Monday, October 19, 2009

Planetary Cycles - October 19 - 25

Astrology Planetary Cycles

October 19 - 25

Moon begins the week in the life force
dynamics of Scorpio. By week's end, it is immersed in the Aquarius grouping of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. In between, the Moon revisits Sagittarius' quest for the truth and Capricorn's desire to be organized and down-to-earth.

Meanwhile, Mars (visible as a ruddy point of light high in the eastern pre-dawn sky) moves now in the heart-driven sign of Leo. Because of its coming December retrograde, Mars remains in Leo through next May. This 5 month inner journey's theme is "your heart passion and how you express it in your life". Venus remains in Libra this week, now moving away from its intense square with Pluto. What did you learn last week about relationships in your life?

Soon, Saturn moves into the sign of Libra. The Venus relationship lesson of last week provides content for this coming 2 1/2 year reevaluation period in the realm of equal conscious partnerships.

Lastly, Sun moves into life-force driven Scorpio on Oct 22 at 8:43 p HST. The first 4 days may prove intense as the early Sun degrees squares Mars in Leo. On the big stage, intense aggression may be prevalent between nations.

For the bigger picture, more on our recent free astrology podcast " Relationship Activation"

Holistic Strategy - On the 22nd Moon in Sagittarius squares both Saturn and Uranus. This dynamic asks "what is the truth for me in this time of rapidly changeable events?" At week's end, Scorpio Sun and Leo Mars dynamic creates critical tension around emotional heart issues. Time to reflect and be inward, accessing your place of inner peace.

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heartfelt thanks to you both for feeling ever more connected to and aware of the inner and outer mysteries namaste