Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Aquarius New Moon Feb 18: Freedom Calls

"When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly."
Edward Teller , Theoretical Physicist (1908-2003)

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German Author (1844-1900)

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
Erich Fromm, Philosopher and Psychologist (1900-1980)

Namibia "Quiver Tree Milky Way"
by Trey Radcliff
Substantial change is in the air...Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius told me so.... This realization came a few days ago as I slowly emerged from my dream state. Of course, Mercury Retrograde brought an unexpected message. An inner voice said quite clearly to me "you're done". It was an emphatic, non-negotiable message from something deep within me..perhaps my soul. "You're done".

The "done" points to sharing my talents/gifts in the Aquarian realm of Astrology. Yes, one full lunar cycle from now, when the Pisces New Moon takes center stage, I'll follow that very strong Piscean-ending vibration and close the door on Astrology.

Astrology comes very easily to me; perhaps too easily. It's a place of stability and certainty, and ironically little personal risk. Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius in the 6th astrological house of service is the primary fuel for my astrological talents and abilities. These cosmic Aquarian vibrations are woven into the threads of my soul. I can look at a chart and know within 2 or 3 minutes its dynamics, intentions, tendencies, strengths, and influences. It's nothing I have
to learn. That's what makes this recent dream message all the more compelling. Deep down I know it's time to redirect my gifts and talents into my other creative expressions. I'm ready to take a step into the unknown. In fact "I'm SO ready!". The soul style or expression I developed in August 2013 sets that transformative bar for me:

"I am a playful wizardly agent of change, courageously interweaving my creative expressions into the fabric and soul of humanity for our transformation and awakening."

Big Momma Sand Dunes Sossusvlei, Namibia by Joseph Mina
Over the past few years, the realm of photography, a strong passion of mine, has been incessantly urging me to share my photographic skills with a larger audience. To do so requires much more of my attention and time.

When I traveled to Namibia in Southwestern Africa this past September for Trey Radcliff's 2 week landscape photography workshop, I knew life would never be the same once I returned to Hawaii. This primal part of Africa touched my soul unlike any other experience to date.

Standing alone after sunset in the crisp, crystal clear desert air near Namibia's hallowed Fish River Canyon, I gazed at the apex of the sky filled with thousands of stars. Divine grace, like standing under a waterfall, emanated from the vivid light and heart of the Milky Way galaxy. Ruddy Mars hovered nearby at Galactic Center, perhaps a poignant reminder of a new Life Path directive for me.

A lot changed for me in that moment...feelings of completion, release and renewal washed over me. My challenge in the coming days would point to integrating and acting on this magical time spent in Namibia's primal landscapes. While I have been pondering this career shift since returning from my around-the-world journey in November, I realize the time is NOW to shift and align with my changing inner soul currents.

"The Exchange" by Joseph Mina
sketched on iPad via Paper by 53

So this next 29 day lunar cycle ending March 19 will be my last hurrah in the astrological realm. While I'll continue to follow astrological trends (how can I not???), I will no longer produce this Starman Update, share astrological information on social media, or even offer 1:1 astrology consultations. One door closes...one door opens.

In its place, I plan on sharing my experiences through the lens of my camera, and through the vibrational power of my energy sketches. Stay tuned for a new version of me!

In the meantime, if you want to explore your astrological chart either live in Hawaii or via Skype/Phone...you can do so up and until March 16  via this on-line link for Life Path Astrology Consultation.

Most importantly, it's been a joy of mine to explore astrological trends over the past 20 years. Guiding many, many people 1:1, or in groups about their life path, or sharing information on this update has been an humbling honor and sweet responsibility I'll long cherish. And equally, I feel so grateful for the many people who have sought out my astrological services or have been faithful readers and donors to this bi-monthly update. Each of you has been a vivid mirror for me on my personal journey of the soul.

So with that said, here's the cosmic 411 for this 2nd Aquarius New Moon of 2015:

Here's the New Moon Chart:

When: New Moon on Feb 18th at 1:47 pm in Hawaii; 3:47 p on the US West Coast; 6:47 p EST; 11:47 p GMT; and on the 19th from France east to the International Date Line.

Where: Moon/Sun positions at 29°59" Aquarius. This is the 2nd Aquarius New Moon of 2015 and marks a strong shift where the Full Moon now precedes the New Moon cycle until June 2016. This is also the 5th of 6 New Moons at either the very end or beginning degrees of an astrological sign (quite rare to have so many consecutive New Moons at these beginning/ending degrees), and the 2nd of 3 Super New Moons, which further enhances this lunation's vibration and meaning.

Theme: Desire for Freedom from tyranny and/or oppressive governmental rule! Can you feel it??? In turn, becoming a global human family.

Synopsis: A 2nd Aquarius New Moon (annotated #1) in the past 29 days signals a strong shift from Aquarius to Pisces. The Moon enters Pisces just 10 seconds after New Moon, and is followed by the Sun about 2 1/2 minutes later. They join Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Venus to create what I call the "Pisces Surge".

Pisces represents the oneness. As the last sign of the zodiac it points to completions, karmic connections, transcendence, compassion, surrender and a high degree of empathic awareness. As the last of the Water signs, it thrives in the realm of emotions and psychic connection. Yet, its dreamy nature and desire for peaceful co-existence can sometimes lead to delusional expressions, especially in the realm of mind-altering drugs.

The highest intention of this New Moon chart is a reminder you are not alone. That our world awareness is becoming greater, and that in this sea of oneness we are each paradoxically unique. Venus and Mars shift into Aries just 2 days after New Moon signals a new beginning in the realms of self and relationship, as well as values and transformation.

Lastly, this lunation's Aquarian tone of freedom from heaviness and oppressive rule points to Pisces as the connecting link to such a paradigm shift. The song "Together We Can Change the World" underscores in true Aquarian spirit this potent unfolding of greater and richer awareness and energy.

Significant Challenges:
Yes, Uranus and Pluto (annotated #2) remain the big ticket item changing this world in unforeseen ways.  Also, Saturn in square to Neptune on and off through 2016 (annotated #3) dispels delusion and deception around the world. Incidences of lies and exaggeration are no longer tolerated. Greater and greater scrutiny via the Internet is the new truth officer on the block.  Just ask NBC's Brian Williams.

Vibration of Grace: Pisces...Pisces...Pisces. The most gentle and soulful of the astrological signs is quite engaged at the start of this lunation, directing its energy toward greater empathy for human suffering and abuse. Pisces embraces "the oneness" and its grace is never ending. Its vibration serves as the gateway to your soul essence and heightened compassion.

Significant Timings:
Feb 18 Aquarius New Moon and start of the Chinese New Year - year of the goat
Feb 20 - Venus and Mars both enter Aries signaling a significant shift towards something new. They are at the exact degree today. Perhaps a new perspective emerges in the realm of conscious relationship? Eyes on the sky alert...after sunset in the West! Use binoculars to see Mars near Venus' glare.
Feb 19 - Feb 21 - waxing crescent Moon dances in the western sky after sunset. Look for the crescent Moon near Venus and Mars on the 20th!
Mar 2 - Mercury direct in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo...a new heart-felt message about freedom emerges
Mar 3 - Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow at 17° Aquarius
Mar 5 - Virgo Full Moon at 15°

- Ensure congruency exists on your life path
- Participate in a social cause
- Be compassionate and tolerant towards others
- Pray/Meditate for World Peace
- play or attend a musical event...especially music of a spiritual-like quality
- Participate in a social gathering, either live or on-line, that promotes social equality
-  Plan a night sky outing, or visit a planetarium

What do I need to surrender in my life to allow a more authentic version of myself to be expressed?
What does this new version of me want to share with the world?
Is passion/risk more or less important to me than stability/certainty? Why?
What new door am I ready to open in my life?
How can I express more compassion in my everyday life?

This lunation is quite compelling, yet for some reason (perhaps it's the Pisces vibration) its energy may be expressed in some very subtle ways. Its overall theme sets the stage for the Virgo Full Moon cycle commencing March 5th, which includes the next and last direct square of Uranus and Pluto.  Be prepared for intensity occurring from mysterious sources. Remember your soul essence. Allow change to be a vibrant part of your life.

Yes, the vibration on the planet is increasing. To what degree or magnitude remains a mystery. Yet, this same vibration carries quite a healing force that can enhance and enrich your life.

When change is strong in the energetic field, as it is now, the best healing strategy in my opinion is to use that transformative fuel of change to effect significant internal and external shifts. For example, this past weekend I attended Wise World Seminar's Healingfest in Denver. Over 250 people participated over 4 days, each dedicated to enriching their and others lives, enhancing their body strategies, and opening their energy fields to the greater mysteries and more expansive potentials within their creative being.

The current Aquarian New Moon energies are primed to support anyone willing to walk this awakened path of passion, risk and transformation. Are you ready?

Sat Nam.

Next Update - Virgo Full Moon on March 5

Aloha from Denver, Colorado
Starman, Joseph Mina
February 17, 2015
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