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Astrology Forecast November 2013: Scorpio Season and a Solar Eclipse

“I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.”
― Carolyn MacCullough, Once a Witch

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This is the November 2013 Gemini Awakening Astrology Update

The season of Scorpio offers opportunities to see beneath the surface of things, deepen emotional connection and reassess how we value our shared resources.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves fall to the ground this time of the year, sometimes blazing in rich colors. Eventually this earthly gift returns or merges into the soil. And so it is with the vibration of Scorpio. The fading and ending of one form portends a merging and new beginning. The combination of the Sun, Saturn and Mercury Retrograde this month further amplify this process of the old merging into the new. In this vibration, everything becomes amplified...magnified...and issues of trust take center stage. Who can you trust?

Scorpio energy plunges to the depths of any situation. There is nothing boring about Scorpio. It is high octane fuel and full of life force. Yet, its shadow side may be even more potent than what is revealed on the surface. That edgier aspect sometimes is revealed in rather intense ways.
An eclipsed Scorpio New Moon on the 3rd points to a more edgy time in the coming months. Currently, recent challenging events around the world underscore that edgy vibe, especially in the Scorpio realm of the unseen (espionage, spying, betrayal). As Mercury, Sun and Saturn continue their varying journeys through Scorpio, more of the unseen will be revealed for our examination, understanding, restructuring, healing and renewal. This is a very important time for decisions about how you use your life force to create and manifest. Do you choose an energy rich path, which fuels passion and creativity, or does it seem safer and more secure to exist in an energy neutral path, which is flat at best, offering little passion or excitement in your creative expressions?

November monthly highlights include:
- a solar eclipsed New Moon (3rd)
- Venus entering organized Capricorn (6th)
- Jupiter in Cancer turns retrograde (6th); Neptune moves direct (13th)
- the completion of Mercury Retrograde (10th)
- a sensuous Full Moon in Taurus (18th)

- and a celestial visitor sweeps around the Sun (28th),

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Planetary Patterns:
Sun entered Scorpio on Oct 22 and now moves through this energetic sign until the November 21st, when it enters the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius. The Sun has been quite active of late (how could it be otherwise in Scorpio?) with multiple X and M class flares. This type of activity adds an edginess to the ethers of the Earth. Feeling on edge lately?

AstroActivators© 2001 Kathryn Andren Mina
On the 1st, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn make their 5th of 8 squares. As we have shared over the prior months, this intense duo represent a game changer in how we function as a global society. The changes and upheaval evident since 2011 underscore the potency of this vibration.

Due to their slow motion, this duo remain in tight orb to each other well into December. Uranus wants to start something radically new; Pluto’s mission is to meltdown whatever no longer serves the higher purpose of our evolution in the realms of finance, business, politics, rules, and governance. These strong intentions create quite an intense vibration, which can be felt in all aspects of life. These themes will further intensify in 2014.

New Moon at 11 Scorpio on November 3

Here's the New Moon Chart:

Take your time and have extra patience getting things done at this lunation. This lunation occurs as the Sun/Moon positions at 11° near the Scorpio North node. Whenever the nodal point is engaged, an eclipse occurs. This unique total/annual eclipse (referred to as a hybrid), sweeps across the South Atlantic and over the very heart of Africa. Solar Eclipse energy brings us into the Scorpion shadow, highlighting these themes:
- going deep, seeing beneath the surface, sharing resources
- magic, mystery and the intangible
- requesting support from the world you cannot see

Pluto and Mars are the rulers for Scorpio.  Invite the power and passion of these archetypes to support you in your Scorpio New Moon intentions. Useful New Moon questions include:

- "What am I ready to let go of?"
- "What needs to dissolve in my life?"
- "How can I connect more deeply, more emotionally, more intimately with others in my life?"
- "What do I feel passionate about?"

Tune into what are you really feeling. Dive deep in Scorpio fashion and ask yourself “what motivates my emotions?" Scorpio is a water sign, reminding us of the depth of emotional connection.

Saturn and Mercury Retrograde form bookends at this lunation. Saturn in Scorpio wants to create a more organized form from which we experience the life force all around us. The Sun catches up to Saturn on November 6th bringing light to what wants to change or be restructured in your life.

Meanwhile, Mercury continues its retrograde journey in the Scorpio realm of shared resources, trust and greater intimacy. Mercury Retrograde stations direct on November 10 at 2° Scorpio. Then, it retraces its retrograde path until it leaves the retrograde shadow on the 28th at 18° Scorpio. This retracing can replicate events occurring in the run up to the retrograde, as well as the retrograde period itself. It’s important to remember that the planets are more potent when stationary, that’s just before or after a retrograde. Hence, the 6th through the 14th will be particularly noteworthy for unusual events in the realm of communication, equipment, travel and ideas.

AstroActivators© 2001 Kathryn Andren Mina
On November 4, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn, where it remains through March 5th. This very extended time in the sign of the Goat is due to the next Venus Retrograde beginning on December 21 at the very end degrees of Capricorn. Venus retrograde represents a time to explore the inner feminine, especially for women. Due to this inward vibration, creating a deeper union during this time through marriage is discouraged. The gift of Venus in Capricorn offers opportunities for empowering self sufficiency and how to better direct and manage the business of life.

Also, Venus makes 2 connections with Pluto during this retrograde cycle, including the 1st conjunction on the 15th (see Taurus Full Moon chart), and January 31 as it stations direct.

When Venus meets Pluto, especially in Capricorn, the very structure of our relationships comes under scrutiny. This is a time to strengthen relationship bonds, bringing a new sense of power and energy. In the cauldron of the Venus Retrograde, the inner feminine is getting rewired for renewal and great beauty in 2014.

These emerging themes begin to become more obvious as Venus enters her retrograde shadow on November 19th.  In the sky, observe Venus slowly move towards the Western horizon over the next 6 weeks until it finally is lost in the light of the Sun. Venus' descent into the realm of the Sun prepares her for a new emergence in January and her reappearance in the pre-dawn eastern sky.

This month also includes Jupiter in Cancer turning retrograde on November 6 at 21° Cancer. Jupiter’s journey through Cancer shines its expansive spotlight on the realm of nurturing self and others, creating healthier communities and adding a more uplifting feeling to your home environment. Jupiter’s inward journey now gives you the space to explore these important realms. Jupiter stations direct again March 6th, 2014.

Meanwhile, Neptune, retrograde in its home sign of Pisces since June 6th, now begins its next forward direction on November 13th. Neptune points to our vision of how we want to shape our life. It sends its dreamy vibe into the realms of imagery and video, and our profound connection with the oneness of life. Which new dream are you ready to activate? How are you ready to see the world with new eyes and imagination?

Taurus Full Moon occurs in the sign of the sensuous bull on Nov 17th at 25° Taurus.

Here's the Full Moon chart:

November Full Moon illuminates these questions for contemplation: 
- "What is your priority?"
- "What do you really value?"
- "How do you create and express beauty in your world?"
- "How do you care for your body, especially in times of great transition?"
Venus moves into Capricorn on Nov 4th, 

Eyes on the Sky:
Venus now shines brightly in the Western Sky. By the end of November, Venus will appear lower and lower in the sky just after sunset as it prepares to station retrograde on December 21, the Winter Solstice.

Comet Ison, now heading towards the Sun, will sweep around our day star on November 28th. It will be within a million miles of the Sun’s surface, which is really close for a cosmic snowball. If Ison makes its close passage around the Sun intact, then Northern Hemisphere observers will be treated to a comet in the dawn sky come mid-December. Comets are seemingly quite fickle when it comes to brightness and size. And historically, the appearance of a bright comet in the sky is a sign of significant changes to come. Comet Hale Bopp in 1997 and Comet Haley in 1986 are classic examples.

"Heart Activation" sketch by Joseph Mina
Such a rich time in which we live. The building pressures and tension patterns are immense, all designed to shift our planetary paradigm into a new vibration. This flow opens us to a more energy rich and expansive experience filled with passion and life. Also, the inner work spawned by these current massive planetary cycles are opening new doors of opportunity and potential with far reaching consequences for the future. How we choose to show up as participants in this new wave of awareness will establish our legacy and place in the galactic annals of humanity's evolution for generations to come.

Perilous and exciting are 2 adjectives that come to mind when looking ahead to 2014. As we have posted, 2014 has all the ingredients to make it the most important year since the new Century began.

In the coming months we are introducing new ways for you to keep up to date with the evolving astrological cycles. This includes webinars and telephone hook-ups as well as new creative expressions in the realm of art and photography. Yes, the 21st century is now providing us new ways for creating greater intimacy and connection with others around the globe. We're excited to share more of this information with you in the coming year.

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This is a Scorpio season, shared energy collaboration by Kathryn Andren Mina and Starman, Joseph Mina. October 31, 2013 in Honaunau, HI

Sat Nam

Next update: December 2013 - Venus Retrograde and the Winter Solstice

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