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Aquarius New Moon Jan 30 2014: Year of the Horse

"Remember the Divine in everything you do."

"Ask for everything, like a child asks its Mother for everything, without shame. Do not stop at peace of mind, or purity of heart, or surrender. Demand everything."
Mother Meera, from the book Answers Part I

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Aquarius New Moon January 30, 2014 - Elevating Mind & Heart

Aquarius New Moon January 30, 2014 suggests a time to elevate thoughts. The air signs in the Zodiac relate to the mind and the mental element. As the last air sign, this New Moon at 10° Aquarius supports the intention to uplift consciousness for a greater good.

This day also signals the beginning of the Chinese New Year: the Year of the Wood Horse. Horse energy is about movement with purpose and passion. The transformative cycles of 2014 have great potential to shift the human perspective into a more uplifting vibration.

Aquarius also relates to friendships and associations.  This Aquarius New Moon, consider who are your playmates. Be sure you are positioning yourself with fellow humans who have similar vibration
or higher so you are in uplifting company. Aquarius focuses on the future, so this New Moon is a time to plant seeds for what you would like to manifest for the big picture.

Here's our latest podcast highlighting cycles and lunations for February:

Last weekend, we took a visit to Oahu to experience Darshan with Mother Meera. She has dedicated her life to being of healing service to others through silencing the mind.  It was a gift to be present in deep silence in a room filled with 150 - 200 people.

Here's the New Moon chart:

This Aquarius New Moon offers an invitation to contemplate a new way to elevate mind and heart. What is your strategy to quiet the mind and align head and heart?  Venus, the Goddess of Love, has been in retrograde and retreating since the Solstice on December 21. One day after the New Moon on January 31, Venus stations direct in Capricorn.  Her recent reappearance in the East as a morning star is a symbolic reminder to reevaluate both business and personal relationships. She aligns with powerful Pluto in Capricorn this week, creating an added emphasis on transformation of the heart. As both Venus and Pluto are opposite Jupiter in Cancer, squaring unpredictable Uranus in Aries, this gives further support to get out of the box and try something brand new.

Joseph travels to Half Moon Bay, San Francisco and Denver for Astrology Consultations, Workshop and Talk between February 6 and 18th. He'll also be attending Wise World's 2014 Healingfest: Transformational  Gate in Denver on 2/14 - 16. More details and registration links here.

Mercury Retrograde begins on February 6th at 3° Pisces. Now, a usual strategy for Mercury retrograde time is “go with the flow”. However, this retrograde has extra potency to get lost at sea as Mercury retrograde begins near nebulous Neptune at 4° Pisces.  The potential gift of this timing is to explore expansive possibilities. Brainstorm and dream big! If you need to make logical down-to-earth plans, be mindfully aware to double check details in throughout February. Mercury stations direct at 18° Aquarius on February 28, 2014.

This is the first of three 2014 Mercury retrogrades. It is interesting to note that 2014 Mercury retrogrades all begin in water signs then revert to air signs. This shift from water to air represents emotion to thought. The cycles of Mercury retrograde are symbolic.  These times are an invitation to review your thought processes around emotions

2014 Mercury Retrogrades:
Feb 6 - 28th (Pisces to Aquarius)
June 7 - July 1 (Cancer to Gemini)
Oct 4 - 24th (Scorpio to Libra)

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Next Update: February 14: Leo Full Moon

Aloha from Hawaii Island
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January 29, 2014
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