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Libra Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde - Rebalancing the scales

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed - we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
Martin Luther King

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
George Orwell, Animal Farm

Gaia and the Full Moon (unknown)
As the end of March nears, a Libra Full Moon occurs, setting the stage for mid-April's Mercury retrograde in the sign of Taurus. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. So this Full Moon energy holds the potential for creating healthy relationships and creative beauty.

Let's start with the Full Moon

The Moon reaches the fullness of revealing its light on March 29th at 4:25 pm In Hawaii at 9 degrees Libra. Other times include West Coast 7:25p, East Coast 10:25p; and Greenwich Mean Time 6:25a on the 30th.

The Moon enters the Full Moon window 12 hours earlier, and stays in this zone of potency for 13 hours beyond the Full Moon mid-point. And to make things a bit juicier, this is the 4th of 5 Super Full Moons for 2010. Here, the Moon is once again near its perigee orbital point (closest to Earth). Hence, the gravitational and electrostatic effect of this Moon on our psyches is amplified more than usual. This can create a rather edgy, restless vibe that desires something different and fulfilling.

Here's the Full Moon Chart

The overall theme of this Moon cycle is "relationship...relationship...relationship".  The potent emotional vibe of the Moon (ruler of Cancer) adds "nurturing desires" to the partnership mix. Under this banner, a window of opportunity opens to explore which relationships in your life are nurturing, co-dependent, stressful, or finished. Further, taking definitive steps to create clarity in this engaging realm of you and others works well with the Full Moon energy.

The Full Moon chart carries a strong critical tension dynamic. The combined energies of Sun in Aries (1), Moon and Saturn in Libra (2), and Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn (3) create a hard angle configuration called a T-square. It looks like this:

Think of a T-square as a "see-saw".  Here, the fulcrum is a combination of Pluto and the minor planetary aspect Ceres. The two balancing ends involve the impetuous energy of an Aries Sun, and the more contemplative, hesitant energy of Saturn (rules Capricorn) and the Moon. Hence, the Pluto/Ceres combo dictates how this balance either works or falters.

Dissolving Old Forms

Pluto in Capricorn's mission since January 2008 has focused on dissolving economic and financial structures no longer in tune with the evolving vibration of the Planet. Hence, as old forms die, new ones are created, and recreated (anon) if necessary until we get it right. As significant planetary aspects interact with Pluto, further refinement to the process occurs.

AstroActivator© Ceres by Kathryn Andren
Latest to join the Pluto party is the planetary aspect Ceres, the goddess of fertility, growing plants and motherly love. Ceres moved into the sign of Capricorn on March 19th adding these elements to Pluto's transformational theme. Ceres moves with Pluto on and off over the next 7 months.

Ceres' close presence to Pluto in this Full Moon chart underscores the importance of including quality of life considerations in any new economic or financial structure (Capricorn theme). Otherwise, the structure is not sustainable over the long term, and relationships suffer.

This is seemingly a hard lesson for the world's financial and political leaders who promote the outdated economic and legislative models established during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th Centuries (yes, those models are still being used). In the past, any holistic theme has rarely been considered in these circles, if at all.

Recent enactment of a Health Care law represents one example. In this instance, the lack of consensus between all political and economic parties produced a very watered-down piece of legislation driven primarily by economic and political considerations. Very little emphasis on wellness and quality of life initiatives were the result. Yet, as the Pluto vibe has demonstrated, this outdated, archaic path will dissolve/fall apart. The up-side replacing this old model would be a health care system that ensures the quality of life and well-being of all inhabitants on the planet. 

On a personal level, the guidance of the Full Moon chart points to the importance of creating or strengthening your personal structure in your life if you want to have healthy relationships, including one with yourself. This includes quality of life questions about how you nurture yourself, and create a nurturing home environment. These are excellent areas to explore during the Full Moon window, as well as the next two weeks leading to the New Moon.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury's appearance in the Western Sky after Sunset means its retrograde motion nears. When Mercury moves in apparent reverse direction as seen from Earth, we enter a 3 week period, 3 or 4 times a year, where creative and spontaneous energy is dominant, while logical, organized communication and thought is challenged.

This is a very helpful period for reinvigorating the creative side of our psyches. However, as society operates in a logical fashion, different (read "more creative") strategies are required for anything involving the Mercury themes of communication, transportation, machinery or legal issues.

There are 3 components to any retrograde:
1) movement into the vibration;
2) the actual retrograde;
3) the movement out of the vibration.

Here's the timings:

April 3rd: Mercury crosses 3 degrees Taurus, where it joins Venus, and squares Mars in Leo.

This combo sets the theme for the Retrograde. Venus square Mars is not an easy dynamic - he said/she said. Within the dynamic of a Mercury vibe, the dominant question will be what aspects of your life are nurturing (Taurus) to your heart (Leo). As Venus in part rules, relationships, beauty and artistry, and Mars rules achievement and initiative, this period of time offers a way to explore how these two dynamics mix or don't mix in your life. This includes ways you have compromised what nurtures your heart in order to achieve, survive, or be financially secure.

Mercury tracks closely with Venus through the 17th before it begins its reverse or retrograde motion. It's much like the two have a conversation about how to create, express and communicate the Taurus themes of beauty, sensuality, artistry, nurturing care, and stability. In its reversal, Mercury conveys this information to Mars in Leo between the 17th and May 1st, focusing on heart intention (Leo theme) and desire.

April 17th - Mercury stations retrograde at 13 Taurus - here, the theme outlined above arrives at full potency. Note: On May 2nd, the Sun in Taurus crosses this degree. This will be a day shining full light on related Mercury issues coming to the surface during this period.

May 11th - Mercury stations direct at 3 Taurus, ending its reverse motion. As it creates a beneficial trine to Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn, energy is available to put into motion healthy insights and desires beneficial to your life structure.

May 28th - Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow as it crosses 13 Taurus. On the previous day Uranus moved into the sign of Aries. (more below). It's not uncommon to see during the last phase an echo or repeat of challenging events that occured during the retrograde.

Very helpful strategies during a Mercury Retrograde period:

During the most intense phase (April 17th - May 11) allow the grace of spontaneity and change to be your guide. As travel is in the realm of movement, unexpected delays may bring unexpected fortune or gifts. Hence, fighting or struggling with a change in plans would not be productive response. Also, be conscious of patterns of fear and hesitation. Move with the energy (good Mercury strategy), much as you would move with the current of a river.

-In the realm of mechanical devices, such as computer, car, etc. take the necessary, precautionary steps now to ensure machines are operational and maintained.
-During the retrograde, do not sign legal contracts  or binding agreements
-Postpone the purchase of expensive goods (car, home, computer, camera, etc).
-Refrain from starting new initiatives such as a business, or creative pursuits.
-Pay particular attention to how others communicate their needs, as misunderstanding can occur easily.
-Lastly, take time to reflect about what you want to create differently this summer, especially in matters of creating or enhancing how you nurture yourself and others close to you.

Planetary energies moving into 
new signs or retrograde over the next 2 months:

Venus into Taurus - March 31st: This is Venus' natural sign, one of beauty, sensuality and artistry. It remains in Taurus through April 24th, when it moves into Gemini. This 3 1/2 week period is a perfect time to create beauty, explore creative pursuits, and be nurtured (massage, bodywork etc.). Its movement into Gemini brings lightness and playfulness into the conscious mix of desires and opportunity.

Pluto retrograde - April 6th: This very slow moving planetary archetype stations retrograde, moving back to 3 degrees Capricorn by September 13th. This particular retrograde is deeply introspective, using its transformative vibration to assist you in cleansing and restoring the body's vitality, as well as revealing deeper mysteries you are ready to face.

Note: anyone with significant planetary influences in an early degree Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) will be under a stronger vibration with this retrograde. This could possibly include the passing/transition of a family member(s), as well as a deeper connection to your soul essence.

Saturn into Virgo - April 7th: Saturn makes its final sweep through Virgo, completing a 2 1/2 year journey. 10 days later it makes its 4th of 5 direct oppositions with Uranus. My next blog will focus on this intense vibration of tradition (Saturn) vs. change (Uranus). Note, the field is already heating up evidenced by recent Tea Party demonstrations and related violence. 

Chiron into Pisces - April 19th: The sign of the wounded healer moves into empathic Pisces 2 days after Mercury moves retrograde. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was 1960-69. It remains in Pisces for 3 months this year before returning to Aquarius for the remainder of the year. Early next year, Chiron returns to Pisces through 2019.

This current 3 months will focus on your body and emotional sensitivities and how life "feels to you". Here, awareness is brought to the surface about ways you may have suppressed at an early age your emotional sensitivities out of fear or embarrassment. 

Uranus into Aries on May 27th: Quick, surprising Uranus moves into Aries for the first time since January, 1928. In the vibe of Aries, expect anything, especially dramatically innovative technological creations. Also, this entrance is the sounding bell for the significant cardinal sign interactions of this Summer. I'll cover this in a future blog.

Next blog - Saturn and Uranus meet once again - round 4

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii
Starman, Joseph Mina
March 28, 2010
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Nancy Redfeather said...

Do you have any advice for me....the weekend of April 16-19 is the planning of a new and very important statewide Seed Initiative at the Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort. This does not correspond well with your advice for those days. I understand your "go with the flow' comments but wonder if you have any specific advice for this?

Nancy Redfeather
Coordinator - Hua Ka Hua - Restore Our Seed
A public seed Symposium

BrownRabbit said...

Your perfection of perspective pours into pictures and words; thank you for bringing new mind and old mind together in your stellar elucidations and sharing them so graciously with us all.


Gemini Astrology Blog said...

Nancy, I sent you an email addressing your question.

BrownRabbit...mahalo for your kind comments. Glad you find the Blog info helpful.

Aloha, Joseph

Jan said...

First, a compliment. As an Astrology newbie, I find your blogs the best that there is and I really like the way you highlight the pertinent aspects in the transit charts! What inspired me to write though, was the observation that this new moon has a very strong corollation to many of the planetary placements in my natal chart. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are all within tight orbs (3/23/51 11:29 AM NYC). I'd really appreciate your commenting on this. I'm itching for a change in my life and I note the approaching position of Uranus into my 10th house full moon/sun opposition.


Gemini Astrology Blog said...

Hi Jan

That's quite a chart. You have 4 significant aspects in early degree Cardinal signs, plus a Jupiter return year happening within your second Saturn Return.

I'd say very significant change/adjustment is underway in areas of career, home, service to others/health, and closing doors of the past. This Full Moon brings light to that shift. The essential ingredient is redefining how you nurture yourself (Cancer rising). Aries requires it to be new/innovative.


Raven said...

Thank you for your blog. Not only does it look good, but it is simple and easy to follow.

I have taken to emailing a link to a friend of mine who has almost no astrological knowledge, apart from understanding the basics of the symbolic nature of each planet. You manage to isolate the issues without getting into too much detail, and I applaud that.

Anonymous said...

you are awesome!! i am a gemini (with a virgo rising) and i love reading about astrology and my charts, signs, etc. the retrograde is so interesting to me, i am blessed to be aware of the universe and it's ways :] what is the cardinal sign interaction? did you cover it somewhere and i missed it? also, i am hanging out with an aries that is coming to town around june 2nd, does the fact uranus has moved into aries have any effect on our relationship/communication?