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Virgo New Moon Sept 15: Devil's in the Details

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King (1929-68)

When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

A new lunation arrives as the Moon returns to join the Sun in this seemingly never ending dance of beginnings and endings. New Moon in the Earth sign of Virgo occurs in Hawaii on September 15 at 4:11 pm; 7:11p on the West Coast US; and on the 16th from eastern South America, east to the International Date Line. This New Moon amplifies and accentuates all qualities of Virgo.

Virgo, one of the Earth signs, is about everything we can touch, taste, smell, or connect to physically. Virgo is about the body, health, analysis, traditions and sacred rituals, and being mindful of details. What habits do you follow to create a healthy lifestyle? What stories do you tell yourself about your health or daily habits?

This Virgo Full Moon is at 23 Virgo, with Virgo’s planet ruler, Mercury nearby at 28 Virgo. Sun, Moon and Mercury together in the Virgo vibration suggests clear communication.  "How can I communicate clearly and efficiently?" is a question to contemplate. especially as Virgo Moon and Sun create a wide square to jovial Jupiter at 15 Gemini. Jupiter is expansive and says

"let’s explore many options", while the Virgo vibration this month encourages clarity, focus and discernment in the choice department. Quite a dichotomy of energy.

An excerpt from our Gemini Awakening’s Astrology e-book (available here), Manifesting by the Light of the Moon, A Journey Through the Zodiac says this about Virgo:

The Sun sojourns through Virgo
August 22 - September 21
VIRGO is a time of  . . .
gathering, harvest
analyzing, detail
discernment, critical thinking
orderly change
sacred work, service
a place for everything and everything has its place.

Virgo New Moon
The Virgo New Moon offers opportunity for discerning action and analysis. Consider how you can practice your work in the world with healthy boundaries. Be discerning with your use of time. How are you managing day to day tasks? The Virgo New Moon is a reminder to be aware of your health and take care of your body. Become quiet and contemplate refinements in your day-to-day organization. Invite new order and purpose into your life. Virgo is a time to focus on the details of daily expression and work.

Here's the New Moon Chart

Significant players and transits at this lunation include:
1  Brilliant Sun conjunct Magnetic Moon and Communicative Mercury 
2  Heart driven Venus in Leo in a closing square to the notorious stinger of Mars in Scorpio 
3  Rebellious Uranus in Aries square Underworld Pluto in Capricorn
4  Structured Saturn nearing its final days in Libra
- Sun entering Libra on September 22 (23rd in New Zealand) marking the Equinox.

Brilliant Sun conjunct Magnetic Moon and Communicative Mercury: as the ruler of Virgo, archetypal Mercury holds sway over the realm of communication, transportation, thoughts and ideas. Its somewhat close proximity to the Sun and Moon at this lunation encourages greater scrutiny of the specifics behind these broader themes, remembering "the devil is in the details". And what better way to bring the focus into a clearer perspective than to experience....

Heart driven Venus in Leo in a closing square to the notorious stinger of Mars in Scorpio: this pairing is rarely easy when in square to each other, especially if you have significant planetary aspects in your natal chart being activated. Also, it can create a fair degree of "edginess" in your relationships (everyone raising their hands (including us!).

Venus in Leo radiates her light from the heart, desiring to expand, celebrate and rejoice. Mars in Scorpio seeks out the essence of life force through its actions and impulsive nature. Combine these energies in a challenging aspect and strong, combustible sparks emerge, especially in the areas of ego and conflict.

Life force can be constructive or destructive. For example, Mars entered Scorpio in August just as Hurricane Isaac was gaining strength. Despite its minimal Category 1 status, this storm created much havoc due to its very slow movement along the Louisiana and Mississippi coast line. Nothing like an intense, slow moving storm to remind us about the fickleness and potency of the Earth's natural life force, and the potential impact on day-to-day routines.

Attuning/aligning to your heart desires (Leo) in a physical/energetic way (Scorpio), such as exercise or bodywork, helps you to utilize the critical tension of this dynamic. Focus on building or enhancing your core body strength. Minimize the mental realm of over-thinking or analyzing challenges. Allow any situation to reveal if it is easy or challenging in your life. What resonates with your desires? What doesn't carry any spark? This combination will continue in square through October 1, creating a direct square on the 25th. Note: 23rd thru 27th are recommended chill-out days. Meanwhile....

Structured Saturn nears its final days in Libra: Since late in 2009, Saturn has moved through the sign of Libra, literally restructuring all types of relationships. We know many couples who have gone separate ways during this period. It was also during this period that same sex marriage initiatives have figured prominently in our collective psyches. In this last pass, look back over the last 2 1/2 years and reflect on what you have learned about yourself within the framework of your various relationships (intimate, friends, workers, and yes, even adversaries). Here, you can bring that restructuring fuel into....

Rebellious Uranus in Aries square powerful Pluto in Capricorn: for the second time in 2012, this dynamic trans-personal duo come into direct square with each other, just 3 days after New Moon. This is the "gorilla in the room" for 2011 thru 2015, which includes 8 strong impulses (note this New Moon marks the 3rd one). There is no avoiding this dynamic pair. Paying particular heed to Mercury’s Virgo signal, let's look at some of the specifics of this life transforming cycle.

As covered in greater detail in an earlier update, Uranus/Pluto has historically been a potent catalyst for enormous change across all strata of society. The genesis of the current cycle occured in 1965, when Uranus and Pluto met in Virgo and opposed Saturn in Pisces.This combination set a theme in motion for the entire 139 year cycle, pointing to the ultimate transformation by 2104 of traditional and sacred rituals, especially those influenced by Pisces, such as major world religions
, world health issues, and the parameters dictating quality of life choices.

In the mid-60's, revolutionary fervor and disdain for anything connected to the “establishment” swept the planet. And its rippling effect continues to be felt around the globe. Just these past few days, the intensity of Uranus and Pluto reared its head as violent uprisings and demonstrations against the United States occurred in some Arab states over an amateur movie created in the US defaming the prophet Mohammed. Given the intensity of this combination, it doesn't take much to ignite its fuel.

Pluto moves direct the day before its exact square with Uranus. This forward motion continues until April 12, 2013. Direct or retrograde changeovers intensify the energy. Think of the tension created by an archer pulling back on the string of the bow. At the moment just prior to release, tension reaches its fullest potency. Yet, forward motion for Pluto is a good thing, as any pent-up fuel from the retrograde (Pluto likes to go inward) is released and dissipated.

Suggestions for flowing with this cycle: from a bigger perspective, you are encouraged to embrace change (Uranus), let go of what no longer works in your life (Pluto), follow your passion, and keep your future options open. Sounds easy on paper, yet when fundamental and reliable structures upon which life has been established rapidly shift like blowing sand in the desert, primal fears are bound to surface within our psyches. Again, this Virgo New Moon encourages you to examine closely the details of your life, paring the non-essential pieces to create greater simplicity and flow. This dynamic is further fueled at this lunation by....

Sun entering Libra on September 22 (23rd in New Zealand) marking the Equinox: as long as Pluto and Uranus remain in the early degrees of their respective cardinal signs, any time one of the cross quarter days (Equinox or Solstice) arrive, archetypal Sun will add its energetic fuel to the script. In Libra, Sun will form an opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto through October 7 adding further intensity to what is already an intense pairing. Libra embodies relationships. 'Nuff said.

Sea of Possibilities Joseph Mina©2012, all rights reserved
Conclusion: The pace of life seems to move faster and faster. Humanity is embroiled in a sea of turbulence while tremendous technological breakthroughs occur before our very eyes. Quite a contrast, but then again it's the very nature of Uranus/Pluto.

Recently, Curiosity Rover landed on Mars after following an extremely complex landing script. Meanwhile the Dawn satellite just left its orbit of asteroid Vesta and is now en route to the asteroid Ceres. Our sentient reach is taking us farther and farther from the Earth. Such achievements point to engineering sophistication magnitudes above scientific capabilities of the 1960’s at the origin of Uranus and Pluto. Uranus in Aries continues to work its magic and challenges.

Yet, this acceleration of our technical know-how occurs simultaneously with a rapidly heating Earth and unpredictable/changing climate. How will the Earth and we evolve over the next 10 years in this enormous sea of flux and new awareness? As we have shared in other updates, profound shifts across the Earth will continue through 2015 (notwithstanding 2012 hype) before beginning to ebb in the latter years of this decade.

At this potent lunation, you are reminded to pay attention, and make choices in this shifting sea of awareness, aligning with your heart-felt desires in greater service to humanity. The foundation of these actions will prove helpful in these coming days as Uranus and Pluto continue to unravel that which no longer serves our evolutionary paths.

We plan on releasing a video about the Equinox and the next Full Moon (it's another intense one) next week.

Next update: Aries Full Moon on September 29

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Kathryn Andren Mina and Starman, Joseph Mina
September 14, 2012
©Gemini Awakening 2012 all rights reserved

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