Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cancer Full Moon lights up New Year's Eve

As the final astrological chapter for 2009 is written, a partially eclipsed Full Moon graces the sky on December 31. Quite a year it's been, yet we're just getting warmed up for 2010.

This is the first Full Moon of the Winter Season. By a quirk of the calendar, it's the second Full Moon in December, which the press heralds as a "Blue Moon".

Blue Moon origin - back in 1948, the Farmer's Almanac definition of a Blue Moon was misinterpreted to be the 2nd Full Moon of the month. Unfortunate or otherwise, this mischaracterization of a Blue Moon has stuck. The correct interpretation: a season with 4 Full Moons (usually there are 3). The second one in the same astrological sign is the "blue one" - something that next occurs in Autumn 2010 with 2 Aries Full Moons. If you're looking for more details, look no further than here.

Blue or otherwise, this eclipsed Full Moon in the sign of Cancer is one of those "unseen" eclipses. Any shadow effect from the Moon's passage through the Earth's outer shadow (penumbra) will be barely noticeable, if at all.  A very good visual of the eclipse passage over Europe, Africa and Asia may be found here, courtesy of Shadow and Substance.

A partial eclipse effect usually diminishes the event's intensity. However, what the eclipse may lack in visual stimulation, is more than made up by its potent and challenging associations with planetary energies in Capricorn and Libra.

What to know about this Full Moon:
* Occurs in the watery sign of Cancer at 10 degrees - yes, it's an emotional one! May trigger the lunatic vibe (hint: if you are feeling "crazed", know you are far from alone)
* Moon is near perigee or closer to Earth; hence, stronger magnetic pull, appears larger than usual, and heightens sensitivity. This Full Moon perigee effect continues for the next two Full Moons, or through March, 2010.
* Cancer themes of care/nurturing to self, family, community are on the front burner
* Eclipse shadow points to an "inner party" for New Year's Eve - sorry revelers 
* Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde further deepen the inner vibe - can make for a subdued, yet very heart-felt, soulful experience over the next two weeks in preparation for the Capricorn New Moon on January 14/15 (see below)
    Full Moon Strategies
    *One area of possible focus around old energetic challenges - desires of the heart versus conforming/adapting to the rigid rules established by those in authority (government/parents/teachers etc). How can this be progressively different in your life in 2010?
    * As Saturn (associated with Father Time) plays a strong role in this eclipse dynamic, the ground is ripe for focusing on what you want to create in 2010, and when and how you intend to manifest it. Get your intention engines started, and make it practical/doable!
      Actual Full Moon timings on December 31:
      Hawaii is 9:13 am
      West Coast North America 11:13 am
      East Coast 2:13 pm
      Greenwich Mean Time - 7:14 pm
      India, east to the International Date Line - January 1

      Future blog - Next New Moon on Jan 14/15 is an annular solar eclipse in Capricorn - this is a very potent window of energy.

      Malama pono e hau'oli makahiki hou
      Take  conscious care and Happy New Year!
      Kathryn and Joseph

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