Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scorpio Full Moon - Passion Express

I passionately hate the idea of being with it, I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time. Orson Welles (1915 - 1985)

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  The Dalai Lama

Greetings or Konnichiwa from Japan.

Kathryn and I are here to co-teach bodywork, and offer private tandem bodywork sessions for the next 3 weeks. Also, here to enjoy the beauty of the Japanese springtime.

Scorpio Astroactivator© by Kathryn Andren
As skilled, intuitive astrologers, we see great value in exploring the dynamic astrological cycles sweeping the consciousness. As long-time bodyworkers, we value the importance of integrating this cosmic energy within our body physiology. Very excited to be in the land of the Rising Sun sharing these gifts with our Japanese friends.

Scorpio Full Moon on the 28th occurs at 2:20 AM in Hawaii, noon time in England, and late at night on the 28th in Japan. This is the 2nd Full Moon of spring, signaling the celebration of Wesak, or the celebration of Buddah's birth, teachings and enlightened life. Hence, this Full Moon is a time of receiving the gift of profound compassion from this extraordinary Master. Also, a heightened spiritual essence fills this day.

Further, full expression of one's passion/desires represents the theme of this lunation. Due to the chart's inherent challenges around lack of appreciation or acknowledgment, or inhibited playful spontaneity, the shadow side of Scorpio (inhibited or numbed life force) may appear in your experiences. Yet, using the grace of compassion can deepen this dance with the shadow in healing and forgiving ways.  Full Moon energy window spans April 27 - 29th.

Here's the Full Moon chart.

Scorpio Full Moon Chart

Three dynamic energies underscore this theme:

Mars - Tsquare
First dynamic: T-Square where the Sun and Mercury (retrograde) in Taurus (2) opposes the Full Moon in Scorpio (3), and both square Mars in Leo (1). As Mars rules the sign of Scorpio, this dynamic geometry takes on added energy and emphasis.

In the last Mars retrograde, Mars crossed the 11°31" mark on November 11 (as it was building to the retrograde) and January 25th during the retrograde. This 3rd pass completes this phase of the Mars in Leo Retrograde. That it occurs at the Full Moon brings to the surface the internalization of that awareness. This includes a desire to be seen, appreciated, and feel passionately alive through one's life force (strong Leo themes).

In this T-square configuration (I call it the "see-saw effect"), Mars sits at the fulcrum (4). Hence, it's expression dictates how the Full Moon/Sun-Mercury conversation is expressed.

If your inner Mars is feeling passionately alive and expressive, then the Full Moon energy offers new insights and opportunity around how you can manifest and create in new ways. If Mars is challenged in the area of expressed emotions and passions, those repressed issues may emotionally surface. In the same vein, Scorpio has a tendency to create drama when it is challenged. Especially during the Full Moon, be wary of those who want to engage you in their emotional drama.

Jupiter/Uranus vs Saturn
The second dynamic in this Full Moon chart is the Saturn/Uranus-Jupiter opposition. This is covered today in another blog.

In brief, Jupiter's presence with Uranus (1) underscores the desire for freedom versus Saturn's desire for stability and the status quo (2). At a Scorpio Full Moon, this tension can be greatly exaggerated making for some very intense emotional expressions on the external. Good inner strategy is to physically exercise, and follow your creative heart passions through creative pursuits such as dancing, art expression, musical performance, etc.

Venus square Chiron
On the world stage, intense struggle or competitive energy between or within nations may surface over the next few days in the area of communication and diplomacy. One example is the current hearings in Congress over alleged fraud by Goldman Sachs during the financial meltdown. Scorpio covers the realm of "shared resources". That these hearings are occurring in a Mercury retrograde makes this exchange awkward at best, combative in the extreme.

Third dynamic: Venus in Gemini (1) square Chiron in Pisces (2) through April 30th. Chiron, the healing point of a chart, has recently moved into Pisces for its first pass there in 50 years. In this sensitive water sign, healing old wounds around child-like sensitivity is activated.

Here, Chiron can help you access the playful (Gemini) energy within you. If your playfulness has been held back due to fear or inhibition, this Chiron cycles has the potential to activate that awareness. As this occurs within a Taurus and Scorpio Moon energy, bodywork modalities will help facilitate the opening of this playful, spontaneous energy in Gemini.

Mercury Retrograde continues: - Mercury is now deep in its current retrograde vibration. So far, the most noticeable example has been the grounding of all air flights for 5 days in Europe. This began on retrograde day (April 17th). Other very bizarre events in the realm of awkward communications and travel disruptions, as well as severe weather have occurred over the past 10 days. So far, this has been one strange retrograde.

Yet, in the realm of spontaneity and surprises (that's what Mercury retrograde does) an upside to this "weird-dom" has also appeared. For example, the lack of air flights over Europe gave the atmosphere a chance to cleanse itself of jet exhaust fumes. The result produced amazingly blue skies over Europe, the likes which have not been seen in a very long time. Some accounts of this phenomena waxed nostalgic, producing poems, artwork and songs (Taurus rules artistic expression). All in all, quite a gift from the Earth (Taurus).

Mercury continues retrograde until May 11th with the shadow window ending on May 27th. Remember, spontaneity and shifts in plans are allies.

Next blog - Jupiter and Uranus meet again - expanding realities envelope

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Starman, Joseph Mina
April 28th, 2010
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Maui Ohana said...

Very enlightening Starman!!!

karl said...

Thank you - have a great trip

Marie-Claude said...

Thank you for the enlightenment, I am glad to see that what I feel and am experiencing is not just me but also the influences of the planets.


Cindylee said...

I always enjoy your read on the skies!
as above so below...
Amazing to look at the sky at night,
to see humanity from those those lights.
creating magnificent ebbs and flows,
our life on earth its web does show.
Objective remain to the heavens above
bring to this world a brotherly love.

Gemini Astrology Blog said...

Thanks Cindylee for your kind remarks and the lovely poem. Always nice to see others sharing their gifts. Joseph