer is now revealing itself in the political/legislative, financial/corporate, and social/community realms. Let's engage Uranus in pro-active ways. Time to shake things up as we move our energy to the next vibrational level.
Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Starman, Joseph Mina
April 28, 2010
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