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Leo Full Moon Feb 3: The Circle of Life

"What I know...if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come."
Oprah Winfrey

"Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology, but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion...intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention."
Deepak Chopra 

The following information pertains to the lunation period beginning on Feb 3 and ending Feb 17.
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The second Full Moon of the season arrives on February 3...this one an elemental fire Moon bringing intense emotions, high creativity, both individually and collectively, inspiration, and a desire to be seen, appreciated, acknowledged and loved. Yes...the field will be full of the Leo vibe this lunation.

This Full Moon also marks a shift in the normal "Full Moon follows New Moon" sequence. Every 18 months or so, either the New or Full Moon crosses the degree threshold between the end and beginning of an astrological sign, 29° and 0°, respectively. This New Moon moves across this 29<>0 threshold shifting the overall focus for the next 16 months.

When such a shift in degree occurs, the New and Full Moon dynamics switch. In this case, we now switch to a "Full Moon precedes New Moon" scenario, where the Full Moon rather than the New Moon becomes the theme setter for the entire lunar cycle. As such, the next New Moon will position again in the same sign as last month...Aquarius. This unusual vibe continues until the next switch in June 2016. Hence, for the next 16 months the Full Moon sets the tone for the ensuing 28 1/2 day lunar cycle. That ought to get our collective heads spinning in a different direction. Also, this oddity mirrors a persistent and unique Yod geometry in play through mid March (see "significant challenges" below).

Ruled by the Sun, the Leo Archetype points to children, creativity, passion, magnetism and romance. It fuels the heart's desire for acceptance, acknowledgment, leadership and command. This Full Moon shines its light on these vibrations. Many actors in the realm of cinema and stage have more than one
strong Leo placement in their natal charts (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter). Hence, the Leo mythos fuels the magnetic allure that surrounds those who walk the red carpet.

The Lion King's "Circle of Life" comes to mind when pondering the highest leadership aspects of the Leo Archetype and its relationship to the collective group embodied in Leo's opposite Aquarius. A true leader (Leo) brings the gifts of inspiration, direction and wisdom to the Earthly energetic field for the benefit of all (Aquarius). These gifts are sometimes recognized at the birth of such a child. In its healthiest expression, these unique gifts are strengthened and reinforced throughout a child's developmental period, eventually maturing into the effective qualities embodied in a gifted leader.

Here's the cosmic 411 for this lunation and the annotated Full Moon chart:

When: Full Moon arrives on February 3rd at 1:09 pm in Hawaii; 3:09 p on the West Coast US, 6:09 p on the East Coast, 11:09 pm GMT, and on the 4th after midnight in France, east to the International Date Line.

Where: Moon positions at 15° Leo, very close to Jupiter in retrograde

Theme: Building leadership through empathic, compassionate service to humanity

Synopsis: Moon positions with Jupiter in Leo enhancing and expanding "all things Leo". This combination creates an unorthodox dynamic with Pluto and Chiron/Mars setting the stage for a strange lunation, one that highlights the charismatic nature of both genuine and pseudo leaders around the world. The continuation of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius adds another layer of quirkiness to the mix making for a paradoxical flow over the coming other words...expect the unexpected in matters of the heart, creativity and leadership.

Significant Challenges:
- Uranus square Pluto intensity continues to tighten as it nears its March 16th direct square. As I have shared many times, this duo is the true cosmic gorilla in the room influencing all aspects of societal life on the planet. Via Pluto, this life changing square anchors a very potent Yod geometry made up of...

- Moon/Jupiter in Leo, Chiron/Mars in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn. A Yod, referred to as "the finger of God" or "finger of fate" is a elongated triangle in form, and paradoxical/life changing in its energetic expression. The paradox points to dissimilar elemental energy somehow working synergistically this case Water/Earth (Pisces/Capricorn) mixing with Fire (Leo). One possibility offered by this Yod: to proactively break through emotional hurts and physical losses in your life to open new channels of awareness in your heart center. "What is true for me", as part of a collective human family, becomes more obvious, especially as...

- Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces and sextiles Mercury Retrograde: this on-going dynamic of Saturn/Neptune into 2016 ultimately dispels delusion and deceptions (Neptune), revealing what is true and reliable in your life, especially in the arena of beliefs, spirituality and higher perspectives. Mercury Retrograde assists in understanding the nature of truth in your life through unusual sources and events. Again...expect the unexpected.

Vibrations of Grace:
- A strong surge of Pisces energy brings grace, compassion and enhanced awareness and interconnection into this lunation. Includes Neptune (vision), Venus (grace), Chiron (healing), and Mars (action). Heightened sensitivity now takes center stage. Use that greater vision to actualize a heart-opening shift in your life (see significant challenges>Yod above)

"Conception" by Joseph Mina
Significant Astrological Timings during this lunation:
Feb 8 Venus in Pisces conjunct Chiron; Moon in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries/square Pluto in Capricorn - self esteem/values (Venus) now enters the realm of healing to vastly alter the realm of relationships, new beginnings and endings
Feb 11 Mercury stations direct beginning a period of forward motion - 3 days before and after this station direct day points to heightened challenges in the realm of communication, travel, ideas, equipment and commerce. Pause before you begin to react.
Feb 15 Moon conjoin Pluto and square Uranus - high intensity day. Breathe and move your energy productively

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Suggestions for this lunation:
- Take action: Mercury starting to move direct on the 11th provides the forward momentum to effect change and new endeavors. This will be good preparation for Mars' movement into its home sign of Aries come Feb 20th.
- Bring your focused attention to what you desire and hold most dear to your heart. What needs to change or heal in your life to allow greater receptivity and integration within your body?
- Be aware of what is meaningful or no longer meaningful in your life. What is ready to change in this realm to allow greater congruency with your integral self?
- See yourself as an essential member of the human family, sharing your unique gifts throughout the world

Questions for Reflection:
Resonance you experience with specific events on the world stage can trigger a strong emotional response. With that in mind:
What wounded part of me is ready to be accepted, acknowledged and merged into my greater body/mind consciousness?
What healing steps am I ready to take to facilitate this flow?
How do I perceive myself as a member of this grand evolutionary theme of humanity...this circle of life?
What steps am I ready to take to further strengthen myself for these revolutionary, chaotic times?

Conclusion:  "It was like going to a place in which the very air had evolutionary ambition...."  from To Breathe Is to Change
The astrological cycles revealed in any lunation make up a sentence or perhaps paragraph woven into a grand theme about the evolutionary path of the human race. This ever evolving mythos, established at the beginning of our solar system, reveals its bewildering and often paradoxical nature through the apparent movement across the zodiac of the Sun, Moon and other solar system members. Each month, we are reminded through this heavenly mirror about the cosmic weather influencing and shaping events and cycles within each of us...generation after generation after generation....

And ever so poignantly, each lunation connects to the previous lunar cycle as well as to the next one waiting in the wings. This interweaving moves like the tidal ebb and flow. Imagery abounds here: picture yourself as an actor, stepping on a grand stage to play a unique and gifted part of an arcane script whose finale in some far off time remains unknown. Driven by spontaneity, serendipity, and sometimes pure chance, your interactions with others and the greater collective produces a rippling effect...adding unforeseen grace to the evolving script.

And yet, remember, you are alive at a epic time of heightened chaos, significant. and life-altering shifts in conscious awareness. You are being provided unprecedented access to global events and people heretofore unimaginable. This Leo Full Moon now illuminates your path of the radical heart. How do you want to be seen by others? What is your heart ready to express through your gifts of creativity and passion? How do you desire to interact in new ways with the collective of souls?

And in the widest circle (very Aquarian I might add), "Us versus Them" no longer works. Despite the heinous intensity of some world events featured in various media outlets, and the sometimes unsavory behavior of certain leaders in the business, political, entertainment and social worlds, we are rapidly evolving into a conscious and connected global community. In Aquarian/Leo spirit, this lunation reminds you that NOW is the time to affirm your unique place in this wider circle of creation and life. As such, through the power of co-creation and collaboration with others, remember "together we stand...divided we fall.

Sat Nam and Namaste

Next Update: Feb 18: Aquarius Super New Moon
Aloha from Hawai'i Island
Starman, Joseph Mina
February 2, 2015
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