Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aquarius New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Jan 20: Planetary Vision 101

“Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”  Gandhi

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Martin Luther King

"Hawai'i Day's End" by Joseph Mina
Sometimes creating these astrology updates takes on a rather surreal vibe. Poet Robert Burns once wrote "the best laid plans of mice and men" alluding to life's unexpected changes. Perhaps he wrote it during a Mercury Retrograde? Fast forward>>>Yesterday, I set out to prepare this update. My intention was to complete it unscathed by that thing called "Mercury Retrograde" and its rep for communication and travel snafus. Ha!! Well, right on time, the electrical power to the house cut out near sunset...instant computer shutdown...bye-bye plans...power finally restored 11 hours later. Turns out a driver, allegedly inebriated from football partying, decided his pick-up truck and a nearby utility pole needed to talk to each other. But I digress. Mercury Retrograde...unexpected changes in plans. The gift...amazing night sky full of stars across the sweep of the Milky Way, and early to bed for a longer than usual night's sleep (my body was happy). Mercury Retrograde indeed!

And in the spirit of "indeed"...we are coming to the end of quite an intense lunation begun at the Cancer Full Moon 2 weeks ago. And take heed...more strong headwinds are in the offing as we enter an enhanced Aquarian/Pisces vibration over the coming weeks.

Aquarius points to social justice and equality. Pisces underscores the global consciousness and our interconnection within the field of oneness. This combination strongly reflects current events making headlines, as well as shifts and changes flowing through many people's lives right now. As with any
stormy weather pattern, headwinds affect everyone within their sphere of influence. How anyone attunes with that energy is a matter of conscious awareness, soul purpose, clarity, and willingness to move with the energy. In that vein, resistance to such a flow of change is not a viable or helpful option.

Aquarius also opens doors to the future and a new way of coming together. Pisces brings a strong element of compassion into the field. "Opening Doors" is so symbolic of a new life and a more meaningful social purpose. Here's a wonderful example of how "opening doors" through courageous, compassionate service changed a high school student's perspective and life, as well as the lives of many fellow students:

Meanwhile, recent global news points to tragic terroristic events in Paris and Nigeria just days after the Cancer Full Moon. Yet, the subsequent mass outpouring of support and unity by millions in Paris reflects the catalytic and instantaneous nature of how information is disseminated and shared around the world in this early 21st Century, and its profoundly galvanizing effect on people from all walks of life.

The coming Aquarius New Moon lunation includes a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Venus moving into Pisces. Also this New Moon is the 1st of 3 consecutive Super New Moons of 2015, as well as the 4th of 6 consecutive New Moons at the 29 or 0 degree of a sign.

Super Moon represents a period when the Moon's closest approach to Earth (perigee) occurs at or very near a New or Full Moon. In a symbolic sense, this closeness equals a heightened focus and exaggeration of vibration felt in the human consciousness. Equally symbolic, any New Moon positioned at the very end or beginning of an astrological sign underscores the power of endings and beginnings.

Here's the Cosmic 411 for this lunation:

When: New Moon arrives on January 20th at 3:14 am in Hawaii, 5:14 am on the west coast; 8:15 am on the East Coast, 1:14 pm GMT, and on the 21st after midnight in New Zealand east to the International Date Line.

Where: New Moon positions at 0° Aquarius. This is the 4th of 6 consecutive New Moons hovering at the 29/0 degree points. In other words, these 6 Moons sit in the zone between 2 signs bringing the influence of both signs into the astrological conversations. Quite unusual for 6 consecutive New Moons to be positioned in that zone.

Theme: Social equality, social justice, future concepts, and technological breakthroughs flow through an energetic field primed for seeking answers to the truth through greater human empathy, compassion and understanding.

Synopsis: "Let freedom ring". Strong Aquarian vibration at this lunation serves as a launching pad for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. This retrograde energizes the Aquarian message of social justice and equality. It also galvanizes a stronger sense of planetary vision and direction. Meanwhile, strong challenges continue in the realms of established rules/structures/business/politics versus new initiatives, and "fact versus fantasy" in matters involving the truth.

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Significant Challenges: As the calendar moves closer to March, the on-going tension pattern between Uranus (new) and Pluto (old) continues to increase, fueling critical tension and quick, sudden changes. Meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius continues to add more energy to the ethers as religious and spiritual beliefs come under greater scrutiny throughout the world.
Voyager Tarot

Vibrations of Grace: New Moon/Sun at 0° creates a strong sextile with Saturn adding a higher vibrational tone to Saturn's structured dynamics at this lunation. Here, you have greater access to a more energy rich expression as you attune to spirit and the higher chakras. Saturn in Sagittarius' 3 year transit points to a more grounded perspective about life and its higher spiritual meanings. "Make it real" says Saturn. New Moon vibration opens the door for this journey.

Archetypal Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius while Archetypal Mercury represents the lower octave of Uranus. Think of Uranus as the Galactic receiver; receiving dynamic, expansive messages from the heart of our galaxy, then sending them onwards into Mercury's communication grid. Mercury translates those messages into usable form. Retrograde = be prepared for new insights and spontaneous realizations. It's a time to REexamine, REflect, and REset your message about the power and potential of humanity's evolution and your changing/evolving role in this transformative script.

Significant Astrological Timings over the next 2 weeks:
Courtesy of Sky & Telescope Magazine
21 - Mercury stations retrograde conjunct near a very young waxing Moon. Venus positions nearby to form a beautiful sky triangle. Sky watchers: very young crescent alert! (see image on left)
22 - Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. A day of dreaming a bigger dream.
25 - Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto - an emotional roller coaster type of day.
27 - Venus enters Pisces. A month of grace and beauty lies ahead for those seeing a more compassionate path
29 - Venus squares Saturn in Sagittarius. A day to reorganize while being more inward in your flow
3 - Full Moon in Leo at 15° conjunct Jupiter

Mercury Retrograde Timings:
Jan 21 - Retrograde begins
Jan 28 - Feb 2 - Inferior conjunction to Sun - (most intense phase)- see suggestions below
Feb 11 - Mercury stations direct
Mar 3 - Mercury leaves retrograde shadow 

Suggestions for this lunation
 - witness the night sky and/or a celestial event
- check out Astronomy Picture of the Day and its amazing archives
- socialize in an uplifting way with like minded friends; dance
- connect to the higher chakras through meditation, yoga, or other energetic practices
- see the movie Selma
- attend an uplifting spiritual service, attend or listen/watch an uplifting lecture or program
- watch this video
- create a vision board or some representation of your desires for 2015
- Mercury Retrograde suggestions include 1) go with the flow; 2) reflect on better ways to communicate and share what's true to you; 3) avoid signing contracts or agreements; 4)back up your computer files; 5) make sure your car or bike is in good running order; 6) think before you speak; 7)reread the last 6 suggestions

Questions for Reflection:
- what internal changes are required to create greater congruency with my life path?
- what social causes are meaningful to me? How do I want to support these groups efforts?
- what long held beliefs no longer apply in my life?
- do my social circles support my growth and willingness to risk? If not, what is ready to change?
- what matters most to me in my life? Do those beliefs or perceptions serve my highest intentions for being on this planet NOW?

For anyone wanting a copy of the New Moon chart, you can download it here through Feb 3rd.

Thanks to everyone who generously made a donation in January towards the creation of the Starman Update. If you haven't done so and would like to make a contribution as acknowledgment for the benefit you receive, you may do so here. Mahalo!

Sobering events of January now become part of the foundation or tapestry for what is unfolding around the planet in 2015 and beyond. If you haven't watched my 2015 Update for the year ahead, I suggest you spend 20 minutes to better understand the powerful planetary cycles unfolding this year. Awareness is power.

This lunation is also a very potent time to crystallize your vision for changes you want to see in this world. In Aquarian spirit, view this vision with the widest possible lens...see the perfection of all that is unfolding and your participation in this grand shift of the ages. As humanity moves more and more into an Aquarian vibe over the next hundred or so years, the Piscean age of the last 20 or so centuries will become another footnote in history. Yet each chapter or age in this grand procession serves as a foundation for future generations. What type of foundation in this world are you ready to embrace? This lunation will offer guidance and insight about what lies ahead in this unraveling Cosmic mystery. The rest is up to you...up to future generations...up to humanity.

Sat Nam and Namaste

Next Update: Leo Full Moon Feb 3

Aloha from Big Island, Hawai'i
Starman, Joseph Mina
January 19, 2015
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