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Sagittarius Penumbral Full Moon May 24: Gemini Party

A Gemini Party: Penumbral Eclipse May 24 Sagittarius Full Moon

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Isn’t it time to lighten up? 

The month of May began with four planetary energies in the Zodiac sign of the Bull. Now, we may be getting a much needed Gemini light-hearted break for a few weeks. 

Over the past 10 days Venus, Mercury and Sun moved from the Zodiac sign of Taurus into Gemini, the Twins inviting more levity in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Mars will follow into Gemini by month's-end, which will act as impetus for what you envision during this Full Moon energy.

With this influx of planetary energy into light-hearted Gemini, a potent time unfolds for creating Gemini magic through networking, writing, teaching and
speaking. More so, all these planetary energies, except for Mars , meets expansive Jupiter in Gemini sometime in May or June (see timetable below). Then, even more fuel becomes available for greater connection and synergy with others.

May and June's Gemini party includes:
Venus May 9 - June 1, conjoin Jupiter 5/28
Mercury May 15 - 30, conjoin Jupiter 5/26
Sun May 20 - June 19, conjoin Jupiter 6/19
Mars May 31- July 12
Jupiter June 11, 2012 through June 25, 2013

With so many planets in Gemini this month, you are invited to look at things from multiple perspectives and explore others point of view. Gemini is an air sign and related to the mental realm and the world of ideas. If you are thinking a mile a minute, take a moment to write things down. Then, double check the facts and think twice before running off with your words!

In case you missed it on our Taurus New Moon update early this month, listen to our Podcast covering astrology events for May 2013.

  Here's the Full Moon Chart

Gemini and Sagittarius are Zodiac signs 6 months apart so they energize a complement to each other at the May Full Moon. This Sagittarius Full Moon (May 24 at 6:24 pm HST) creates the slightest penumbral lunar eclipse at 4° Sagittarius. While the eclipse effect is barely visible, it can be viewed from the Americas on the evening of the 24th. Also, Mercury and Venus meet at 19° Gemini this Full Moon night adding a desire to communicate and share the beauty and richness of life with others. 

courtesy Sky & Telescope Magazine
Eyes in the sky....look to the west just after sunset this coming week and you may find the planetary jewels of Mercury and Venus just above the horizon near sparkling Jupiter. Remember too, Mercury appearing in the western sky reminds us its next retrograde cycle is approaching, this time in the sign of Cancer come June 26. We'll cover Mercury Retrograde in more detail in our next Gemini Astrology Update.

Any eclipse is a powerful invitation to explore the shadow side of a Zodiac sign. With Sagittarius Full Moon, a potent question arises about "what is true or factual". Gemini seeks to gather information; opposite sign Sagittarius wants to know the truth of what is offered. Double check details and the facts. Don’t be discouraged if you feel you need to say the same thing twice to be clear this week! Use your inner compass to discern what is reliable and helpful information.

This Lunar eclipse Full Moon is also in strong square aspect to Neptune in Pisces, providing pathways of sensitivity to self and others. Neptune brings a depth of emotion to an otherwise mental/fire Sagittarius Moon. Where have you allowed your emotions to get in the way of discerning and knowing the truth? The Sagittarius Full Moon brings light to that question too.

As we shared in our last update, Uranus and Pluto remain in strong square aspect with each other this month. Hence, the Sagittarian theme of discernment takes on a stronger meaning when viewed on a collective, national or global level. Whom do you trust in the Capricorn realms of government and business? Whom do you believe? Are you ready to initiate new action/direction in your life?  In all respects, be gentle with yourself. This is an amazingly potent transformative time! Use your sensitive awareness and gut instinct to trust yourself and know you are being led by your Sagittarian inner knowing.

Next Update: June 8th Gemini New Moon

Blessings from Honaunau, Hawai’i
Kathryn Andren Mina
with Starman, Joseph Mina from Tokyo

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