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Venus Transit The Sun June 5 2012: Dancing with Destiny

(written in 1878) "We are now on the eve of the second transit of a pair, after which there will be no other till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned upon the Earth, and the June flowers are blooming in 2004. When the last [Venus] transit season occurred the intellectual world was awakening from the slumber of ages, and that wondrous scientific activity which has led to our present advanced knowledge was just beginning. What will be the state of science when the next transit season arrives God only knows. Not even our children's children will live to take part in the astronomy of that day. As for ourselves, we have to do with the present...William Harkness, Astronomer (1837-1903)

On June 5th/6th, a rare astronomical phenomena graces the sky. Venus, sister planet of Earth, transits across the face of the Sun in the changeable, unpredictable sign of Gemini. While some observers may see little or no value watching a tiny black dot very slowly move across the Sun, the metaphor of the “as above, so below” suggests otherwise. 

The day prior to the Venus transit, the Moon is Full and partially eclipsed in Sagittarius. While any Full Moon is noteworthy, especially one eclipsed, this particular Full Moon is more like the appetizer at a meal while we await the much anticipated main course of Venus transiting the Sun. 

The charts of both eclipses are essentially the same vibration. Full Moon chart brings its focus into the realm of inner truth and higher knowledge. Let's use this energy as a springboard for a deeper exploration of the Venus transit and what it portends for our world society over the next 105 years. Also, Neptune moves retrograde this day, adding productive inward fuel for dreaming your vision for 2012 and beyond. Time to reflect on what requires adjustment to better actualize your life path intentions and purpose.

On the practical side of life, this site provides specific timings in your locale for the Venus transit. Further, the transit will be broadcast on-line from around the Globe. Quite a contrast to the transits in the 18th and 19th centuries, which had marginal technology to record and disseminate this momentous event.

Synopsis: This Venus transit across the Sun is the 3rd eclipse in the past two weeks, and the 2nd Venus transit in the past 8 years. Eclipses come in waves, each time inducing strong shifts in human behavior, worldly events, and geological and weather related changes. This Venus transit will not occur again for 105 years. Its overall planetary energy dynamics point to a new world
order, greater social accountability and justice, and an end to the heavy paternal currents influencing and distorting world economics and finance. The next 3 years will be quite telling about how this transformation will actually unfold around the world.

For an overview of the Venus transit, here's our latest Gemini Astrology video: Firefox users, video may not appear. If so, you can access it here.

Reader alert: for anyone wanting more detailed information about the Venus transit, including how Captain James Cook and Hawaii represent significant symbols on this epic day, you will find that information set forth below, including charts and analysis. This update, even by my standards, is rather long, however, given the significance of this passage, I decided more explanation would prove helpful in better understanding the implications of what this event represents. 

Background of the Venus transit - Venus and Earth’s orbits are on different planes relative to the Sun. As such, Earth’s orbital movement aligns with Venus’ only on very rare occasions. That alignment occurs just 4 times every 243 years alternating in pairs 8 years apart in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. Sidereal astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza has a remarkable analysis of this mystical Venus’ cycle and its mathematical/geometric relationships. I encourage you to look at the information he adroitly presents to better help you understand how this cycle works and the magical geometry it creates.

AstroActivator© by Kathryn Andren Mina
Archetypal Venus brings our focus to what creates beauty and pleasure in our lives. It also underscores the value we intrinsically place on these realms, especially in the areas of relationship, beauty and sensuality. As the ruler of Libra and Taurus, love and money, respectively, represent the two driving forces behind our Venus’ pursuits from these ruling astrological signs. Because Venus is currently retrograde, there's a built-in intensity to this vibration making this inner exploration more personal and compelling.

When the Venus/Sun transit occurs in Gemini, these themes shine a spotlight on your creative expression and how you communicate that awareness in your life. By contrast, a Sagittarian perspective focuses on integrity and your pursuit of what is true for you. As these two signs are opposite sides of the same energetic coin, the hidden theme (in this case “Sagittarius”) fuels the visible theme (Gemini).

Toward the end of each Venus cycle (587 days) Venus moves retrograde for approximately 40 days. As mentioned above, this retrograde brings you inward to explore and refine your desires and related values. In those rare instances when Venus transits the Sun during a retrograde, such as this year, that process is amplified onto a much larger stage. 

Hence, significant shifts on a societal level follow a Venus/Sun transit. For example, there has been a huge shift in global communication (Gemini) since the last transit in 2004. This is evidenced by the rapid evolution of social media via Facebook, YouTube, etc.

If that were not enough, this current cycle finds Venus positioned in its declination (relationship to the ecliptic) beyond the north boundary of the ecliptic (23°27”). In astrology parlance, this is known as an “out of bounds” state. While it is not unusual for Venus to be “out of bounds” (happens once or twice a year), its occurrence during the latest Venus Retrograde adds great significance to the mix. Here, Venus themes become even more exaggerated with the resultant societal shifts amplified too. Is your seat belt buckled?

During the last transit of Venus across the Sun in June 2004, I began to develop a deeper appreciation for the historical events behind this remarkable transit, especially how they pertained to Hawaiian history and the adventures of Captain James Cook. As my research continued, I began to see how an 18th century Venus transit script possibly represents a significant metaphor for what is economically unfolding now in the 21st century.

Here is the chart for this momentous day:

Significant to the chart are 3 square relationships numbered in green. Squares imply “challenge” or a turning point of energy.

1 - Venus/Sun in Gemini square Mars in Virgo - I call this the “butterfly versus the Priestess” dance. Gemini is a very freeing energy. It has an air of playfulness, spontaneity and engagement, moving with energy in unpredictable ways. By contrast, Virgo is precise, determined and focused for the task at hand, seeing any given project through to completion. Obviously, these 2 energies have a hard time understanding each other. Gemini looks at Virgo as being quite repressed; Virgo considers Gemini the height of irresponsibility. Yet, both energies are essential in the evolution of life. Without Gemini, life would be rather heavy; without Virgo, nothing would get done.

Mars has been in the sign of Virgo since the beginning of last November. Its January-March retrograde brought you inward to focus on just exactly what is important in your life. Since March, it has very slowly retraced its retrograde path. It doesn't leave the retrograde shadow until the next New Moon.

On the day prior to the Venus/Sun transit, archetypal Mars comes to an exact square with Venus, which carries over into the eclipse chart. There exists a critical tension in this association. Mars has learned much during its retrograde. Now the learning process points to Venus. What information will they exchange in this connection? This is a potent moment to reflect on your inner playfulness (Gemini) in the context of your sacred life work (Virgo), whatever that may represent. The feminine exudes creativity. Question: how can I deepen my inner creativity and playfulness, then integrate it into my sacred expression of service to others?

2. Venus/Sun in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces

: the second square brings its attention to Chiron in Pisces. This vibration points to healing the inner sensitivity to life. Life can sometimes prove harsh, literally numbing the sensitive aspect of the human body. The more insensitive one becomes, the less playful and energized one feels. Given Venus‘ focus in the realm of what you value in life, alignment with your inner sensitivity is paramount in your life choices and direction. Question - Do I make choices in life congruent with my inner sense of what physically and emotionally nurtures me?

3. Uranus in Aries square Pluto/Moon in Capricorn - this is the most telling and potent of the 3 square challenges. Its genesis emerges out of the 18th century when Hawaii drew Captain James Cook to its shores during the dawning years of the American and Industrial revolutions. This current trio packs a wallop and serves as catalyst for critical tension over the next 6 months. This includes two direct squares between Uranus and Pluto on June 23 and September 18th. Further, this Capricorn duo positions at the same degree as the 1778 Capricorn South Node, as illustrated here (1):

Any significant planetary aspect connecting with the south node represents an association with the past, as well as an indicator of heightened change coming. As I have previously written in other updates, Uranus/Pluto is flat out intense. There's no way to make it easy. Uranus demands change while Pluto is determined to melt away outdated structures. Combine the two and anything goes. As part of this Venus transit script, this pairing represents the very fuel for melting down old structures, and transforming how we as a human race relate, manifest and economically interconnect on planet Earth.

Venus Transits Historical Influence: History is filled with metaphors. These are poignant learning moments for us as individuals, and as a collective. These acts of grace serve as heralds, sometimes paradoxically, pointing to timely revolutionary shifts in the evolving evolution of cultures and societies on Earth. When viewed from a very broad historical perspective, greater meaning can be derived about what has passed, what is unfolding, and perhaps what the future holds in store. This coming Venus transit strongly carries that potential, finding its metaphor in the life and death of English navigator and world traveler Captain James Cook.

Historically, the Venus transits were noteworthy events in 1761 and 1769. As now, their pairing was in Gemini. In 1769, Captain Cook sailed to Tahiti to witness the Venus transit as part of a collective astronomical effort to determine the size of the known solar system, which at the time extended to the planet Saturn. This was the first coordinated, collaborative scientific effort between astronomers in different locations around the world.

Astrologically, Saturn rules Capricorn, domain of politics, government, business, finance, rules and organized structures. As illustrated above, Capricorn is an important ingredient in both the 18th century transits, as well as the 2012 transit.

Eight years after observing the Venus transit, Cook set sail across the same Pacific waters, attempting to find a northwest passage for England via the northern part of North America. En route, Hawaii revealed her presence for the first time to this world navigator. This fateful meeting occurred at Waimea, Kauai on January 20, 1778. On that date, from an astrological perspective, Pluto was positioned at the very end degrees of Capricorn, while the Sun had just entered Aquarius (circled below). That duo points to a potential shift from a Capricorn controlled reality to something Aquarian imbued with freedom, social justice and equality.

Here's the chart from 1778:

Pluto in Capricorn represents the death and rebirth of all matters involving Capricorn themes previously mentioned. This is very much in play across the world today, as it was in the late 18th century.

Pluto’s 18th century Capricorn transit occurred between 1762 - 1778. In typical Pluto fashion, this era witnessed the birth of the American and Industrial revolutions and sowed the seeds for the French Revolution in 1788. As in current time, this era was a period of great change for humanity with global implications. The driving force of revolution shifted how wealth was created and distributed, as well as sowing the seeds for a realignment of power from England to other countries, including the United States, Russia and now China.

History tells us Cook remained in Kauai only for 1 month, soon setting sail for North America. Yet, within a year, extreme cold ultimately forced him to leave the Pacific Northwest and return to the islands.

Significantly, Cook’s return to Hawaii drew him towards Kealakekua Bay on Hawaii Island. This hallowed bay’s name means “doorway to the Gods”. Hawaiians considered this place as a potent portal for connection to other realms of reality, or a Star Gate. Here, humpback whales rest and give birth in the winter, and spinner dolphin pods reside year-round.

As fate would have it, Cook’s reappearance in Hawaii coincided with the on-going Hawaiian celebration of the “Makahiki”. This festive time honored Lono, demigod of fertility, rain and agriculture, 

Hawaiians used white banners during the Makahiki to honor Lono. This 4 month celebration began in October with the first rising of the Pleaides at sunset. These 7 sisters are at the heart of much star-filled lore, chants and legends, in part serving as guide stars for the Polynesians in their quest to find the Hawaiian Islands. Further, the Pleiades featured prominently in the recent Annular Solar eclipse of May 20th, positioning just to the right of the Moon and Sun near 0° Gemini.

Hence, Cook’s arrival in 2 massive ships with huge white sails near the end of the Makahiki led the Hawaiians to believe Lono himself had arrived! And so Cook was honored as Lono! 

Yet, within a month Cook’s human nature was revealed, ultimately leading to his death on February 14, 1779. a little under 13 months since he first set foot in Hawaii.

Because of Cook’s association with the Venus transit in 1769 and his arrival in Hawaii 9 years later, I looked at the timing of the current pair of Venus transits in 2004 and 2012. Here’s what I discovered.

The 2004 transit began at sunset in Waimea, Kauai, where Cook first landed.

The 2012 transit ends at sunset in Kealakekua, Hawaii - where Cook died.

Hence, there is a strong correlation to the passage of these two transits, and Cook's interaction with Hawaii. Could his death here portend the death of the economic system behind his exploration?

Cook and other navigators of that era serve as a potent symbol of the 18th century English Empire’s expansion and conquest, and the subsequent spread of the Industrial revolution on a global scale. Hence, the timing of Cook’s appearance and death in Hawaii perhaps symbolically shows us that the Industrial Revolution and America’s dominant influence in the world is coming to a close (Capricorn South node, mentioned above). If so, what will replace these influences? While speculation abounds from many different quarters, given the unfolding astrological cycles, I sense that script has yet to be written. Perhaps we are being encouraged to step up and consciously write it ourselves.

Back to the January 20, 1778 chart - other planetary influences include:

Venus at 15° Capricorn. This position directly quincunx's  the 2012 Sun/Venus in Gemini duo. A quincunx angle is paradoxical. Here Venus in Capricorn shape shifts into a Gemini form, ready to emerge in a spontaneous, energized way.

Uranus at 11° Gemini. This quick acting vibration closely conjoins the current Sun/Venus position. Further, at Cook's death, Uranus was at 15° Gemini, the exact position of the Sun and Venus for the 2012 transit. Uranus always brings change "out of the blue" or in unexpected ways. Uranus also rules Aquarius. This is the very fuel driving upset, outrage and revolutionary behaviors around the world. In the end, Uranus' energy will prevail bringing social justice and equality to the world.

Lastly, on the 2012 Venus transit day, Jupiter in Taurus will be conjunct the Pleiades. Symbolically, Jupiter’s late degree Taurus placement represents the expansion of Earth consciousness and stewardship. Conjunct the Pleaides adds the element of something out-worldly to the mix, aligning with the circumstances behind Cook's death in 1779, as well as the recent Pleiadian connection 2 weeks ago during the annular eclipse.

"Annularity Japan 2012" by Joseph Mina
Conclusion: I feel very excited. My astronomical and astrological circuits are peaked. Having seen the annular eclipse two weeks ago outside of Tokyo I feel like I am riding an emotional astro roller coaster.  

A partially eclipsed Full Moon graced the sky a short while ago. Now on Tuesday, beginning shortly after Noon time in Hawaii and near the zenith, Venus will begin its dance with the Sun, and perhaps destiny. Actively participating in this "as above, so below" ritual connects you to the energy and also fills you with the very photons of light emanating from these celestial spheres.

If you are planning on viewing the transit outdoors, please remember to use certified solar eye protection. Because of Venus' small size relative to the Sun disk, viewing the transit via a telescope is encouraged. Local astronomy clubs, planetariums etc. are good sources for safe and informative viewing.

As I look back over the past 8 years since the last Venus transit, I feel rather astonished at the magnitude of global events that have filled the news. And there are many more events to come. In this current decade, we will witness continued intensity, great shifts and remarkable innovations. And yet despite this great flux, the Earth and the other planets continue in their orbits around the Sun, moving to a natural rhythm that moves with precision and power, while seemingly oblivious to the human element. The preciseness of their movement reminds us that larger forces beyond human comprehension are at play, guiding, motivating, inspiring and encouraging us to embrace a higher plane of existence and conscious awareness.

May this Venus transit inspire you to dream BIG as you position yourself for the remainder of 2012 and beyond. May the transit's photons of stellar and planetary light illuminate and infuse your heart with passion and celestial grace. A dance with destiny awaits you. Are you ready? Sat Nam.

If you are experiencing strong waves of transition, change, and/or challenges in your life, consider investing in a Life Path Astrology consultation. These recorded sessions are strategy oriented, offering you concrete suggestions relative to your natal chart for consciously navigating these waves of change.

Aloha from Hawaii Island
Starman, Joseph Mina
June 4, 2012
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