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Solstice and Capricorn New Moon Dec 21: Stepping into the Unknown

"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you."
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Director Hayden Planetarium, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, speaker

Image illustration courtesy of NASA
Well said NDT! Anyone attempting to logically understand the current state of world affairs would be best served by writing the above quote 100x on the cosmic blackboard.

This past year has proven to be the year of intensity, breakthroughs, social unrest, and new beginnings around the globe...all accompanied with many surprising twists and turns. And let me say this up front: the same will hold true for 2015. The astrological headwinds say so.

Back in 2010, when the 2012/Mayan Calendar vibe was starting to build, I looked ahead at the coming astrological cycles. I readily noticed the years 2014 and 2015 as being much more significant than what was anticipated by many for 2012. Further, I referred to this coming 2 year period as "pay attention years", i.e. strong theme setting periods for what would eventually unfold
beyond 2015. I remarked this period would prove to be unscripted (creating itself on the fly), very raw, and loaded with the intensity or critical tension necessary for melting down old structures, increasing societal polarity, and ushering in significant changes throughout the world.

And here we are at the end of the change of the season...Solstice, and the first New Moon of this nascent season...both occurring within 2 1/2 hours of each other. That's really close...the closest Winter Solstice/New Moon event in hundreds of years! And for an added exclamation point on Solstice Day: Uranus begins its forward motion just 19 minutes before the Solstice; and just 2 days later, Saturn leaves Scorpio to enter fiery Sagittarius for 6 months. Combined, that's quite a remarkable shift in energies affecting all aspects of human endeavors and behavior.

Usually, a seasonal change marks a starting point for what to expect from the astrological winds for the coming 3 months. By contrast, New Moon points to a specific building theme for the coming lunar month. Closely coinciding this year on the same day amplifies their combined themes set out below. This augurs a stronger seasonal cycle ahead with both grace and intensity in the mix.

In this update, I'm going to explore what these strong astrological winds have in store for the coming 3 months. First here's a Cosmic 411 synopsis of this Solstice/Lunation meeting.

- Solstice - arrives on the 21st in Hawaii (HST) at 1:03 pm. That's 3:03 pm on the West Coast, USA, 6:03 EST; 11:03 pm GMT, and on the 22nd just past midnight in France, then east to the International Date Line. 
- Capricorn New Moon arrives at 3:36 pm HST, or on the 22nd at 12:36 am in West Africa or 1:36 am GMT, east to the International Date Line.

Where: Sun/Moon positions at 0° Capricorn. And in lock step with the past 2 New Moons, this is the 3rd of 6 consecutive New Moons at 29 or 0 degrees of a sign. Quite rare to have the New Moon hovering around theses significant change-over points for 6 months.

Overall Theme combining Solstice/New Moon: Taking charge of your destiny. Deepening your sense of trust, faith and spirituality. Re-establishing or resetting your internal power and focus for what's to come in 2015,

Synopsis: The coming season witnesses the final square of Uranus and Pluto (come March 16th). For the 1st time in this 4 year cycle, both Uranus and Pluto move together in direct motion (within 1 degree of each other throughout the season). This provides significant fuel, purpose and determination for renewed direction, focus for effecting radical change, and a strong urge to let go of the past while embracing a new direction.

Significant Challenges: Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Purposeful intensity is the hallmark of shift and change. Positioned almost exact at the Solstice reinforces the profound rippling effect this cycle will have well into 2017. Life in 2018 and beyond will be quite different than what we experience now. Helpful to reread the opening quote to this Update.

Beneficial Energies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries. All personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) in strong aspect to either Pluto or Uranus points to rapid shifts in awareness and experiences on a personal level throughout 2015. This is going to be the year of "self-evaluation and conscious awareness".

Transitional Energies: Uranus in Aries begins its forward motion (thru July 26) minutes before the Solstice. This provides strong mojo for creating something radically new. Further, just 2 days after the Solstice, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, enters the sign of Sagittarius for its initial 6 month pass (last transit 1985-88). Saturn in this fiery sign wants to bring the truth to the light, especially in the realms of higher education, spirituality and religion, and matters of integrity. Given the intense religious fervor in parts of the world, this 3 year transit will redefine the realms of spirituality and religious beliefs. More in my next update.

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Significant Astrological Timings over the next 2 weeks:
23 - Saturn enters Sagittarius (thru June 4)
 3 - Venus enters Aquarius
 4 - Mercury enters Aquarius
 4 - Full Moon in Cancer
 6 - Mercury enters its retrograde shadow (retrograde begins Jan 21)

Suggestions for the Solstice/New Moon:
-Meditate for peace
-Visualize a more conscious and equitable world order
-Depending on your internal or external tendencies, create a map for growth in 2015
-Visualize a more energy rich existence for yourself and those in your close circles
-Go beyond what you believe is possible

Suggested Reflection Questions:
-What am I ready to change in my life to create greater congruency and purpose?
-Where is my attention required now?
-What in my life is ripe for change and/or completion?
-What feels easy and energy rich to me? How can I utilize this grace in 2015.
-What do I want to create and manifest in a more energy rich fashion?
-What is required on my part now to strengthen myself for new season?

Eyes on the Sky: Bright Jupiter rises in the east near midnight. This rising advances by 2 hours each month until it appears high in the evening sky come March/April.

Venus is now a faint glimmer of light in the Western sky shortly after sunset. In late December, Mercury joins Venus to put on a lovely 3 week tandem appearance (closest on the 13th). This duo will become more apparent come early January. And for you eagle-eyed observers who have access to clear sky conditions, you may spot Venus (binoculars are helpful) underneath the waxing crescent Moon on the 23rd (about a fist-width at arms-length apart).

And our Sun has been extremely active the past few days. Largest X-class flare of 2014 occurred on the 19th. Extreme solar activity can be a strong trigger for earth changing events (weather, volcanic activity, earthquakes). We are now peaking at Solar Maximum. The Space Weather web site is a great resource for staying up-to-date with solar and other space activity. Mitch Battros' subscription based Earth Changes Media is another great resource.

Looking for more details behind the Cosmic 411? Well read on. Otherwise, see my concluding remarks at the end of this update. And please share the update with friends. Mahalo!

In-depth analysis of this Solstice Lunation:

Here's the New Moon Chart:

A Sagittarius Moon at the Solstice sets a more optimistic, creative, spiritual tone for the coming season. At the same time, an abundance of planetary energies in Capricorn encourage you to put this inspiring vibration into a tangible form...i.e. do something with the energy. Make it real. Ground it. Meanwhile...

Venus/Pluto in Capricorn in sextile to Chiron in Pisces, and Sun/Moon/Mercury in sextile to Neptune in Pisces somewhat soften the chart's otherwise intense vibration, providing healing, empathy, compassion, and a more visionary perspective to Capricorn's otherwise rigid perspective of life. Yet...

Astroactivator 2002© by Kathryn Andren
Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries offers a rather strong energetic vibe. This combination adds a much more futuristic/progressive (Aquarius) perspective to this "coming season" conversation, one based on Aquarian themes of social equality and technological and societal breakthroughs. Because Mars rules Aries and Uranus Aquarius, added emphasis is given to surprising events, revolutionary in nature, and bold/courageous intention and most importantly, action! Aquarius reminds us "there is power in numbers," especially in matters contending with the status quo and existing corporate and political power structures. In turn, this heightened Aquarian conversation fuels the coming...

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. The fleet winged planet moves quickly through Capricorn, entering Aquarius around the coming Full Moon in early January. Shortly thereafter, Mercury passes its early March direct station point. Mercury encourages connection and communication. In retrograde, technological challenges, as well as uneasy social discourse are powerful tension points for shifting our future conversations into a more realistic perspective. More on the Mercury Retrograde in my next update. And most importantly...let's not forget...

Image design by Joseph Mina
Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn aka "the cosmic gorillas in the room". For the first time in the 4 year back and forth square °interaction between these 2 transformative vibrations, both planetary energies now move in forward direction, remaining within 1°of each other until their final direct square come March 16. That means the intensity of this pairing will only grow stronger over the coming months. And yes, there will be significant related events. However, the bigger power here comes from what has been seeded between 2011 and 2015 by slow moving outer planets. "Slow moving" implies more long term influences and ramifications extending beyond 2020. And as I mentioned in the beginning...this ground is raw, unscripted, and ready to surprise us in rather startling ways.

Conclusion: Some of the recent Astrology Consultations I have conducted share a common thread: significant changes in a person's life; great uncertainty or anxiety about the next steps; a sense of relief from letting go of what felt heavy; and a desire to explore new creative avenues.

"Possibility Realm" photograph by Joseph Mina
Challenging astrological headwinds, or even the more favorable type, flow in and out of your natal chart with amazing precision and timing. The more common events point to relationship challenges and sometimes separation/divorce, family matters, identity crisis, transitions and departures, health issues, and job changes. Since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn for the first time in approximately 250 years, these and other areas of stress and transformation have become more pervasive throughout society. Today it's rare to come across someone who is not affected directly or indirectly with some or even all of the above cycles. Add a fledgling "social media" to the mix, and life changes can rapidly become a fish bowl item, perhaps seen by many people. Seems "Radio Free Galaxy" has arrived on planet Earth!

Fortunately, the science (yes, there's the math component) and art of Astrology can and does provide a sound medium for anticipating the advent of planetary cycles, as well as establishing very useful strategies for consciously working with these transformative, life changing events. Awareness is power. And while Astrology remains somewhat distant from mainstream understanding and appreciation, our evolving social structures point to greater acceptance and appreciation of the gifts offered by this ancient, archetypal cosmic expression.

Remember too, the practice of Yoga not too long ago was hidden in remote Ashrams. Today, the practice of Yoga has become quite mainstream around the globe, seen as a way to relieve stress, relax and create greater inner depth. Shift happens...sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Most importantly, despite humanity's penchant for creating numbing, albeit temporary, detours along this evolutionary path, energy always evolves toward the light and higher frequencies...always!

At this Solstice/New Moon you are reminded in this time of great upheaval and shift:
- "you are not alone"
- there is a "Universal method to this apparent madness" flowing in your and others lives (yes, we are all affected by the significant changes on Earth whether we are aware of it or not); and
- "power in numbers" remains a viable transformative tool for challenging established paradigms of outdated beliefs and social mores.

Please comment below. Mahalo!

Sat Nam and Namaste
Hou'oli Makahiki Hou!  Happy New Year.

Next Update: Cancer Full Moon, January 4th

Aloha from Big Island, Hawai'i
Starman, Joseph Mina
December 20, 2014
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