Monday, January 3, 2011

Capricorn New Moon - Energizing 2011 and Beyond

"The future depends on what we do in the present."
Mahatma Gandhi

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."
Arthur C. Clarke, Astrophysicist & Science Fiction Author

Aloha and Happy New Year!

2011 starts off with a New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at 14 degrees. New Moon occurs in Hawaii on Jan 3 at 11:02 pm HST; and January 4th from Far Western Canada (12:02 am), east to the International Date Line (9:00 UT). Fresh on the heals of the Lunar Eclipse and Gemini Full Moon near the Solstice, this New Moon opens the door for structure, organization, long term planning, new direction and career goals and initiatives.

New Moon eclipse energy signifies a time to seed intentions for the coming 6 months. This dove-tails well with the beginning of the year rituals of resolutions and commitments. The above quotes underscore one approach for framing your 2011 intentions. 

As the Aquarian vibration continues to increase in our global consciousness, technology expands in a myriad of ways to support communication and the rapid dissemination of ideas
across the globe. In that spirit, here's our New Year's eve video (vlog) about this New Moon period.

Our videos offer a brief overview of the resident astrological energy, as there's only so much one can share in 6 minutes or so. Below is information to augment the video.

Here's the New Moon chart

The overall theme of this chart is about expanding (upgrading), innovating, energizing and grounding in a practical fashion the structure and direction of your life.

Significant to the chart is the the degree position of the Sun and Moon at 14 degrees relative to Pluto (1) on one end at 5 degrees, and Mars (2) on the other side of the geometry at 21 degrees. 

The Sun/Moon (3) sits in the middle of these two powerhouse archetypes much like a balance point. By their archetypal nature, Mars and Pluto, the ancient and modern rulers of Scorpio, respectively, exude intense energies outwardly and inwardly, respectively. I see this geometric pattern much like a container. Inside there's a mix brewing (Sun/Moon eclipse), soon to be dispersed to the ethers (Mars) and integrated deeply (Pluto) into our collective consciousness or psyches. 

Further, a waning Mars square (2) to Saturn (2), plus a building Sun/Moon square (1) to Saturn adds a strong dose of responsibility to the mix. As the ruling planetary energy of Capricorn, Saturn, the archetypal Universal task master, reminds you to ground your intentions and goals for 2011. Due diligence is an important ingredient for activating your New Moon intentions over the coming 6 months (usual solar eclipse effect). The more you align with this mandate, the easier the energetic flow will be as the year unfolds.

Lastly, the significant 2011 Spring season activation of Pisces and Aries has begun. 

First, Uranus and Jupiter (1) moving forward together, arrive at the exact degree (27) the day after the New Moon for the 3rd and final time in Pisces. It's rare for these two dynamos to be together in Pisces (last time was in the 1300's; next meeting, the last decade of this century). 

When together (approximately every 13 years), Uranus, the planetary energy of surprises and disruption, and Jupiter's expansive vibration, fuel innovation and significant breakthroughs in the sign of their transit. Hence, their movement through Pisces has added the Piscean themes of global consciousness and oneness, as well as a deepened connection to the etheric realms (intuition/telepathy). Further, this duo's presence has helped raise our conscious awareness about the importance of coming together as a world community to address significant challenges present in all aspects of life in the coming years.

Jupiter/Uranus' coming movement into Aries, beginning with Jupiter ingress on the 25th of this month, signals the birth of something brand new, out of the box and against the grain of our traditional reality. This New Moon offers you a container for aligning your 2011 intentions along these lines. The square of Mercury at 21 Sagittarius to Jupiter/Uranus fleshes out the truth (Sagittarius) of what serves the Global community (Pisces) for the highest good. Adding some juicy fuel to the fire, the Venus in Scorpio trine (120 degree angle) to Jupiter/Uranus encourages us to connect with the beauty and power of our inner life force to effect positive change.

Come late March, powerful planetary alignments occur in Aries for 2 months to further strengthen and define these evolving transformational shifts in global belief and economic systems.

Meanwhile, Neptune and Chiron (2) move ever so close to Pisces, with Chiron arriving first in early February. The Aquarian dance between these two since February 2009 has seen a significant expansion of social networking (Aquarius), fueled by a desire to heal (Chiron) the less compassionate parts of the human psyche. At the New Moon, this combo forms a potent square with Venus in Scorpio, challenging us to use the power of life force (Scorpio) in ways that serve humanities highest good (Aquarius). 

Mercury Retrograde - Curtain Call
Mercury is now slowly coming out of its retrograde vibration as it gathers direct momentum. By January 13th, Mercury reenters Capricorn to begin a 5 day dynamic interaction with Pluto and the North Lunar node. This is the same ground Mercury covered between December 1 and the 18th. I suspect reenactments of events during that time will occur in this closing window in the Capricorn areas of politics, finances, government rules relative to Mercury's domain of communication and movement. The retrograde shadow completes itself on the 18th as Mercury passes its retrograde degree reached on December 10th.

This Mercury Retrograde has significantly made its presence known since early December primarily via intense weather in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In turn, this has put quite a crimp on air travel and other forms of transportation during the holiday surge. As I have previously posted, Mercury retrograde periods spawn "spontaneity" and "serendipity". By disabling temporarily our logical flow, unexpected events and new opportunities take center stage despite the apparent inconvenience of plans gone awry.

Finally, in this New Moon chart, all planetary energies are now moving in direct motion through January 25th. Full speed ahead. At month end Saturn begins a 4-1/2 month retrograde period back to 10 degrees Libra by mid-June. More on this dynamic in our next blog.

Shifts in January:
Venus enters Sagittarius - 7th
Mars enters Aquarius - 15th
Cancer Full Moon - 19th
Sun enters Aquarius - 20th
Jupiter enters Aries - 22nd
Saturn moves retrograde - 26th 

The next two weeks leading up to the Cancer Full Moon represents a potent time to vision, dream, materialize and actualize intentions for 2011. The next 3 Full Moons (like the previous 3) occur at the 29 degree point of their transiting sign. Further, these Moons are "super moons" as they occur near Perigee, or closest orbital point to Earth. The potency of this vibration (Syzygy) will add more fuel to the actualization of what you want to manifest in 2011.

We stand at the beginning of a powerful year of shift, change and social uneasiness. As a world culture, we continue to walk on uncharted ground, bringing along our aspirations, uncertainties and beliefs. May this New Year open your heart to the riches of your inner gifts, new opportunities for expressing those gifts, and a higher standard of service to all you touch.

Next Blog - Cancer Full Moon on January 19th - the Moon positions at the same degree as the most potent Solar Eclipse occurring this Century back on July 21, 2009. Stay tuned.... 

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Starman, Joseph Mina
January 2, 2011
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Duncan Soule said...

Thanks for this update. It is an exciting time, and your presentation was beautifully done, with nice graphics and lots of useful information.

Happy New Year to you both!

Duncan Soule

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Thank you Duncan. Appreciate your kind remarks. Best to you and Lorie.

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