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Sagittarius New Moon Nov 22: Optimistism vs Realism

"Optimism means better than reality; pessimism means worse than reality. I am a realist."
Margaret Atwood, poet, novelist and environmental activist (1939 - )

"If I advocate cautious optimism it is not because I do not have faith in the future but because I do not want to encourage blind faith."
Aung San Suu Kyil Political/social activist, head of Burma's National League for Democracy (1945 - )

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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" pens Charles Dickens in his famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. And such is the current state of planet Earth. Technological breakthroughs and a more connected world society share news headlines with reports of social, environmental and economic strife or havoc around the globe. These are extraordinary times...and equally, perhaps the most challenging period of time ever faced by humanity.

Usually, a Sagittarius New Moon infuses a strong surge of optimism into the cultural psyche. Occurring near the end of the calendar year when the Sun transits Sagittarius, the most optimistic of signs, we look to the coming year with high expectations, hopes and dreams for something more meaningful or perhaps more enriched. Yet, at this particular New Moon, a theme emerges filled with strong challenges and astrological headwinds overriding any sense of blind optimism for what is emerging in our global consciousness.

For anyone desiring the wide-perspective for this lunation, here's the Cosmic 411:
Where: Sun/Moon positions at 0° Sagittarius

When: Saturday, November 22 at 2:32 am Hawaiian Standard Time; 5:32 am PST, 7:32 am EST, 4:32 pm GMT, 9:32 pm in Japan, and on the 23rd at 12:32 am in New Zealand.

Overall Theme: Unbridled optimism versus pessimistic "reality"

Significant Challenges: Sun/Moon/Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn; Jupiter in Leo square Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio (see astro chart below for specific placements)

Synopsis: A strong Saturnian theme at this lunation puts a cosmic spotlight on Saturn's coming 3 year transit in Sagittarius, commencing December 23...just 2 days after the Solstice. "What is real?"; "What is spiritually meaningful to me?" "What is my purpose in life?" will be significant questions asked in the coming months.

Significant Astrological Events over the next 2 weeks:
- 23 Chiron in Pisces turns direct (excellent time for new healing initiatives)
- 25 Moon conjoin Pluto in Capricorn; square Uranus in Aries (high octane emotional day)
- 25 Mercury conjoin Saturn (expressing what you trust or don't trust; moment of truth)
- 27 Mercury enters Sagittarius (an exploration of the truth and how it's communicated)
-  4 Mars enters Aquarius (technological breakthroughs in the offing)
-  6 Gemini Full Moon at 14° (2:27 am HST) unpredictable lunation 

Suggestions for this lunation:
- Watch or read something inspirational
- connect in an uplifting way with your fellow humans
- visit sacred spiritual sites
- look for new acquaintances during your travels
- take stock of what is meaningful in your life NOW
- "Let go" of the old
- go to a mountain top or higher elevation to gain perspective and inspiration
- anchor your energy on the physical level. Stay grounded. Know what's real and an illusion.

Morning Dunes, Soussvlei, Namibia by Joseph Mina
Reflection Questions:
- What is meaningful in my life NOW?
- Where do I want to place my focus in 2015?
- What is my vision for my life direction? Is it practical or delusional?
- Am I feeling inspired by those close to me? If not, what needs to change or be revealed to attain greater connection, flow, and most importantly, maintain integrity with my fellow humans?

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Looking for more details behind the Cosmic 411 and/or ready for my Concluding remarks? Well read on.

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In-depth analysis of this lunation:
Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter, is a fire sign. Sagittarians, especially those with Sun, Venus, Mars or Jupiter in their natal chart, are considered fearless, optimistic, and intense. Other qualities of this archer sign include strong individuality, love of travel and a voracious appetite for information. Sagittarius types are always on a quest for new horizons and a higher spiritual meaning of life. They seek out the truth. On the shadow side, religious fundamentalism, manic behavior, depression, excessive optimism, information junkie, and a "know-it-all" attitude are some of Sagittarius' more challenging traits.

Here's the New Moon chart:

The Sagittarian connection for this New Moon strongly points to Saturn's coming transit of Sagittarius in later December.  At this lunation, Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, continues its long square with Saturn (Sept 15 - Dec 10) (annotated in chart as #3). Hence, as a New Moon theme setter, this square imbues a good dose of Saturnian realism into an otherwise optimistic, expansive theme.

Further, this is the 2nd of 6 consecutive New Moons at 29 or 0 degrees of a sign. Quite rare to have the New Moon hovering around these significant change-over points for 6 months. Another sign of these transformative times and its accompanying intensity.

A month from now, a little over a day after the Solstice and Capricorn New Moon, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, will leave Scorpio for an initial 6 month transit in Sagittarius. The last time Saturn transited the sign of the Archer was 1985-88, when the Iran Contra scandal stepped into the spotlight of truth, Berlin Wall came down as the Soviet Union fell apart, Uranus was seen up close for the 1st time via Voyager, world population reached 5 Billion (it's over 7 billion 30 years later!) 1987 global Stock Market crashed, Hubble space telescope made its debut, and South Africa's apartheid system started to show signs of unraveling.

Saturn by its nature imbues a strong dose of reality into whatever sign it transits. During this transit, a more sobering reality will pose challenges within the realms of optimism, faith, religion, and spiritual and moral values. While Saturn's 2 1/2 year transit in Scorpio has shown us in part the dark, sordid underbelly of the corporate world and its economic maleficence as well as hidden societal sexual boundaries and sexual identity debates, its 3 year Sagittarian run will test spiritual truths, fundamental religious values, and optimism in the realms of finance and commerce.

In the run-up to this Saturn/Sagittarian "moment of truth", Mercury catches up to Saturn on the 24/25th of Nov. in late degree Scorpio. Mercury is the communicator. What will he reveal about the truth and justice? Given the square of these 2 energies to Jupiter in Leo, this square augurs a challenging time of communication in Scorpio's realm of intimate trust.

And in addition to this Saturn surge, this New Moon has 2 other potent squares.

Uranus square Pluto continues to intensify as it nears its next square on December 14th (annotated 1). I've shared much about this combination over previous updates. Typing Uranus or Pluto in the search area found in the left column of this update will reveal various references to Uranus square Pluto. In brief, this combination points to massive shifts and upheaval in the realms of business, politics, rules, technology and social equality. Its on-going effect will be felt well into 2017.

And lastly, the Sun/Moon and Venus are in square to Neptune in Pisces (annotated 2). Whenever there is a Neptune activation of this nature, challenges abound when attempting to ascertain what's real or imaginary. Equally, anchoring or grounding the energy may prove quite elusive. This is particularly true for anyone 40 or 41 now experiencing their Neptune square Neptune cycle.

Further, Saturn's coming 3 year run through Sagittarius will begin with a closing square to Neptune. This is a very challenging combination. I'll be sharing much more about Saturn and Neptune and this 36 year cycle in December. For now, it's enough to know this lunation has started the Saturn clock for determining what's real or imaginary in your life. It may prove to be a most unusual, paradoxical cosmic ride in 2015.

"The Exchange" by Joseph Mina, sketched on my iPad
While Saturn doesn't play nice with the optimism crowd, it does bring a more grounded perspective to the realm of hopes and aspirations. Hence, anchor your vision for 2015 and beyond. Make it real. Use Saturn's form to distill what is doable from what is delusional. We are building to another ramp up of intense planetary energies. Clients have been asking me "what's going on?". I usually respond "what's not going on???". Perilous times indeed...but exciting too.

During the past two weeks, a probe named Philae landed on a comet for the 1st time, and the movie Interstellar teleported viewers through a worm hole and black hole. At the same time, an uptick in terrorism occurred in the Middle East and Africa, and Wall Street stocks continued their rapid rise despite shaky economic news from Europe and Asia. These are some of the examples how "Uranus Pluto square is putting its cosmic stamp on humanities evolution and dissolution..."the best of times...the worst of times."

Next update: A look back and forward to the Saturn/Neptune cycles of 1998/99 and 2015-16, respectively.

Sat Nam
Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii 
Starman, Joseph Mina
November 21, 2014
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