Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturn in Libra

Saturn moves into the sign of Libra on October 29th where it remains (except for a brief return to Virgo) through 2012. This is a shift from the Earth vibration of Virgo to an Air vibration of communication and thought. In Virgo, Saturn has brought our focus on issues of health and service, as well as a greater attention to life's details. By contrast, the Libra focus will be on relationship with others, especially in the realm of work relationships and alliances and personal, intimate relationships.

Saturn was last in Libra in the early 1980's, as the world shifted from the struggles of the late 1970's to a focus on world alliances and international interest of cooperation and power.

We view the planetary archetype of Saturn as the "task master" of the astrology chart. Saturn in your natal chart requires attention to life's details, specific to the sign where Saturn is placed. For example, if Saturn in your chart is in the sign of Gemini, you'll experience challenges in life around being playful versus acting seriously/responsibly. 

Saturn also reorganizes, upgrades and realigns energy. So challenges Saturn poses usually deal with inefficiency or incongruent situations. Saturn's focus in Libra, in part, will highlight these types of issues involving relationships in your life. 

Libra is ruled by the planetary energy of Venus. Venus includes areas of beauty, the arts, relationships, alliances, and the creation and development of wealth. Saturn will bring its focus to these areas posing aforementioned challenges and tests. Self-integrity with others in these areas will be ripe for upgrade. 

Libra energy also enters into the realm of diplomacy and negotiations, seeking harmony and balance. In this rapidly changing world, interaction between nations and how they co-exist or not, will be put under the Saturn microscope.

Look for more Saturn dynamics and potent Libra interactions in coming blogs. For now, here's the dates of Saturn's transits in and out of Libra through 2012
  • Enters Libra Oct 29
  • Saturn begins its 1st of 3 retrogrades in Libra at 5 Libra on January 13, 2010
  • Saturn reenters Virgo April 7, 2010
  • Saturn moves direct at 28 Virgo on May 30, 2010
  • Saturn reenters Libra July 21 2010
  • Saturn enters Scorpio October 5, 2012 
This morning the Boston Globe published their "Big Picture" portfolio. "Saturn at Equinox" is featured and may be found here. Universal timing has a way of stimulating conscious thought, creativity and awareness, whether or not one is aware of astrological cycles. Saturn's Equinox energy of balance aligns with Saturn's Libra theme. Enjoy.

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