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Eclipsed Aries Full Moon Oct 8: Awakening The Shadow

"Shadow is the obstruction of light. Shadows appear to me to be of supreme importance in perspective, because, without them opaque and solid bodies will be ill defined; that which is contained within their outlines and their boundaries themselves will be ill-understood unless they are shown against a background of a different tone from themselves." Leonardo da Vinci

"There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires." Nelson Mandela

For the second time this year, the Full Moon will glow blood red. Just 6 months since the last eclipse in Libra, this eclipse will grace the night sky as the Moon transits Libra's opposite sign of Aries. Breathe in...breathe out.

I'm in Sri Lanka now. Africa adventures fade...Japan adventures await. Near Colombo, I'll see the waning moments of this eclipse. The rising Full Moon will be emerging from its shadow journey through the Earth's Umbra.  And just like the counterpart eclipsed Full Moon of last April, this Full Moon comes with very strong planetary aspects portending further continuation of
intensity, unpredictability, and surprising events over the next 6 months. The journey continues. 

Given the on-going intensity around the globe, it seems a good time to help you remember what is unfolding in the bigger picture. Here again is Peter Russell's 1982 presentation "The Global Brain". 32 years later, its prescient explanation of today's rapid shifts is simply amazing and o so timely for this eclipse and into 2015.

Here's the Cosmic 411 for this potent lunation: 

When: Moon reaches Full Moon about an hour after midnight in Hawaii on October 8 (12:50 am). That's 3:50 am on the West Coast United States, 6:50 am on the East Coast US; and 10:50 UTC. Here in Sri Lanka Full Moon is at 4:20 PM. 

Where: Moon at 15° Aries conjuncts Uranus and the nearby south lunar node.
Overall Theme: Melt down of old values; greater emotional depth; heightened creativity and imagination, and a more introspective examination of what is meaningful to you in life. 

Energy Forms created: T-Square and Kite. These 2 energy configurations share a common point of connection via Uranus and the Moon (small circle on charts). This is a potent combination for shifting energy quickly.

The T-square on the left represents a further amplification of the Uranus square Pluto dynamic on-going since 2011 and begins to set the stage for the next exact square between the Sky and Underworld rulers on December 14th. 

This T-square configuration encourages a re-balance of spontaneous emotional impulses (Uranus/Moon) with meaningful relationships (Sun/Venus Libra) in alignment with your individuated desires. Its fulcrum (Pluto in Capricorn) establishes a base of power and control with how you organize your life around your individuated needs and those with whom you connect in relationship.

By contrast, the Kite geometry (above on right) is a very strong directed energy. In this instance, it is made up of a grand fire trine (3 or more planetary aspects 120° apart). Fire elements of Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius spark imagination, creativity and profound insights. 2 sextiles complete the configuration adding much needed direction to the fire. Here, the direction points to Moon/Uranus/South Lunar node in Aries, which is also a key element of the T-Square. This points to quick, sudden emotional shifts into new territory.  

Synopsis: Lunar total eclipse energy implies an emotional connection to the shadow, where your deepest challenging memories and hidden energies lie. As a response to last April's lunar eclipse, you revisit once again impulsive behaviors (Aries) ignited in April, but with an intention of transformation and resolution.This may not be an easy journey for some of you, especially if your natal chart is activated by any aspects of this T-square. More below under "the challenging".

The Planetary Players:  

T-square  - Moon, Uranus and South Lunar Node in Aries; Sun, Venus and North Lunar Node in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. Configuration resembles a see-saw. The balance or fulcrum point is Pluto.

Kite: grand fire trine (above on right) - Moon, Uranus and South Lunar Node in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius. This is a very powerful combination of quick (Mars/Uranus), expansive (Jupiter) and emotional (Moon) energy. Insights may come fast and furious. Also includes Sun, Venus and North Node in Libra implying relationships serve as the very fuel for sparking new insights and heart-opening understanding of what's true and meaningful, especially in the realm of spiritual direction.
The Easy: Kite...use your imagination to dream big and expansively. What do you want to create in the coming 6 months in relationship with others that aligns your heart with purposeful relationships in your life? 

The Challenging: 
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (soon to return to Libra on the 10th) positions almost exact to the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon degree coming on October 23rd/24th).Scorpio runs intense energy. Use exercise to move your energy out of the mental realm and more into the physical world.

T-square. This configuration implies a re-balancing and transmutation of core beliefs and values. Given Uranus and Pluto's participation here, impulsive and deeper urges can be a challenging wave to surf. Use discernment in your choice making. With Mercury Retrograde underway, expect the unexpected too. Venus brings this energy into core values, beauty and meaningful connection with others.

Planetary Movements during this lunation:
  9 - Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn (relationship challenges are amplified)
10 - Mercury retrogrades into Libra (reflection about how you create relationship with others)
12 - Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries (sudden changes in the realm of relationship)
15 - Mercury retrograde in Libra conjuncts Venus (communication between your head & heart)
23 - New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Scorpio (ready to dive deep???).

Suggestions for this lunation:
- take time to reflect and breathe. Receive bodywork, exercise, go inward.
- if your location is graced by the visual of the Moon, connect visually with this grand display of natural wonders. You can also watch via the Internet.
- Fuel your imagination by creating something new
- connect with a spiritual place of wonder
- Mercury Retrograde - remember this is a time of "RE" - regenerate, renew, replenish, reorganize, re-direct and re-consider. Mercury stations direct on Oct 25, just after the next New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse. Always in Mercury Retrograde, move with the spontaneous expressions of life. This retrograde moves from water (Scorpio) to air (Libra) conveying a lot of emotion into your communication and connections with others. Measure your words with thought and discernment.

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"So powerful...so insightful. Thank you so much." CdF, San Francisco    

Conclusion: October is such an intense and meaningful month. Two eclipses around a Mercury Retrograde implies ground breaking shifts/changes in deeply meaningful and possibly confrontational ways. Strife/struggle demonstrations and war in different sectors of the world remind us the "status quo" will not be tolerated. We are here to move the margins of reality. Accepting life as it seems to be is not an option for anyone desiring to see a more meaningful energy rich outcome to the old paradigms of war and control. Yes, there is implicit struggle in this transformative shift, yet purposeful movement too. Always good to remember "I am the answer to my prayers".

Desert Elephant of Namibia by Joseph Mina
My African journey has been profoundly moving for me on many levels. Standing under the brilliant moonless night sky in the Namib desert with a 360° view and galactic center directly overhead was a sublime experience. I felt the oneness of life on a cellular level. Also, understood in a deeper way how this evolving shift we now undergo is such a tiny yet significant blip in the bigger flow of life.  And climbing a massive red sand dune, seeing up-close the magnificent desert elephants in their native habitat, connecting with the White Lions, and visiting various chakra power points in South Africa's Cape area were emotionally moving and heart-opening experiences.

Also, I felt deeply touched by the beautiful and compassionate grace of the many local people I encountered. I feel enriched from these new connections. Sharing my life work and passion in the Cape area of South Africa and learning new skills, especially in Namibia in the photographic realm was the proverbial icing on the African cake.

In Sri Lanka I am visiting my oldest daughter, who is on temporary assignment here. In addition to much desired integration time for Africa,  this weekend we will travel north to the powerful temple sites near Jaffna. Quite timely given Mars' current transit in questing, spiritual Sagittarius. 

Lastly, as I have experienced in Africa, the best remedy for creating a shift in perspective and life direction is to change routine, travel, and be open to the possibilities that rapidly appear. At this Aries Full Moon, use the Aries spirit of quick action and new beginnings to expand your world in an even more meaningful way than ever before. The Universe and your soul expects no less.  Sat Nam

Aloha from Colombo, Sri Lanka
Starman, Joseph Mina
October 7, 2014
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